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  1. Performance related question

    Not every so often, practically all the time idiot. It's pretty stable over here, especially with the latest perf patch..
  2. M4 Sound Design

    I am well aware of the sounds and specs for a helmet cam. You know me being an expert in audio and all... This ********* is funnyyyyy telling me about how audio works over 10 years working in the audio business and currently working in sound design. What are your qualifications? Oh yeah, you don't have any... Out. Also notice how the weapons sounds different in difference environments, making the weapons seemingly sound louder in with reverberation. All AR-15 are M4's but not all m4's are AR-15s, different weapons made by different companies will sound different. They all have different specifications and different hardware. Also you are not taking into account the fact that there is no sound travel in game... So yeah. Stop your bitching, average gamer today is a whiny ****.
  3. Your Thoughts on the Free Weekend

    brace yourselves because it's going to be a cluster ****!
  4. free weekend?

    brace yourselves it's going to be cluster ****!
  5. Also try and find suicidals chairs bat file, that might help a bit with issues with Squad, I know its helped me.
  6. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Yeah that tool is pretty great, good work man
  7. Performance related question

    Not really... especially with the upcoming performance updates.
  8. Squad Masters League / 2016 - 2017

    You might be a bit late on that buddy, seems it's ...just 'gone' from what I hear.
  9. M4 Sound Design

    I think the m4 sounds just about right.
  10. Squad Leaders Know Your Value

    yeah same here, I like to look at the map see what others squad are doing, in case they aren't communicating which is the case most of the time. keeping the grouping watching the battle lines, seeing where we need to go in case enemy exploits a weakness. rallying the fellas to proper positions, I've gone 0-0 with like 18k points on a competitive watch, no kills no deaths, just suppressive and cover fire and calling out target directions. It's really challenging but nothing good is easy
  11. go out there and see for yourself, I play daily on multiple servers. Those who play squad, properly, are a minority., those who don't are a huge majority. this goes for anything that interrupts game play, lots of detrimental players out there.

    Nice, man Stay frosty out there, brother!
  13. I am for losing the name tags all together, **** that shit. Maybe change it to a patch on their fatigues or on their vest.
  14. That's just the problem here in this forums specifically, everyone's a coder, everyone's programmer and everyone knows more than the other. No one discusses and provides constructive criticism, it's ..."Hey I have this idea, maybe.." then someone else goes... "NO you're stupid and your idea is stupid..." and so on and so forth. Instead of opening a discussion or debate... improving on the idea. It's just a constant squabble, squabble, squabble. Stuff like that coming from a mod is just bad form....