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  1. I would like to see squads disband automatically, when a SL leaves. If you get autokicked from a squad like this and make a squad and get 2 other players join it, you'd get respawned as SL automatically with no additional cooldown, like when you suicide.
  2. IF

    Then there is no difference.
  3. It's always been there and always will be.
  4. [WIP] Invasion of Uskedalen [Vanilla]

    The fog is nice, I would even bring it closer to the camera and make it a bit more transparent to have it seem like it's mist coming from the water. Good work so far, can't wait to play it when Workshop is out.
  5. They actually do have a unique pouch with a red thing on it, on their thigh.
  6. Focus Zoom

    I don't understand. What does reticle size have to do with this, surely the fact that you can scale the reticle to be bigger or smaller means that you can scale it so that it is either bigger or smaller.
  7. Then what's like a half of Squad's playerbase consist of?
  8. Focus Zoom

    The best solution I can think of would be to place the camera behind the character and keep the field of view consistent with the monitor aspect ratio. And not render anything that might be behind the character but still in view of the camera. That way you keep a roughly accurate field of view, without the issues of projecting an actual large field of view(stretching or things being larger than they seem) e.g.
  9. Focus Zoom

    You're missing a key factor here, field of view. If you were to put a properly sized mouse ingame, have your monitor fill your whole field of view and set your ingame field of view to that of real life(if the game allowed such a high number), then looked at the mouse from 10cm ingame distance it'd be exactly the right size. Except any projection errors caused by having a 3d environment display on a flat plane.
  10. ADS

    Exactly. Furthermore, there seems to be a divide across the designs of different features in Squad. For example, crouching down and then sprinting will put you back into a crouch after the run is over.
  11. Focus Zoom

    Sure sure I was referring to this part The change from past tense to present, which I interpreted as him implying that "if he remembers correctly" the zoom on ironsights was removed. Though now I am torn between that and it just being a clumsy way of saying that he doesn't want zoom to be ingame for ironsights, at all.
  12. Focus Zoom

    You were replying to multisquid, who said that you can't zoom with ironsights and you said "let players choose". From that I understood that you meant to let players choose between either forced zoom or no zoom at all.
  13. ADS

    It's the same thing, because reloading will interrupt ADS. Period. It has priority, whether you ADS before starting the reload or during the animation.