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  1. Squads that dont talk...

    Are there any Steam groups set up for like minded comms focused players?
  2. Suggesting that you're not very good at the SL is pretty ridiculous. He wasn't in your sqd - he doesn't know what you came up against. If you kept your sqd alive and reacted to the changing situation then there's not much more you can do. If the sqds aren't working well together then it's going to be a struggle from the start.
  3. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    If this is <eUK> Ch0n1c then another +1 from me. Defending the cache as Insurgency was an incredible (first) experience with this guy and his squad. He worked hard to keep everyone on point preparing the cache for defence whilst sending a small fire team to slow the US advance. We held that cache the entire round (touch and go a couple of times mind). The most enjoyable round of Squad I've experienced so far.
  4. Medic - Separate slots for Bandage/Kit?

    I'm finding that when I play as a medic a combination of the UI and (what feels like) the server connection forces me to slow down so the process becomes to clear and concise steps within one process. That's fine though. If you're going for realism then the more complex the better. The reward for conducting more complex procedures under fire should perhaps be higher based on the steps involved. Already finding medic role a very rewarding experience - the more intense and pressurised the better! (may push others away from the role though) I see the medic role being neglected in many squads already...
  5. BVAR welcomes Squad

    Good bunch of lads - fun to play with