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  1. Are you a good shot?

    Go on the training range and try to shoot as fast as you can without missing a shot. Then hit the targets when moving sideways. Then check your ping before joining a server.
  2. Cookers

    Let the update settle in. Right now a team that doesn't run logi on anything but Sumari is bound to lose the match. People haven't learned yet, though.
  3. Cookers

    You guys are both misreading what the other one wrote.
  4. Except everyone has a helmet.
  5. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    I think it's pathetic that you think it's pathetic and I am sure someone else will think that me thinking it's pathetic that you think it's pathetic will think that it's pathetic of me think it pathetic that you think it's pathetic.
  6. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    No whites are vibers
  7. Cookers

    I am in favour of not being able to drop a FOB without a logistics vehicle present. Now I am not sure whether this is still going into the game, but if it is I imagine it going something like this. If we're to assume that there's 4 levels of logistics capability. A vehicle with 0 can't drop a FOB. A vehicle with 1 can drop a FOB. A vehicle with 2 can drop a FOB and enough supplies for an ammo crate and enough ammo points for a full squad resupply. (assuming highest resupply costing kit combination) A vehicle with 3 can drop a FOB with as many supplies as a logi run provides now. That's my idea of it anyway.
  8. Removing the ticket count from the main HUD was frankly a bad idea. If anything, it should be made more visible and transparent for new players, and especially new SLs to see what's going on. Sugg. number 1 Bring back the on-screen ticket counter. Sugg. number 2 Whenever a player dies a small ticket icon appears below the ticker counter with a number, telling the player how many tickets were lost due to his death. e.g., if he dies in a BTR (ticket icon) -28 Sugg. number 3 Show current ticket bleed to the SL at all times. A small blood drop icon next to the ticket counter with a number inside. If the number is negative(your team is bleeding tickets) the drop is red. No bleed - white with a zero. Enemy team bleeds - a positive value and a green drop. Sugg. number 4 Tickets lost by losing a FOB and tickets awarded for capping a point should also be showcased to all SLs in real time.
  9. Why? Also you can, using ammo points from a FOB.
  10. When life doesnt give you bags, build a sandcastle. To the topic though, I think it'd be interesting if different deployables had different maximum distance from FOB. Rule of thumb, the lighter the materials, the further away you can build it.
  11. Not much into cosmetics, but if you could adjust your kit - within reason - that'd add additional replayability and variety to the game.
  12. Add a 400m radious around all cap points also.
  13. Low crawl?

    It'd be cool to adopt that position, when lying prone and not moving or aiming, timer goes off the same way as lowering your gun when walking. So that you can lie in wait for a passing enemy or vehicle. And also, when crawling backwards and not reloading, that way you could finally take cover when prone, when needed and relatively fast.
  14. Dedicated Squads
  15. Dedicated Squads