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  1. I am actually fairly certain that nametags NOT showing through walls was considered a bug in V6 or something. Also don't see the point, especially now that there are icons on your compass for nearby friendlies.
  2. Ability to toggle walking. Walking while crouched doesn't raise your profile in 1p/3p, or not as much. Walking changes sway/barrel nodding values to ones you have while in ADS Walking shoulders your weapon half way Walking doesn't reduce your field of view Sprinting with walk toggled puts you at half speed, half stamina consumption(until you hit low enough stamina to reduce your speed further) (this suggestion is mostly based off of the pre-V10 ability to use hipfire/pointfire effectively, something not possible now due to sway, even when using the current walk implement.)
  3. Functional walk mechanic

    Right, it just doesn't do anything and you have to hold it.
  4. 3000hrs+ suggestions

    Actually the map is unreadeable because anything that's not the min zoom level will offset the letters and numbers, so you can't tell grids from each other anymore. All that's needed is to make it so that the letters and numbers always intersect X(X)kp5skp5 - like it used to be on the old maps. Then you can tell at a glance. Right now you have to either mouse over or look at your position and guess from which grid line looks like it's one pixel wider than the other and trying to remember what zoom level you are in and what's the exact width of that grid line in that zoom level.
  5. Bipod seamlessness

    There's two main problems with that 1) You need to click a button to detach the bipod, then click a button to aim again, then click a button to attach the button, then click a button to aim again 2) Often when you get stuck in an angle, you can't turn the other way anymore either, forcing you to detach the bipod anyway and less often when stuck and after detaching the bipod you'll bounce up and down Now don't get me wrong, it'd be great if they could fix the getting stuck issue in the first place, but this suggestion is to make it so the bipod gets detached before you get a chance to get stuck and attached again, before you get a chance to click two buttons 4 times.
  6. It'd be nice to be able to detach the bipod just by turning to the edge/limit of its traverse, when ADS edit: Although even better imo, as far as making it more fluid to play with a bipod, even though I'm guessing Squad is maybe trying to not copy Project Reality in this, would be to have 2 modes for the weapon - like the PPSh has a drum and stick magazine states. Bipod up Obvious, acts like a rifle Bipod down Click ADS to deploy the bipod and ADS, stays deployed after you exit ADS. Click ADS to deploy the bipod - NO PLACE TO DEPLOY - bipod folds/goes up, goes into ADS - when exiting ADS bipod unfolds. Current bipod key could be used to toggle between bipod up/down. That way you are more flexible and it doesn't feel like you are just a mobile machine gun deployable, but you also aren't overpowered running around with your bipod down because of the delay of putting the bipod up if you ADS and there isn't anything to put it down on.
  7. Exactly. RIP Gorodok Lumberyard layer. I don't know about DH, but in PS the lockdown is clearly there to let the defenders set up a defense after losing a point. It's pretty much the opposite of the effect you want. Somehow I think that reverse engineering it to promote steamrolling will not have a positive effect.
  8. What exactly do you mean by a stalemate? A double-neutral or both teams putting up a defense on their respective points so that one cannot cap the other's? The former happens when the defenders get wiped on both teams roughly around the same time, most of the time - and they could have been defending for 15-20 minutes - so there's absolutely no effect on that with lockdowns. Imho, just increasing the time it takes for a flag to go from Neutral to Capped would have the same effect - without any solid lockdown restrictions.
  9. Could be wrong, but it seems like Kohat maybe has forced DF shadows on, or something.(fps hit + see them lag-render on the surrounding landscape)
  10. Personally I'd like to see a custom. kit system that is based on points/carry weight/room with more broader kits - like Fire Support Role being a single kit, or alternative squad compositions, kind of like PR had a second version of a kit, except squad-wide, affecting not just the nature of the kits, but restrictions and availability of them to the squad, too.
  11. Netcode feedback

