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  1. Maybe, but personally I think optics are a little too good in close combat because of how big the sight pictures are. There's nearly no benefit to choosing a non-magnified weapon over a scoped one. Making the sight picture smaller, but reducing sway(blanket, on all weapons) would make scoped weapons better for medium/long distance (+zoom+accuracy) against non-magnified weapons(-zoom+accuracy) and make cqc options better at short distance(+peripheral vision+accuracy) vs magnified weapons(-peripheral vision+accuracy) <- atleast that's my thought process. Obviously the actual chevrons and what not would need to be re-sized
  2. Are flash bangs planned for this game?

    Sounds like it'd be an interesting balance choice for the Insurgency mode.
  3. Turn movement speed back down.

    I feel the same way, but you also need to be able to sprint fast otherwise taking cover is disincentivized. Imho, the best implementation would be to have two run speeds. A jog, when you press hold sprint-button, that works the same as now but is slower. A sprint, when you double click and hold sprint-button, that saps stamina a lot, but is a little faster than current fastest sprint speed. It also makes your gun wobble - when you stop the sprint abruptly by letting go of W(forward) - the same way landing from a jump does now. Or you could cancel it smoothly by letting go of sprint-button, in which case you switch to the jog pace for a few seconds before you get switched to walking pace.
  4. Suggestion: Nerf scopes by moving the camera back when aiming down sights, but decrease sway on all weapons Result: Smaller sight picture for weapons with optics(also more blur outside the scope would be needed, maybe a vignette). Less space taken up on screen, by the weapon model, for weapons without magnified optics - thus way better for cqc. Image for illustration(90 FOV M4 Acog with increased camera distance from sight) but*
  5. Easy Anticheat 0xc000007b error

    Nevermind, updating Windows fixed it.
  6. Can't launch the game as of today. Already tried CCleaner and MalwareBytes and EAC reinstall, aswell as the .bat file from this thread, but no luck. Any ideas?
  7. Body bulletstop after death

    For situations like this
  8. Faster ADS for when scoped MGs are using the bipod and for all scoped weapons when prone
  9. ...for vaulting, jumping, throwing grenades, dropping from a height(instead of receiving damage) etc
  10. ie SUSAT secondary ironsights, AK ironsights under scope view or just eyeing it with an ACOG
  11. So you can still headshot someone through their arm - albeit at reduced damage.
  12. Would be nice if player bodies blocked bullets for a few milliseconds after dying before they completely drop and go into ragdoll. Example: Get shot dead standing up -> Auto crouch -> a moment -> Go into ragdoll Would be useful for cqc
  13. Prone turning

    Would be nice if you produced sound any time you turn while prone, even when you do it relatively slowly. Would be nice to have a turn speed limit while prone as well - especially for bipods.