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  1. Thats dosent change nothing. I try moving taskbar before.
  2. Hi, i have a problem, when i run squad game UI i just broken, Thats how it look in fullscreen: Like you see Exit is cutout. And on borderless: Taskbar is shown. Its moar funny in the game, when you cant click on point to chose spawn point and other stuff. And other fun thing, when you change options, and map change you got texture of settings menu and cant do antyhing, you can only recconect to the server. https://plays.tv/video/5862d184b4a64ae86a/squad-settings-bug
  3. SQUAD/Polish community/Polska społeczność

    Cześć, mój pierwszy post więc witam :) Panowie jest jakiś TS etc. na którym można kogoś spotkać do pogrania? Jednak granie w drużynie jest najprzyjemniejsze :)