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  1. I like it, when people are in sync. Like they are on the same vibe. It doesn't matter, if it is going slow and tactical or rushing inside a compound, but when half does that and half does that it never works. And it never feels good. It's kind of funny in a way, because in one match I can be thinking that people are rushing around for no reason and dying, while the next match I am the one doing it. But... then the next match, everyone(well not everyne, but in isolated moments) gets the same idea, same intent and means of aproach, whatever it may be, with perfect timing and more often than not it just works, because of the flock-like mentality and not because a certain aproach or way of play is better, but just by the virtue of teamwork. And this is what I think a lot of people get wrong and makes for frustrating games. Teamwork doesn't always mean great communication, or being slow and tactical or even having a great squad leader and a squad that follows his orders to a T. I think teamwork, in sports and likewise in a game like squad is about the simplest things, that you do to help your team. And the team here isn't an abstract concept. Team just means any part of a team. A single blueberry, your squad's medic, a friendly vehicle passing by your position. And when I say flock-like mentality, I specifically mean the way people can fill in and balance each other out. To illustrate a simple example, and to return on topic of battles, take for example a situation, where you and your teammate run across a field. Now, if one of us is considerably ahead and an enemy pops up from behind the wall at the edge there is a pretty big chance that he will prioritize the one of us that is closer to him. Because we've just ran across a field he has an advantage of having more stamina + the element of suprise, most likely. If we both try to save ourselves and go prone, we're blind and he can probably take us out with a grenade. If we both try to shoot him, he will probably kill the one he started shooting at and maybe injure the other one. But if I know that he's shooting at me and I dive for the ground, while spraying in his general direction, there's a pretty good chance that before he can land a shot through the thick crops, my teammate will regain some of his stamina and dispatch him with a single shot. Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 times, this doesn't occur to people or they are just panicking too much, when something similar happens. But when we do sync and it does work, even if we get killed 20 seconds later by a GL or something, that is my favourite moment in a battle. When you know that your teammate will interpret your actions as opportunities to be exploited and not just half-assed attempts to selfishly save your own skin and doing the same like a clone or not being attentive enough and you having to live with the knowledge that he got gunned down, because he was lazy to play a game and you have to lie in that field for atleast another 30 seconds, if you should have a chance at retribution.
  2. I understand when people are not aware of things mentioned on the forum or Discord, it's just too vast, even with search. ...but there is no excuse for not reading Recaps
  3. Where do you think Squad shines the most, in which areas it has the most potential? What do you think makes Squad worse than it could be and what direction should the game not take in your opinion?
  4. Not quite the same thing, but it's nice to see that another person had a similar idea.
  5. I personally view Squad as mostly a firefight sim. There's two reasons for that. One, the weapon handling. Two, the ability manouvre and outsmart the enemy. The above aside, your post doesn't make much sense, tbh. You say, "this isnt a mil sim", therefore don't penalize players for getting shot, but in the same breath you say that you want people to be penalized for dolphin diving. So, which one is it?
  6. Just to make sure, we are talking about flinch/reaction to getting hit, right? If so, then the point is, that if you shoot someone he'll be automatically at a disadvantage, so far as aiming is concerned. I would personally prefer increased sway for a short period after getting hit, but even if it is a flinch it'd work the same way. That is to say it'd scale with distance. For example, if the normal sway is say a radious of 3-5 pixels from the original position of the crosshair and getting hit increases that to 10-15 pixels, then obviously, if the target is 100 pixels wide it won't be such a disadvantage as opposed to getting hit by a guy that's only 3 pixels wide and trying to hit him back, before he lands a second shot. So the point is, to make getting hit not only a health malus, but also an acute weapon handling malus.
  7. Just wait for kit customization, I am more than sure that irregular forces will have way more leeway in choosing weapons than US or RUS.
  8. That would just create too much radio clutter and would go against the whole squad concept. Besides, if you were to remove squad icons, you might aswell remove the SL and yourself, too. Maybe that will be a thing in Post Scriptum.
  9. That's a good point, but maybe you shouldn't GL random compounds or throw grenades over walls, if you don't know whether or not there are friendlies there. Either ask in local, ask your SL, or only nade stuff your SL tells you to. I personally think that because of the GPS-like map, where you see everyone and the through-the-wall nametags, Squad has lost a lot of its charm.
  10. I thought it'd be better to visualise the suggested UI, to make it easier to imagine in-game. This first picture is what a non-SL member of the squad sees on the map. Simple, relevant information. This is what the SL sees. Blue attack marker of another SL. Yellow enemy markers of another SL. Purple marker means that the marker has been put down by a member of the squad and is not yet approved(seen by other SLs). Grey enemy marker means that the marker has been marked by a member of the squad as outdated. If the SL clicks on the blue attack marker, it becomes green, shows up on the maps of his squad and replaces the green arrow marker to the southeast. If he clicks on the yellow enemy markers, they become red and his squad can see them on the map. If he clicks on the purple marker, it shows up as a yellow marker for other SLs. If he clicks on the grey marker, the marker disapears from the map of his squad, from the map of other SLs, aswell and also from all maps of any squads that it has been shared with.
  11. No it doesn't, it actually removes micromanagement from the SL and delegates a part of it on the members of his squad. For example, when marking an FOB. With current system, the player reports that there is an FOB on his position in A1K1. The SL then has to open his map, right click, select the FOB mark and leftclick. With this proposed system, the player simply marks the FOB himself and only if the SL wants the other SLs to see it also he can click on it. Once. Then, when a SL sees a FOB mark from another squad, if he wants his squad to see it, he simply clicks on it.
  12. The proper technique is to pick him up on the shovel and throw him behind your back, but otherwise I agree.
  13. Merging shovels with explosives would be a great thing. Here is how and why! So, what the devs need to do is to make explosive damage the same thing as right clicking the shovel. For example, " 1 right-click shovel = 10 explosive damage " and vice versa. This does two extraordinary things! One, if a deployable structure gets hit for 50 explosive damage, it is as if it received 5 right-click shovels. Destruction! Two, if a player gets hit with a right-click shovel, it's as if he got hit for 10 explosive damage. Melee! Please tell me that this could be done as easily as I imagine. EDIT: Hmm, I wonder if it would make it possible to heal teammates with shovels, if you reversed it, like
  14. That would be a valid argument ONLY IF the majority of newcomers were familiar with the current style of gameplay. Which I don't think they are anyway, unless you just mean PR vets, when you say newcomers. The majority of newcomers probably haven't played a game with a mark on map feature anyway. If anything, it'd be less confusing for newcomers, because the majority of markers that would appear on the map would be directly relevant to their squad, the map would not be cluttered with other squad's icons/positions and the SL would have the ability to filter out anything irrelevant to his squad, uncluttering it even further.