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  1. Are multi-lane AAS layers gone or are servers simply not running them? What happened to PAAS? Single lane AAS and RAAS is getting pretty boring at this point. Would be nice to have them for maps like Gorodok and Yehorivka, atleast, especially now that helis are in the game.
  2. Problem with microphone

    Probably won't be a cure for it; but have you cleared your cache? It can be done from the ingame Settings tab.
  3. Suppression

    Imho, the biggest problem with current suppression integration is that it doesn't care if you're in cover or not - you get suppressed even if the enemy fire is hitting the other side of the building you're standing behind(or if it's coming 10m over your head etc).
  4. Suppression

    Guess I should've specified that I meant "going back to the old suppression system" not "removing suppression altogether" Good points from everyone
  5. 10 second Rally spawn window

    60 10 60 is the same as 60 0 60 it doesnt shorten anything you just have a few more seconds to click on the rally
  6. 10 second Rally spawn window

    It'd prevent missing the spawn wave by a second. Especially if the rally was shown visually as spawnable, within this window.
  7. 10 second Rally spawn window

    No, I mean a window of time every minute.
  8. Suppression

    Imho, squad was better without it. At the very least you should get suppressed by "friendly" bullets, too.
  9. Rocks still have a dumb collision, bigger than the rock so you're floating in mid air, if you walk over them.
  10. Pretty much everything I haven't expected the Fireteams to be, it has done, and the one thing - rerouting comms from squaddies to FTLs to SL - it hasn't done. Instead of streamlining comms and distributing map marking work to the FTLs from the SL, we now have comms filled with info about map marking. The way it is now would better fit for Commander+SLs, not SL+FTLs
  11. V12 Feedback

    Same as OP, wasn't playing when V12 dropped, so a little feedback a little late. What happened to recoil? Used to be nice and crisp, now it feels just really random and floaty. Can't find a good mouse sensitivity - either it's too much because of how the sway plays with recoil or it's too small for how much the weapon recoils. Was super pre-V12, same with the new ADS viewport - reminds me of how old games like STALKER handled ADS - squished weapon and oversized sights, plus the blur. Killed the game for me, hope there's some more adjustments after a drastic change like this.