    I understand that with the new vehicles, damage model, wanting to push the game to 50v50, etc, things are being made to be cheaper to run, but as it is right now it really is less than playable in my opinion. I'm strictly talking about the "replay last 5 seconds of movement"-feature of the current netcode. The one where when you turn around, all the players behind you have to "catch up" to what they are actually doing. I guess this is okay for far away players, atleast I've never seen an issue with it, but when you round a corner and a player(enemy player) runs 10 meters, vaults onto a roof and then proceeds to shoot at you - the time this takes being 3 seconds from when you round the corner - that I think borders on broken. No idea how this works, but making it so that all players within a certain radius have to be updated, regardless of whether or not you can see them, that I think would be fix enough.
  12. I agree, mostly. The idea, of the suggestion is, that you can't or maybe shouldn't penalize people for shooting back while shooting back, so you penalize them after the fact - in measure directly proportional to how much resistance they met. The thing with, eg a 30mm, keeping you down is 1. You can't shoot back and kill the threat(unless you mean AT too, in which case I disagree) 2. You can't compete with its magnification and stability That's why I think that if you make a shooter lose stamina for effectively suppressing you, ie you don't shoot back, then you will be more likely to want to wait a bit and stay suppressed, which will give you a better chance once you do engage him, after he stops suppressing you, as he will be lower on stamina than you, who has been hiding. Then it just comes down to having a buddy talk guns with you, and same holds true for when you turn the card, after avoiding suppression by hiding behind good cover. When you engage him, he'll either take cover and not be suppressed(from the standpoint of game mechanics), but effectively will be, in which case his buddy will engage you or he will keep engaging you, with his buddy, in which case you have one enemy with lower than your stamina becoming suppressed by you and another enemy, whose stamina is draining, provided he doesn't get shot at as well.
  13. To be suppressed or not to be suppressed, that is the question. But is it a question or is it an answer? Watched the SquadChat 1 video/podcast and one of the ideas that actually really appealed to me was when SgtRoss talked about suppression and the state a professional gets into when getting shot at - and the incetivizing of certain player behaviour. Although he didn't spell it out, he did say that all the possible systems of suppression were thought of, so I thought it can't hurt to formulate it and share it - regardless of whether or not OWI has already discussed anything similar. Basically just a free-floating idea like any other post I make. Though I will make an argument. What I kinda understood from that part - how you might become more focused/efficient, while under fire, in real life, and how that is something OWI can't put into the game - that being "bounced around" or "blinded" by suppressive fire isn't a thing in real life and isn't fun in a game - you can't force the fear of death - vape nation The idea: Getting suppressed VS getting suppressed A.K.A Effects of suppression on the player VS Player behaviour alias 1 and 0 The effects of suppressing/shooting at an enemy Shooting drains Stamina Low Stamina increases Sway and decreases Sprint speed The effects of getting suppressed (bullets whizzing PAST you) Stamina debt - your stamina decreases for every bullet ^ and every action(sprinting, firing), but you don't receive any negative effects from it(sway nor speed), while suppressed. Current visual effect/abberation When do you stop being suppressed, ie when does the stamina debt kick in If you receive damage enough to make you bleed If you go into -1 Stamina; assuming full Stamina is 1, no Stamina is 0 - that way you can't sprint forever just because someone is shooting at you. If you reach the Stamina value you had at the moment when you started getting suppressed. What happens when you recover from suppression? Unless you recover by regaining your original Stamina value, you receive the penalty of the Stamina debt. If that puts your Stamina into a negative value you are unable to raise your weapon and can only walk or lie still prone - recharging Stamina mode - until your Stamina is at 0 again. (You can't self deplete your Stamina below 0 by running etc) When are you (not) getting suppressed? You are only being put into a suppressed state, if bullets fly or land next to your "spine", "Z axis". Bullets hitting cover in front of you? Not. Bullets flying "a head" over your head? Not. Bullets landing at your feet? Yes. Etc etc Suppose having a sort of Michelin man aura/hitbox around you... Additionally the faster you move the larger the Michelin man gets The bigger the gun the more Stamina debt each "near hit" imparts The Balance The idea is to give a player a simple choice when being engaged - by accurate fire A) Get into cover and wait it out, not taking any negative effects B) Engage back and risk losing Stamina if you're overwhelmed - making you a dead man unless you can A) right after Returning to the original statement: You can't make people sitting in front of computer screens in their homes be afraid of risking their digital life in a videogame, BUT you can reward the risk. It quickly becomes a twofold dilemma. Option A increases immediate risk, gives you an edge in the fight and presents you with the intermediate risk of being indebted to that bonus, if you make a mistake. In which case an ever more threatening risk of quick death comes soon after. Or in a good case scenario likely leaves you in a state where you're even less likely to succeed, if you have to repeat the process not long after surviving it. Option B lets the player minimize the immediate risk, but it also ups the intermediate risk of indirect fire. This then leaves the player with a new set of choices. Take option A and try to get rid of the antagonizer or fall back, decreasing the risk of both the intermediate risk of indirect fire aswell as the long term risk of encirclement, while introducing a new immediate risk of being stranded in the open with only option A while moving from cover to cover. I think this wouldn't be an altogether bad system. For one, it doesn't take any control from the individual player, but it puts all the power over to teamwork, just as well as an aimpunch system would, whether it's overwhelming suppression making a "rambo" option A player more than likely to get hit - brutally negating the bonus - or covering fire from your own squad, while taking the safest possible option of falling back and avoiding getting suppressed and being put into the situation above. It also has the benefit, in contrast to an aimpunch system, where a balanced amount of firepower between two or more squads trying to wipe each other out isn't subject to the "who shoots first" domino effect, where once suppressed the player is less and less able to suppress the enemy back. The crucial part being that shooting itself depletes stamina - making one player being able to continually suppress multiple players impossible if they manage to increase distance or being a decent distance away from the enemy to begin with. There's also no possibility of cheesing the system by shooting at an enemy behind cover and sending another person over to shoot him, while he is helplessly being bounced around or blinded by the bullets. Just my 2 cents
