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  1. Why is recentering your weapon with freelook so goddamn slow all of a sudden in the new update? What is the point of introducing a feature and then making it useless? Is this a bug? What is the point? What. Is. The. Point. ?. !. Stop. Full stop. . Rationale: Since you've already commited mouse movement to moving your vision, decoupled, there's no reason to then nerf the speed at which the body catches up. Otherwise, by the same logic, we should have a turnspeed limit on at all times, regardless of whether or not we are using freelook. Consistency?
  2. Recentering weapon with freelook

    Well that's the thing, in V10.0 it was nice and quick and now I am used to using it and then this happens. Mod edit : Removed uneeded remark.
  3. Recentering weapon with freelook

    Here's a clip of how hilariously bad it is to prove my point further. Granted, it does look rather cinematic, if Chaplin movies are your thing.
  4. Also there is no Squad 0, yet there is a Squad 0 voicechannel. Maybe this could be used to facilitiate intravehicle comms?
  5. The little broken things

    Ah yeah, I meant just input logic rather than actual gameplay bugs. Something V9 had down and is somehow just incomplete in V10.
  6. Please Fix the visibility.

    Not the fact that you can respawn? I personally think increasing the min/base FoV to something like 110 would be better in terms of gameplay. For one, it'd make using binos crucial to scout out an area before moving through. Already with the addition of bipods there is a marked change to the pace of the game, where if one or two MGs are well setup they can completely lock down an area from unwary enemy players. With a higher minimum fov optics would also be nerfed as a consequence - less screenspace actual optic, more screenspace a blurred outside of the optic. Especially in very close quarters iron sights would have a more pronounced advantage. Because everyone would be running around with a fov of atleast 110 you'd also get less of one guy being able to sneak up behind a squad and mow them down one by one, as the higher fov would more correctly replicate the spatial awareness of real life. One thing that I'd hate to see in Squad is zoom eyes. It's already bad enough how you get a slight zoom to ironsights when aiming that you can increase even more when standing still. Minimum fov needs to be constant imo, otherwise it downplays the advantage of any kind of optical instrument too much - even if you could zoom in optics the same way - if there can be an occasion when an ironsight rifleman sees further than a marksman, even be it because the marksman is zoomed out and the rifleman is zoomed in - at that point the game is broken.
  7. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    It might be interesting to see what it'd play like if sandbags, hescos, barrels, mortar shelters, barbed wire and unshielded MGs were restricted to 300-400m instead of 150m.
  8. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    It's useful as long as you have someone using it. Whenever I see it in pub games people run around building it and then run around defending it instead of sticking to an angle an actually using whatever they've built to get a position that they wouldn't be otherwise able to hold - for long anyway. And that's assuming that whoever built it actually made good use of the space given to them.
  9. when the crewman roles will be added?

    Feel like APCs should require atleast the driver to have a crewman kit - like the pic from Gopblin says, "driver/mechanic and gunner stay in", kinda suggests the gunner is a guy that just sits behind the gun, whereas the dedicated driver is also a mechanic.
  10. Cheaters on Squad ?

    Your friend shot him in the calf and then in the ass, then you missed every shot and he bled out ending the match. I don't know why you expect the player character to die instantly from flesh wounds. If I recall correctly, there are outer and inner hitboxes for extremities.
  11. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    There's no limit on the shooting speed except depending on weapon?
  12. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    Which player?
  13. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    You got hit first and yet you were able to start firing. Hypocrisy much?
  14. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    Right, it's not because the saw gunner couldn't hit anywhere near you and was blocking the other two.
  15. Will we see jets in the future?

    As far as I know, only logistic/trans helis are confirmed. I've heard rumours of little birds, but nothing about attack helicopters. For anything else, we'll probably have to wait for mods. (as in what Ive heard recently, on Discord etc, as opposed to a thread from 2015)
  16. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    Literally one bullet landed anywhere near you
  17. M110 - Awfully weak

    You could also make the argument that the Insurgent ammo is so old and low quality that it fragments extremely early. Though it'd be a strung out argument.
  18. M110 - Awfully weak

    Oh boy, you're in for a rough waking when they add localised damage for vehicles.
  19. Reshade ban

    Can you show me some screenshots where reshade fixes this without making the game look like a cartoon? Fact is, game is pixelated, but that doesn't prevent you from seeing people with base fov nearly at any distance if you pay attention, on most maps. If you don't just care about seeing people, but want clarity then super sample. Not sure why you are arguing about pixels, when the reason they made it unavailable was exploiting it, not using it.
  20. New hands

    New hands look like balloon animals and pork sausages. Too clean and shiny.
  21. Reshade ban

    AA's been improved a lot in V10, make sure to clear your cache if you haven't. As for what OWI's solution might be, I'd vote for getting on that NVidia Freestyle list, when the game's released.
  22. Reshade ban

    You'll get used to it.