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  1. milsim

    Cheers brother! See you on the battlefield
  2. milsim

    http://www.1rrf.net Come and join us! if you think your hard enough.
  3. milsim

    Re opening and looking for like minded individuals to join our ranks for some Squad fun, we have setup a 72 slot public server on the strength of the latest squad update. We Ultimately play Arma 3 but we do also play squad on a relaxed basis. We will attend CCFN events and any other fun events we come accross.
  4. milsim

    We have moved to ArmA 3, Arma 3 is endless, compared to squad, nothing compares to arma. It was good while it lasted. and sadly we no longer play squad on a serious level. With the new people we met along the way in squad, we have decided to build a Arma 3 Milsim community. http://www.1rrf.net
  5. 1RRF in
  6. You shouldn't have any problems attracting members, goodluck (y)
  7. milsim

    We will be attending CCFN #52 Event on the 18th Dec Watch out for that.
  8. 1RRF in Fools road AAS V3