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  1. Steam Workshop?

    You realize that an easy-to-use workshop could also enrich the game to no foreseeable end, correct? New community created factions, armor, weapons, maps, and new historical theaters; "the list goes on". All that in one's reach in an environment that facilitates accessibility for players and allows content creators to more easily update their mods via Steam's convenient features. Your argument is basically analogous to an extremist fanatic console fanboy saying that no games should be ported or made for PC, because the possibility of hacking and modding (content creation) exists?
  2. Steam Workshop?

    It is sad that the vanilla sound effect for the Mosin Nagant in Insurgency, a gun that most people probably don't use, actually sounds way better there than in RO2, where most of your team uses it and it sounds flat.
  3. Steam Workshop?

    Workshop is great. I hope it is in and it's very modular like Insurgency where the server doesnt have to have the mod for it in place. The most infuriating thing in RO2 for me is that the gun sounds are sub-par, but the only thing that really helps that is the Immersion mod, but that only works on three specific servers that no one plays because RO2 takes forever to download maps and mods. So I have to stick with the normal servers with their disappointing gun sounds, or stay in an empty server. It sucks. Insurgency has a realistic sound mod that works anywhere regardless of the server. They also allow scope mods and skin mods on any server, but that might be more controversial. Would love to mod the Russian scopes in PR to something not so huge and awkward though, and allow the "Insurgent" faction to have ISIS/HAMAS/etc. skins. Though that might lead to blue on blue so I could see that having to be moderated and dictated by a server basis.
  4. Peshmerga Faction

    Militia with Middle East skin.
  5. Report a Player Thread

    You want to report people for using "Foul language"? Fuck that.
  6. Insurgents Hotwiring Vehicles

    I would like the ability for Insurgents to take over humvees and transport trucks, but I'm not sure about APCs and above. Yes, we have seen ISIS using stolen US hardware from the Iraqi army, but how long do they maintain it and can they actually use it effectively? Ditto for Taliban in Afghanistan. However, I would like to extend the idea of stealing things to something that has bugged me in PR for a long time. Insurgents should be able to steal Blufor weapons. Not their uniform like in early PR, but at the very least their weapons. It is realistic for Insurgents to steal weapons and armor from forces they have fought.I would really like this.
  7. The Asia/Pacific theatre

    I would be into bringing back the PLA, You could use them against other conventional factions like US and Russia and even Insurgents because China is dealing with their own terrorist problem. India would be interesting as a faction, as you could also put them against Insurgents and China and whatever Middle East faction the dev team decides on/mod community would make. They would be the new IDF of Squad, being never featured in any military game before, unless you broaden that to mean strategy games like Hearts of Iron. North Korea, or maybe an alternate reality scenario (which was par for the course in PR) where China invades South Korea could be interesting. You could make a South Korea faction, and maybe a JDF faction to focus on an exaggeration of Japan and China's conflict today. The idea of a pacific conflict could also be another way to bring a future ANZAC or Australia/New Zealand against a conventional faction as the current idea would put them against Insurgents due to their work in the Coaliion in Afghanistan.
  8. player model too thin

    I also agree that in the screenshot the soldier looks a little small. But when in motion in Squad gameplay videos it's less noticeable and they look fine. I would just wait. The dev in this thread and devs in other threads say they're placeholder, so I assume in the final product they will look pretty fucking ninja. (Not...not like a ninja...I mean as a phrase to express that their final design will look good and cool)
  9. Campaign mode?

    You need to clarify what you mean. I voted "Yes" because I thought you meant an RO2/RS style multiplayer campaign mode. I would be all over that.
  10. Guys, as Russia and Britain are on the kickstarter map along with core features such as helicopters, I think it is safe to say that it is set in stone that those factions are definitely going to be in. Perhaps we should remove them from the list?
  11. I think it would be cool if you could have both Australia and New Zealand in an ANZAC coalition to cover more bases.
  12. Backflips and wheelies with bikes?

    Hey man, Insurgents are more relaxed compared to militaries. I could totally see a Tali with a mountain bike doing sicknasty tricks.
  13. First Person Weapon Collision

    I also like the idea of resting weapons on surfaces to go along with this system.
  14. That game had horrendous restrictions to flanking or even basic tactics sometimes because it lacked breathing room in order to make them possible. I love the atmosphere and settings of RO2/RS but that annoyed me to no end.
  15. 10 squads

    If there was going to be a restriction of nine to ten squads, then the player count for each squad would have to be twelve to fourteen to compensate. Though a workaround for something like that is to have the whole squad be twelve to fourteen people, but have the squad split into two "fire-teams" like in SWAT 4 where the whole squad is "Gold Team", and the halves of the squad (minus the commander) are "Blue Team" and "Red Team". Though now that we are going to be past Project Reality's restrictions, I think it would be easier to be able to label which squads you want to talk to using your keypad by selecting them and designating the key to that squad. So if there are now eleven squads and you need to speak to the squad leaders of ten or eleven, you go to the squad list, select their squad, and hit "ctrl+9" for one and "ctrl+8" for the other.