  14. Seeing how stamina relates to weapon sway, it'd make more sense to reduce maximum sprint speed. I could see irregulars, Militia atleast, using some inefficient body armor.
  15. Tbh I feel like enemies are spongey enough as it is. 5.56 to the face? No problem, let me just put an eyepatch on. Seems more and more like Squad has thrown away the concept of Incapacitating an enemy in favor of Reviving teammates. If body armor was implemented it would best mirror, more or less, current damage values, with some additional effects, and damage be buffed for non-armor hits. Dubs makes a good point. I'd add aimpunch even to non-armor hits, or without an armor system implemented. Personally I think the largest amount of trades, as a result of not having any aimpunch, is at 150-250m - so it'd be enough to have the punch be no stronger than current recoil. More to the point, I think this is most important for weapons with no sway - bipods and emplacements. There's too many times to list when I've shot someone on a DShKa in the shoulder, only to be obliterated a split-second later, as well as the other way around. Seeing how using full auto in close quarters is effective, it wouldn't really affect that part of the game - if you had one additional recoil-like animation, in scale, superimposed on you for getting shot. To stay on topic, if armor was introduced, a pronounced run-punch would be a great way to balance it off. Though to reiterate my first point, I think before seeing a body armor system in Squad, the current damage values, for incapacitation, should get looked at.
  16. I guess I could also use some examples In other words, jumping into a vehicle to get to the fight is not abstract. Having to keep enemies a certain distance away from an FOB to avoid a bigger spawn timer is an abstraction. Clearing entrenched enemy positions is common sense. Having a person sit inside a bunker, while another digs it down is the most contrived, gamey mechanic you could imagine and something that you have to learn and which isn't instantly obvious to be the most efficient thing. Once you've learned it and someone cries "spawn camping" you're liable to laugh at that. But when you actually think about it, that sentence, although infused with salt makes a lot of sense. What is the purpose of spawning on a HAB and being killed? Exactly, that's why you don't generally spawn on a camped HAB, right? Why allow it at all then? There's instances where you spawn in, kill the camper and clear the area. Why is that a thing? A player spawning in thin air, inside a hesco bunker, killing a player who's there waiting for him? Doesn't really make any kind of sense, as per gameplay, without the context of, well the context of whatever. In fact, the rest of the game mechanics being moderately sane, you wouldn't expect that to be a thing. Yet it is, and there's a whole lot of other things that don't make a speck of sense. But that's why the game is in Alpha.
  17. You're only using the worst examples. If one out of ten games I play now is Conquest, then it's played a lot more than when it was one out of a hundred. I really don't see what your problem is with the sentiment. FOBs have been "fixed", but I still find myself camping HABs. Ammo resupply from vehicles has been added, but I still find it's more effective to throw more barrels on a point from a rally point. Statistics win in Squad, exactly because of, as you say "inept playerbase", but current spawn system only contributes to that. You can't expect the game to be more easy to understand, if you introduce more abstractions. By changing the spawn meta you cull the playerbase based on mentality not ability.
  18. Conquest is played a lot lately. Insurgency isn't because it's an even bigger meatgrinder due to the fact there's no wait time for spawning on caches and there's always a base close where you can get supplies as INS, which leads to superfobbing the cache compounds and having to bruteforce your way in. What you're saying would happen is demonstrably false. APCs work fine now and for the most part aren't abandoned, yet you somehow arrive at the conclusion that if they were made more valuable as transport then that would change. Even though, if you look at how often they were being abandoned before FOBs were fixed - timer going up with enemies close - the reverse is true. Also having 3 squads lost and wandering the map on foot not having fun is a good thing, not harm. As far as it makes them learn or drop the game. The only harm that can be done is to the current playerbase, not potential playerbase. So, since I've already shown you how your point is wrong, there's only two ways I can look at this. Either you consider yourself the one that would wander about the map on foot or waste assets, in which case you don't want that changed, because you would have to adapt to it or you are trying to speak for someone else. Which is it?
  19. When you ADS with a scope and then use freelook, you just look around zoomed in and with the blur everywhere. Instead, it'd be imo better to restore the base FOV and remove the blur, for as long as you have freelook active. Maybe restrict the angle you can turn your view, while ADS, based on the type of sight you're using.
  20. +1 for an option, like the US faction has
  21. I don't think I've seen an infantry squad grab an IFV yet. What servers/times are you playing?
  22. I realize that this is only the first iteration of the armor system for vehicles, but it seems to me an oversight to not include a 0 damage area on vehicles like technicals and trucks, which should already be possible with the current version, I think - for zones that don't affect the vehicle's ability to move, if penetrated with bullets - therefore shouldn't count towards the vehicle's health except burn damage. e.g.
  23. Massive desync

    Ever since release of V11 I'm getting massive desync. Anything from a smoke grenade floating in the air without a hand holding it to vehicles doing somersaults while parked. Basically a little worse than what was happening in the 100p playtest. However I haven't experienced anything like that in the standard 80p pubtests, so I'm kinda dumbfounded. Anyone else?
  24. Maybe have 3 as default, but extend to 5 as long as there is 2 or more squads formed on one team compared to the other.