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  1. Right now rallies are just like little children of FOBs. You can take them out easily and they are faster, but that's about it. Here's some suggestions, which would make them more different from each other, stressing their different purpose and making the choice a bit more deeper than "let's get a fob if we can get a fob, let's get a rally if we can't get a fob". Call it assymetric balance, variety, whatever you want. Rally points are for rallying From my point of view, rallies are there to simulate a unit regrouping, so it'd make sense that players spawning there would have their stamina depleted. You also can't rally indefinitely, if the enemy is around. Not only taking into account the vicinity to the rally itself, but also the paths leading to that rally point, that'd be present, if it wasn't a spawn mechanic. Rallies have a cooldown of 2 1/2 minutes. You can't place a rally, if an enemy is within 50m of it. After placement a rally can be taken out by an enemy getting within 8m of it. It'd only make sense to gradually expand the area that an enemy can enter to take the rally out. From 8 meters at the time of placement - to 50 meters after 2 minutes, for example. That way, the simulation of the possibility of regrouping is maintained throughout the livetime of the rally. In other words, If you were able to place a rally, that means there's atleast 50 meters between you and the enemy. If after two minutes the rally is still active, that means that any potential hypothethical route that a regrouping soldier would be able to take at the time of putting down the rally is still secure. ...on the other hand FOBs Are supposed to be strongpoints of defense. I don't feel like this is properly portrayed. At the moment you have to set up logistics in order to create one, but after that it becomes just another spawnpoint. For one, being able to readily deconstruct defenses as an attacker with just a shovel defeats the point. Having enemies destroy deployables with explosives(handgrenades, rockets, vehicles) is a great leap, but it comes out as unimportant over all, if it's really not that much more effective than simply digging them up. Another point are HABs. It's a great addition, but I would argue they aren't really there. All that a HAB does is protect you from bullets. That's the same as placing a FOB inside a building before HABs were added. It adds a bit of complexity to setting up a spawnable FOB, but it doesn't afford nearly any benefits. The extra cover is simply negated by the fact of it being so large and obvious. So following the same thought proccess, making HABs unenterable by enemies and only destroyable by explosives would be negated by finite supplies for the soldiers, that would have been inhabitting the bunker, if it wasn't a spawn mechanic. Or in other words, reducing the quantity of ammunition that a player spawns with, if the FOB itself is lacking ammunition either from players resupplying there or by having been consumed by players spawning there. In that way... Rally points would be less of a quick fix to bringing in players and more of an actual tool that the squad can use, with both positives and negatives attached. FOBs, would no longer be a yellow dot on the map with some immaterial stuff strewn around it on occassion, but a place on the map where you exchange the need for maintained logistical support for a steady supply of rested, well fed and equipped...you get the point.
  2. too blurry

    Super sampling will get you rid of blur. Also the *no texture streaming* option if you have the specs for it.
  3. Then you run the risk of it being abused, not to mention the constant pop ups.
  4. Exactly and that's the case for the majority of servers in the Server Browser section, I find. But quite obviously it's nearly impossible to keep an admin on 24/7. A good rule of thumb, then @Devastation is to play on EU servers, if you're playing during EU primetime and on NA servers, if you're playing during NA primetime. And disconnect, if you see a server has unfunctional teams or where applicable no server admins(on servers where admins wear tags or where you know which players have admin rights)
  5. You can usually tell within the first 5 - 50 seconds. When you can't that just means that you are as or less knowledgable than them, so you might aswell stay in the squad.
  6. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    Yeah pretty sure it's in, but you won't notice it easily unless you're playing on a map like Yeho.
  7. Lights. Lights, lights, lights. If Narva had a nightime version that had all the streetlamps light up it'd be impossible to cheat with raising your gamma. Keep your gamma at normal levels and it's hard to see through the shadows. Turn your gamma up and it's impossible to see anything in the lighted areas.
  8. Too late, right? http://store.steampowered.com/app/505460/Foxhole/
  9. Well you know cheat. Like when you play hide and seek and the seeker isn't supposed to look.
  10. Well, I'm thinking past tournament mode and what you said Verdin, as both of those things are irrelevant when you can either force the gamma through a graphics card or even just in your monitor if you have one that allows it. But that's irrelevant, as I think everyone would like to see more nightmaps in pub matches, if only they weren't so annoying.
  11. Is that supposed to be a pun?
  12. There's been a pretty good fix for this, in the nature of mercy bleed (-50 tickets/minute) if your last flag gets captured. But I agree with you that sometimes it's still a pain, although at other times it lets you bounce back and you actually can win from a point like this. I think the best solution that doesn't prolong the game unnecessarily, but also doesn't completely negate the chance of you bouncing back is simply to either a) decrease the number of tickets on all maps b) bump ticket cost for vehicles up, like it was before the great nerfstinction event
  13. How to be *GOOD* at squad

    I think that's what they call the Stockholm syndrome
  14. Aswell as nearly no supression and quite nerfed camera shake. If anything, explosive ammunition and explosions in general should cause more supression than bullets. Atleast that's what my common sense tells me.
  15. Why Squad players can't play Call of Duty

    Can't be bothered. What is it Gatzby? C'mon now don't tease.
  16. SPG techie should be equivalent to HAT

    I'd wait and see how localised vehicle damage works once they implement it, before balancing AT weapons. A scope on the SPG, and even RPG, would be nice though.
  17. I think overall in Squad explosions are a bit downplayed and not really explosive enough. Visually they look great and the sound is good aswell, but it's like they sometimes happen behind a glass wall.
  18. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    Wilhelm on every IED caused flight pls.
  19. Same as a rally. When you give up cooldown restarts. 2 minutes? 5 minutes? What do you think should be the average life expectancy in Squad?
  20. Cooldown for Giving Up

    My bad, please lock.
  21. BTR-80 Operational range: 600km Stryker Operational range: 500km You would need to do 30 laps around Yehorivka or Gorodok, before you were low on gas. In any case, by the time you exhausted 1/3 of your fuel tank, you'd be returning to base for repairs anyway.