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  1. Faster ADS for when scoped MGs are using the bipod and for all scoped weapons when prone
  2. ...for vaulting, jumping, throwing grenades, dropping from a height(instead of receiving damage) etc
  3. ie SUSAT secondary ironsights, AK ironsights under scope view or just eyeing it with an ACOG
  4. So you can still headshot someone through their arm - albeit at reduced damage.
  5. Would be nice if player bodies blocked bullets for a few milliseconds after dying before they completely drop and go into ragdoll. Example: Get shot dead standing up -> Auto crouch -> a moment -> Go into ragdoll Would be useful for cqc
  6. Prone turning

    Would be nice if you produced sound any time you turn while prone, even when you do it relatively slowly. Would be nice to have a turn speed limit while prone as well - especially for bipods.
  7. Include the reload animation for single use AT for immediately after firing instead of "carrying" the spent case around until you rearm at and ammo crate and reload.
  8. Instead of sprint raising your weapon make it lower your weapon. That way you have control over weapon lowering and it also adds that extra millisecond that nerfs running and gunning.
  9. Are multi-lane AAS layers gone or are servers simply not running them? What happened to PAAS? Single lane AAS and RAAS is getting pretty boring at this point. Would be nice to have them for maps like Gorodok and Yehorivka, atleast, especially now that helis are in the game.
  10. Problem with microphone

    Probably won't be a cure for it; but have you cleared your cache? It can be done from the ingame Settings tab.
  11. Suppression

    Imho, the biggest problem with current suppression integration is that it doesn't care if you're in cover or not - you get suppressed even if the enemy fire is hitting the other side of the building you're standing behind(or if it's coming 10m over your head etc).
  12. Suppression

    Guess I should've specified that I meant "going back to the old suppression system" not "removing suppression altogether" Good points from everyone