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  1. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    At the moment you have a minute and a half or something after being revived, when you're at risk of being killed instantly, if you get downed again within that period.
  2. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Are we pretending that CoreInvetory isn't being developed?
  3. Everywhere on the map, also some glitched waterplants on RUS main. AAS1
  4. It would make most sense if the Radio itself was the asset.
  5. Thinking of buying, one question

    Not the squad. What Gamgee here means is that there's quite a lot of servers that require a squad leader to have a mic, not the whole squad. Either way, you can expect a more stable environment as we get further and further from the free weekend.
  6. Extra Rpgs carried by squad mate

    That's planned, though as far as I understand it, you will be able to repair it. Or atleast PR had that system and you could drop a repair station from a logi truck to do it.
  7. Yehorivka Invasion v2 Suggestion

    Because it'd be a larger cut off(enemy team movement barrier) area around Storage and Storage actually has some cover to prevent the enemy shooting you 10 seconds after you drive out, if he's not camping the right side. That way the attackers have to either commit more vehicles to watch all the sides you might come in or out of or run the risk of letting some vehicles slip by. For example,
  8. Imho, vehicles shouldn't respawn on Final Stand. Have a couple there at the start, but respawn them somewhere else, like the factory/storage site(on aas). Otherwise the attackers just push all their vehicles to Final Stand and you can't get out. Then if you want a vehicle you have to drive or walk to the place they respawn, but you aren't completely ****ed by main camp. It's really gamey. What's stopping the attackers from driving into Final Stand? How do the defenders get new vehicles and supplies into Final Stand, if it's almost in the middle of the map?
  9. ****ing teamkillers, I swear man.
  10. Pretty sure the Militia models are staying. These are Insurgent models. Different faction. Just won't see any more taliban. Probably.
  11. I was simply stating a fact. If you're having a dinner party, but you don't own any cutlery, you would do good being prepared to get your hands dirty.
  12. The art of writing is obviously not something that you have picked up. So what reward, other than playing the game, would you recommend? Should the game follow you on Twitter?
  13. Agreed. However, I don't see how your suggestion solves anything. You can still have a serverful of unranked/low rank players and then, what?