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  1. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    I wouldn't say that. It works for Tarkov, but honestly it just feels like your character is drunk to various levels, all the time. Wouldn't like it for Squad personally.
  2. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    I think sway should be enough or even better than a jump. I mean, sway is literally the jump you're talking about, the only thing(and I hope this is possible with the new anim system) is to make a short burst of large sway and that's basically a jump. That could be linked to supression aswell, so if you get supressed a lot, fast - for example, by a .50cal you'd get a large increase/jump in sway, whereas if you were being supressed, by say a SAW, then you'd get a lot of small jumps in sway and assuming you were being supressed continually then each jump would be bigger than the one before, etc.
  3. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    I didn't mean reduce the initial supression, only increase the rate at which supression wears off. E.g. For a player who's walking and gets supressed for 15 supression points, it'll take 5 seconds to return into a fully non-supressed state, whereas a player who's prone and get's supressed for 15 sps will take half that time to return to normal. A thing to keep in mind is that the player who is walking will be less likely to get enemy bullets flying as close to him, at the same rate of fire as the player who is prone. In other words, it'd be easier to supress a stationary player, but harder to keep him supressed, if you don't maintain your fire. Whereas a player who gets supressed while on the move has fundamentaly two choices. Either get down and engage you while being under the effects of supression or run for cover, which will further increase his supression and make it even more unlikely for him to be successful if he decides to stop again and engage the enemy. Ofcourse, if you were fired at continuously, the supression bar would have to go up, regardless of your stance, if the rounds are landing close enough in dependance of their caliber. The only difference is, that a player who is on the move will get his bar filled up faster, whereas a player who is in a dug in position may benefit strongly enough, even from short breaks in enemy fire, to make him able to return that fire back.
  4. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    Imho, the rate of SP deletion would be better dependant on your stance/movement speed. e.g. Baseline deletion rate = 1sp/s = Sprinting Each level of lower stance +1 (e.g. Crouch sprinting = 2sp/s) Each level of movement speed +2 (e.g. Crouching, not moving = 5sp/s) That way it's a concious decision on part of the player how easily he will get supressed(if he goes into fight or flight mode). It also assumes that a player crouching behind cover(a place where it makes sense to crouch) is going to get less supressed, while a player who decides to return fire in the open just becomes an easy target. A player who panics and decides to run for cover is then penalised, if the cover he chooses forces him to return fire. Such as a small stone that only covers him partially or from one side. The result is that a player who behaves calmly when getting supressed will have a calmer character, whereas a player who moves about, seeking for cover will get a more supressed experience. Obviously, if you try to negate supression through staying still in a situation that requires you to take cover, it'll just make you an easy target and end up with you getting killed. Also I think a detail that would make it all the more engaging would be to balance SP inflicted by weapons and suppression deletion rate to make it so that the "bar" jumps rather than progresses in a smooth curve. e.g. you get shot at for 2 seconds, your supp. goes up to 30%, suppresion deletion kicks in after 2 seconds and SP are deleted in bulk, you're back at 10% That'd help make it a bit more unpredictable, as you might jump from 20% to 80% within 2 seconds or you might keep jumping from 30% to 45%, depending on what the enemy "hits" you with, at what rate, how well covered you are, how accurate the fire is etc.
  5. Release

  6. November 2017 Recap

    This would also help with getting shot through people who just died. For example, if I unload 4 bullets in full auto at 2 guys standing one infront of each other, the chances are both will be dead before the first one falls down. Guess penetration should play a role in it aswell.
  7. Currently you can do a barrelroll in a techie, land on the roof, turn over and keep going. To that extent, vehicle handling has been changing ever since V7 to limit the driver. For his own good in a way. Vehicles stick to the ground more easily, steering is more responsive, brakes are(especially on some roads) like shedding your tires and braking with the bare wheel. My hope and suggestion, is that after V10, there could be made a more engaging driving dynamic, with values more akin to those of some previous versions, at the risk of driving into a tree actually being any kind of risk at all. tl;dr More drifting, more getting hurt inside a vehicle.
  8. Damage to crew inside vehicles

    ie making it harder to drive
  9. Damage to crew inside vehicles

    Lmao, your idea is completely convoluted. If you make it harder to drive they'll just crash more often. The idea isn't to discourage risky driving but to make it easier, as it cannot be made right now because all you get is flipped vehicles. If you could break your neck by hitting a tree, that's definitely going to change the way people drive. You should be easily able to reach a speed where the vehicle is uncontrolable.
  10. Damage to crew inside vehicles

    What'd be the point of that?
  11. Damage to crew inside vehicles

    I didn't really mean for armoured vehicles. But I think it makes sense for techies and even trucks, if they are going fast enough. Having some destroyability on trees would be perfect aswell, but more taxing on performance. If crew damage is implemented, maybe collision for the smallest of trees could be done away with and replaced with varying damage to passengers, depending on vehicle and speed.
  12. G3 with scoop would be sick
  13. Crawl speed

    Will crawl speed be affected depending on the weapon/item the player has in his hands?
  14. Jumping on people

    A little detail that is missing currently and that wasn't alluded to in any of the V10 previews is jumping on people. I think it'd be nice to have a reaction from someone dropping on your head. Sending the landing platform into ragdoll, and possibly the jumpee aswell, would be a nice little detail.
  15. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    You had one job.
  16. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    Last time I've seen someone shoot in main was like 2 months ago. Overall I saw TK in main like 6 times tops and that's prevalently during free weekends. What servers are you people playing on?
  17. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    The rush meta isn't suddenly void for competitive matches. It's simply nerfed to the point where it's unlikely to happen in pub play. All you have to do is to clear the flag and you're set. I don't think this is something that's impossible in a competetive setting.
  18. Lag

    Pretty sure this is the wrong forum section.
  19. November 2017 Recap

    Uncappable means that the flag connects to a neutral flag or an enemy held flag from your side's side. In other words, if you have flag A, B and C, the team on the left needs to cap A before B becomes cappable and B before C becomes cappable. At the start of the round, if the team on the right rushes to A before capping C and B, the team on the left only needs one person on A to cap it, however many enemies are on that capzone. If A belongs to team Left and B to team Right, a double neutral can still happen as a flag only becomes uncappable if it connects to an enemy flag in the same lattice. So if team R captures A, before team L neutralises B, flag A now connects to B which belongs to team R, therefore B becomes uncappable. Simply making a flag neutral doesn't make it uncappable. In fact, you could say that a neutral flag, as long as it is connected, is super capable as either team only needs one more player within the capzone, than the other team to start capping. As opposed to 3 on flags that are already capped.
  20. November 2017 Recap

    Best to keep it authentic, imho. That said I have no idea whether the driver might have controls, aswell.
  21. November 2017 Recap

    If you look close you can see that the gunner is switching to smokes from the CROWs, but I guess it might be different per vehicle.
  22. November 2017 Recap

    But what does it mean?
  23. November 2017 Recap

    You cannot be serious.
  24. November 2017 Recap

    That PKM crawling animation is my new favourite thing.