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  1. 1300 hours. Don't think I've encountered a single hacker, except the automatic GL - not sure if that was a hack or glitch. What seems to be prevalent than actual wall hacking and aimbot is getting rid of foliage and other shady stuff, which sucks.
  2. - The guy who complains about not playing as a team, just because I take half of the squad, off the defense flag, to setup an attack FOB and backcap the enemy.
  3. Exactly. Responsiveness. Consistency. Just makes the game more whole. Another thing they should add, in my opinion, is an aiming penalty after jumping. Like when you land on the ground with your legs there should be some additional sway or something. Just makes sense. Also jumping onto something should be LOUD. Like if you jump onto gravel or wood, everyone within 20 meters should be able to clearly hear it. Right now you can't hear jumping, but sprinting is very audible and that's like a lite version of jumping, as far as the force with which you hit the ground goes.
  4. It's always like this after a sale. Give it a month to normalize. Trolls will get banned, people will learn the game or drop it.
  5. I agree. The thread should be Revive too undepowered, please balance Respawn little better. That's the real issue. What point is there in using my OP M4, if it's so easy for the people I kill in an unfair fight to respawn and kill me while I am reloading.
  6. Just want to point out that Newtonian physics are largely outdated.
  7. That depends how equal. For example the M4 definitely takes more shots to the extremities to kill, than the AK, so if you get 2 equally bad shooters and they both hit each other's leg or something, the AK wins.
  8. I don't personally feel like it's harder to follow up shots with an AK. What is harder is to shoot with it while moving, definitely, because no red dot. Not that the red dot stays aligned better than iron sights, but it gives you an additional point of reference for the misalignement of your gun, which makes all the difference, especially at >50m
  9. Kindof missing the bigger picture here. The M4 doesn't need to be balanced with the AK74. There are other kits that complement the balance. For example, Russia gets the RPK74 with an optic. Sure, maybe statistically, a player with an M4 will win over a player with an AK74 7 out of 10 times, but you have to remember that the game is called Squad, not Kit.
  10. Yes. gieb V10 pls
  11. ^ That'd be awesome for the Insurgent crewman kit, if they get any heavier vehicles.
  12. On the other hand it makes people look like they are on their guard all the time, when they have their gun up when clearing compounds etc. Don't get me wrong I am not arguing against weapon lowering, but... BURIED SOMEWHERE IN A DISCORD SERVER "...we want to have matching animations for 1st and 3rd person" Which would mean that, if weapon lowering is added, then if you see someone with his rifle down, he will be seeing his rifle down, too. Which would be great - but still no word on whether it'll be in-game or not, ever, afaik.
  13. Depends what you mean by "auto weapon lower system". The PR "system" is not that, it's simply having different animations for 1st and 3rd person. I don't really see a point in having weapon lowering, if it doesn't affect first person.
  14. Wow, that's an awesome video...from the good ol' days. Really looking forward to what you can cook up now with all the vehicle action!
  15. Those numbers actually don't stand for number of reserved slots anymore, but for number of people in queue at the time you refreshed the browser, so your argument is invalid. Next
  16. Here goes. Instead of a limited number of specialist kits, a SL would be able to choose a specialisation for his squad. Each squad would be able to only have 1 specialisation, which would be chosen when the squad is made and could only be changed by the SL at a radio or at main base. The specialisation that he picks would determine the kind of firesupport and specialist roles that become available to his squad members. For example, a squad with an anti-tank specialisation would consist of these Fire Support roles 2 LAT kits, 1 HAT kit, 2 Breacher kits, 1 Explosives kit(Mines, IEDs etc) A universal specialisation could for example include 1 AR kit, 1 LAT kit, 1 Marksman kit While an anti-infantry focused squad with that specialisation could include 2 AR kits, 1 Machinegunner kit, 1 GL kit, 1 Marksman kit, 1 Breacher kit Or a vehicle oriented squad with Crewmen kits instead of standard riflemen kits, 1 AR kit, 1 Engineer kit Similar to how the available FS roles change, so does the equipment of standard rifleman kits based on the specialisation. For example a Universal squad gets a standard 2 riflemen optics and 2 grenades per riflemen without optics. While an Anti-tank squad doesn't get any optics and gets 1 grenade per a standard rifleman, and 1 additional warhead to resupply the LAT or HAT on the move. Similarly, the Anti-infantry squad's riflemen w/o optics carry ammo or a tripod for the MG instead of grenades. I think you get the point. A single squad could become only so much multi-purpose, instead all of the squad's kits would be based around a specialist role or roles in the squad. This would mean that squad placement on certain objectives would be more important, which goes hand in hand with making squad-to-squad coordination more crucial. I am sure there are other ways to do the same thing, in relation to specialist kits, but this one appears to me to be the best balance between Organic, Organisable and Balanced, so that's why I am suggesting it. On that note, I am also aware that it'll still be awhile for this to become relevant in any form - just putting it out there.
  17. Not to mention it'd completely remove the sandbox aspect of spawning. FOBs and rallies you can choose to place in a certain area and that also affect(more than it seems) how the game is played. If spawns were static, it'd greatly reduce Squad's replayability.
  18. I agree with Smee. Overwatch does it well. Very player friendly.
  19. Right, but then Valve takes 30% or something from the profits, so if you make it cheaper in one place, people will just buy it from there, which means both less profit for Valve and OWI. That's why there are recommended prices, I think.
  20. CoreInv will potentially make those obsolete. No solution for the 58, unless someone makes it and then has a good argument, why Insurgents should have it. Would like to see it aswell, as it's an interesting AK look alike, but not AK at all.
  21. Noone is saying under current model. If you have 1 AM rifle per team and 2+ unarmoured transport vehicles and the hitbox is small and the oneshot hitbox even smaller and there is no optic... do the math. It'd definitely be a good thing for expansion of the assymetrical part of squad + vehicles can be repaired. edit: 888th post and its this drivel fck
  22. Is this even an OWI-only business? I am thinking Steam has some say in it, too, right?