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  1. This is like those Jesus faces in watermelon cross sections. Completely natural phenomenon.
  2. Pack of extra ammo, a line of sandbags, razorwire, a camouflage net, boltcutters, a kit of extra screws for vehicle repair, a two-side grappling hook for dragging stuck vehicles, an inner tube for field wheel repair, a spare few segments of a track for an armoured vehicle, a one-time use IV for slowly healing wounded teammates before the medic arrives, a pack of chewing gum that decreases the effects of suppression when used, a sledgehammer and a sharp pointed steel tube to puncture walls with and throw grenades through, body armor, gasoline cans to either refill vehicles that had their tank shot through or to set on fire, a rock to use as a dummy frag grenade, a fishing rod to annoy enemies with while sitting on a rooftop...okay that's a bit too much now.
  3. I've got to agree with OP. Although I don't think it's the leadership itself, but the maps. Compared to PR they are much smaller and crammed. Currently, the only maps where any teamwork is done or even beneficial are the 4K maps. Unfortunately, even those have sometimes a very linear layout, which doesn't force squads to cooperate. The most teamwork inducing map/layout, that I've ever played in Squad was the Gorodok, Russia VS Militia, with Lumberyard as a cap point. Just the number of caps alone and the distances between them made people weigh their every move. Unfortunately, it got removed last patch. Probably because some QA cried after getting their ass beat on it. All this to say, Squad's "potential" is currently in decline. New players don't particularly enjoy the game after the initial magic is gone, because the teamwork is indeed lacking. Maps don't force players to coordinate, so why would they. The trend, from OWI, seems to pretty simple, and as follows. Negative responses from players? Surely, if we put in more action and make it feel more like other shooters, more people will like it. How do we do that? We remove possibilities on layouts. We minimise the distances, either by making the maps cramped or by introducing vehicles. Truth is, that V6 was the high point of Squad. Sure, we got nice toys along the way. Some vehicles, mortars, HABs, mines etc, but it's too small a playground for all of them. Currently the amount of firefights and action is vomit inducing. There's no time to sit back and evaluate the situation, without people getting bored. In V6 you could do this while walking to an objective. On that removed Gorodok layer, you could do it while capping one of the numerous flags or even just driving to it, thanks to the nature of the terrain. Since the trend so far, since V6 has been like that of Windows, but Slow, Fast, Slow, Fast, instead of Good, Bad, I honestly hope V10 will be the more tactical gen. I might be pushing it here, but I genuinly hope that not before long, the 4km map will become the new 2km map and the 8km will become the new 4km map. And if such a day comes, that we should get helicopters and fastropes, the landing pad better be 3km offshore.
  4. One thing I noticed with the animation teasers is that the motions resemble very very much the old animations. Especially the weapon animations. Ofcourse with much more nuance and quality, but on the overall I am happily suprised - looking back at all videos of Squad, the animations have this very simple natural quality to them, which in contrast to the current ones are so easier to feel into. What are your thoughts, am I just imagining things?
  5. That's dumb. No offense. Either have it on every adjustable sight or none.
  6. Could be a bit more sand colored tbh
  7. SQUAD CZ/SK - Komunita [Czech Slovak Forces] - Klan Jestli víte o nějakých dalších nebo třeba o Steam skupinách postujte pod tenhle přízpěvek
  8. Like gravity?
  9. Your game is bugged. ...also gieb separate FOV sliders for ADS and non/ADS. V10 HYPE maybe?
  10. There are camo nets on the backs of MG nests now and helps quite a lot in obscuring the crew.
  11. I am strongly in favour of the punish system, but imho it'd be better to have it based on doing damage to friendlies rather than outright killing them and have the person be killed instead of kicked. For example, you do damage to 5 friendlies and they all click Punish(or whatever). You get killed(suicide) with a 2 minute spawn timer. If you get euthanised like this by your teammates 3 times in one round, you get a 2 hour ban. Why I think this is better than kicking people after 3 punished TKs. 1. You may kill 3 teammates with a bad grenade = kick. Pretty lame. 2. A particularly clever(not really) griefer could just keep shooting people's legs and let them bandage themselves = never gets found out. Lame af. 3. Measured response. For new, rather than actual toxic players, a timeout after 5 teamhits is a better learning device than being outright kicked. 4. It's easier to see when someone is just careless or if he's intentionally killing friendlies until they die. On top of that, if there was then a tracker of how many times a player was "2h banned from a server" visible across all servers to all admins, that'd be the ideal state. EDIT: The punish button needs to be a shortcut. Something like Ctrl+P or something.
  12. Well here's my rationale for it. Scenario A: You have a squad. Six of them don't have more than 5 hours in the game and only three have mics. SL leaves and the new SL is a micless player with 0.3 hours ingame and doesn't know or care how to give SL to someone else. Creating a new squad will be very inefficient in this scenario, because people will just stay in the old squad in ignorance. It usually stays like this until the end of the round. That squad goes totally awol. If the squad were disbanded you could easily make a new one and have them join it or leave the server and let other people in who would - not stay this limbo. Scenario B: You have a squad. Most of them have 50+ hours ingame and know what's up, half of them have mics. SL leaves, but talks to the others and decide on a second SL and gives it to him, before leaving. Now the squad doesn't get disbanded, but it's fine because everyone know what happened.
  13. What I meant is that if I am running and I get hit I'd atleast stumble a little bit - not that I shouldn't be able to run after. Not sure if you interpreted it that way.
  14. Go to Steam - Friendlist - Settings - Ping - Set it to 500
  15. Leaving a squad as SL should automatically disband the squad and return everyone to the spawn menu = less chaos when a SL leaves, becuase you get to make a brand new squad instead of juggling the SL 5 times or trying to explain to someone how to do it or trying to get people to leave the Squad because the person you are trying to explain how to give SL to is unresponsive.
  16. All we need now is for bullets to stop people running.
  17. But... there is a manual
  18. Change the map
  19. I play on wifi and it's absolutely fine. No dropped packets.
  20. 1. Remove bleedout timers. You can stay incapacitated for as long as you like. If you get hit by anything that would normally instakill you, while incapacitated, it starts a 30 second bleedout timer. If you get hit by anything that would normally incapacitate you, while already incapacitated it starts a 1-2 minute bleedout timer. 2. Remove spawn timers from rallies. Make rallies switch off, if enemies are too close. If an enemy gets within 50 meters of a rally it becomes unspawnable and doesn't show up on your map. If an enemy stays within 50 meters of a rally for 1-2 minutes it disappears completely and SL's timer gets reset. 3. Fire Support kits don't replenish ammo for their non-standard weapons, when spawning on Rallies. Rockets for LAT, grenades for Grenadier, bullets for Marksman and AR. 4. Vehicles don't repair or replenish ammo, when the engine is On and/or someone in the driver or gunner seat. 5. Using your last grenade or smoke doesn't automatically switch you to your primary. 6. Last input gets priority Whatever button I press last should trigger the according action, not be in conflict with a different key that I may or may not be holding down. 7. No aiming down sights while crawling If you try to ADS while crawling it'll steady the barrel and keep it point forward but won't give you a sight picture. You would also have reduced speed and same sway as if you were crouched. 8. No aiming while going prone If you go prone from standing up the game should force you into the same animation as when crawling forward - with your gun pointed sideways. If you go prone from crouched, you should not be able to aim down sights until you touch the ground. 9. Any damage taken, puts you in a ragdoll state. Getting shot or taking enough damage from a grenade to make you bleed, puts you into ragdoll anywhere from 0.2 to 0.7 seconds. IEDs, Mines, Mortars and comparable explosions that deal enough damage to you, put you into ragdoll for 0.5 up to 2 seconds. Surviving an HMG round hit puts you into ragdoll for 1 second. Fall damage currently high enough to make you bleed puts you into ragdoll for 0.2 second and doesn't make you bleed. Fall damage that would currently kill you, puts you into ragdoll for 5 seconds and doesn't kill you but makes you bleed. Falling from a 10-15+ meter height instakills you. 10. *fill in, in responses*
  21. Is that in the menu?