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  1. Who else thinks it would be a wonderful idea to add the proper gear animations? Right now, the character pulls a standard mag out of his vest.. I would love to see the amount of mags you have actually be on the vest, and everytime you reload, you pull from a different spot, and the mag in the vest is gone.. Would be a freaking amazing cherry topper animation/feature :)
  2. Manual cocking and jams

    No No No.. none of this jam nonsense... the only thing i would seriously work on, is the m249/rpk. The brass in the feed tray sweep animation is basically already there... After a bunch of rounds are fired, add some brass in the feedtray to "Jam" The rounds.. in order to unjam them, youd have to pop the top, and open the feed cover, and sweep the brass off of it (pressing R), then r again to load the mag back in
  3. Gun Sounds

    I agree on adding more bass, and depth on the lower end of the sounds, and louder explosions!
  4. Sound crashing!

    Disregard, seems to be my system! i have no idea what is causing this. Restarting windows audio service just temporarily helps until i lose it again.. devices and services options are not working
  5. Sound crashing!

    Whats up community! anytime im playing, my sound cuts out. At the most random times... my sound is built into my motherboard, and read that my soundboard might no be able to handle 128 channels, so i tried 96, 64, and have yet to try the 32. It just stops playing all sounds, and after awhile, i get a fatal error message with no code to give you guys.. AMD system, with xbox 360 turtle beaches.. whatever it is, is causing windows audio to stop working. any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers