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  1. All servers are hosted by the community There's more than 7 European servers, the problem is noone bothers to look at the empty or near empty ones I believe the ping displayed is not only how fast the connection is, but also adds in how long does it take for the server to proccess. I might be very wrong here. I get about +10ms delay compared to servers on other games that are in the same area.
  2. Well I was just thinking something like an AutoHotkey script with input from server population that would interact with RCON. While I personally have no idea how to make one, I don't think it'd be comparitively harder than making that awesome mortar calculator. Who made that again?
  3. That'd be pretty sick. If all the maps were premade and not actually one dynamic map, I think a simple "AdminBot" program could handle switching maps like that. Unless you mean having the number of flags adjust during runtime.
  4. What do you mean by that
  5. The hunter game you mentioned doesn't really have much better graphics than Project Reality. The view distance is also much less for most objects. Not a fair comparison at all. The engine is still being developed; much like Squad. Just give it time, it can only get better.
  6. Something like Zeus on Arma would be great for Squad if anyone makes decent AI.
  7. Easy there Mr. Hitler. My point about Skul's comment was only that the thread title mentions the word mod in the title and Skul was suggesting that OWI would be wasting time developing it, when that was never the question. And I would agree with that - if it was the question. So I'm not quite sure who's more ignorant right now.
  8. Turns out slat armor is pretty common
  9. VPN will only add time.
  10. Can we just take a moment and appreciate Skul's apparent inability to read whatever he's replying to?
  11. This thread is pointless. Steam controller supports every game that you can launch through Steam and even some that you can't.
  12. There's a time to be methodical and a time to go fast. Otherwise there wouldn't be a sprint function in the game.
  13. They showcased a jumping animation in one of the older vaulting videos. Don't see a reason why it'd be removed either.
  14. Jesus man, not everyone records every round so he can then showcase his argument on the forum.
  15. Nah, on Basrah you can do some serious damage with a techie.
  16. Shields is obviously trying to trick us.
  17. It didn't. I loved the mobility on that layer. Not being forced to defend the same objective for half an hour.
  18. That's not how you play'er.
  19. I was in denial, but now it sunk in and the loss has cut into me like a machete.
  20. I thought I would browse the offtopic section and see what kind of discussions are going on. On second thought