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  1. 1. How much of the 25th Infantry Division do you think went through Jungle Warfare school since 2014? 2. If by some crazy stuff happens right now (let's face it, we've got all types of insanity right now) and 25th ID is ordered to deploy in the Pacific, do you think they'll go to WAR with something that's proven to work or go with the prototype uniforms? 3. "April or May and get feedback on the uniform and then we will make adjustments as needed, Ferenzcy said." How many will outright ask for Multicam TROPIC?
  2. Here's an update: "The plan is to issue about 20,000 sets of the new uniforms to the 2nd and 3rd BCTs in Hawaii in January and then another 10,000 to 12,000 sets in March, Ferenzcy said, describing the $14 million effort." "After 25th ID soldiers have a chance to train in the new uniforms, Ferenzcy's team plans to return in "April or May and get feedback on the uniform and then we will make adjustments as needed, Ferenzcy said." ""Phase two of the effort involves buying another 11 BRIGADES worth of the IHWCU in its final form for contingency stocks "in case another brigade got turned on to deploy or do a training mission in a tropical environment, we would have uniforms ready for them," Ferenzcy said." https://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/08/10/army-to-begin-testing-new-jungle-uniform-next-year.html
  3. The ENTIRE 25th Infantry Division is Special Forces including their Stryker Brigade? We should let them know! https://www.tactical-life.com/news/new-jungle-operations-training-course-opens-hawaii/ “We’re offering it up to the ARMY,” Fuller said. “If that’s something they’re interested in doing, we’d be happy to support it with the right resources.” "The Army is currently developing a NEW uniform and boots specifically for the jungle. Instructors in Hawaii are testing out some early models." https://wtop.com/government/2017/03/us-soldiers-train-for-jungle-warfare-at-hawaii-rainforest/slide/8/
  4. British Army DPM camo

    Keep in mind armies and military will start reissuing things simply because it works. The US Army is slow to the returning to the Jungle Warfare business but are doing so along with the reissuing of BDU/woodland for units that go through the school in Hawaii. The British know that if it works, they will do the common sense thing and go back to DPM. Don't get me wrong, I know that the British love tradition as well, but I don't think blaring bagpipes in the middle of combat is coming back.
  5. Inaccurate. It IS still issued, though very limited: http://soldiersystems.net/2014/11/17/woodland-back/
  6. Future US conflicts

    1. I do believe that the armor kits now do have the resistant rating to protect against 7.62x54r, RPGs, IEDs. Also, future. JLTV then. 2. If the MBT had the choice of potentially killing 10 soldiers with one shot in a MRAP (which is easier to see), or scratching a lower profile tank. The juicier target dies. That is, IF they're in the same area at the same time. 3. If that's the case, then why even have MRAPS? Just use APCs. That was how they initially designed them. APCs=frontline. That's how it always is when you face a capable, organized military.
  7. Future US conflicts

    Oh not me. But quite a few posters here say they won't because there's a lack of woodland camo in the US Army inventory except for Special Forces. Though strategically I must admit it would be rather difficult for US Army forces to move around Asia (Korea would be the exception) nowadays in comparison to the USMC. While as the USMC are usually already forward deployed (31st MEU) along with the 7th Fleet, the Army is rather limited as the PLA has steadily increased both air power and capability along side their AAA and RADAR.
  8. US Army Uniform Camouflage

    Soooo you want Imperial Storm Troopers?
  9. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    I agree, it is both realistic and potentially profitable to include the Chinese PLA. But I also suggest Taiwanese and Hong Kong subfactions. Maybe even Tibetans and Uighur.
  10. Future US conflicts

    Still doesn't sound right. Those are tank bait. Big, slow, easy targets for rockets, ATGMs, and in modern warfare, tanks and cannon fire. Unless they're fighting in the Middle East again (against insurgents, anyone else is suicidal), there would be no reason to have such a policy for all armed forces. This is also pretty much impossible for the USMC.
  11. Future US conflicts

    I highly doubt every Humvee is being replaced by MRAPs.
  12. Future US conflicts

    I keep hearing one of two things: 1. The game will be based on the recent past. 2. The game will be based on the near future. Well which one is it? If it's the past, then I guess not many factions need to be implemented unless Africa and South America is involved. If it's the future, then there the following factions are possible. 1. The PLA/NK Recent events are occurring rather quickly in the Pacific, which is why President Obama moved ahead with the Pacific Pivot. If ANY conflict occurs there, it will get INCREDIBLY intense quickly. Should we go to blows, then the USMC is more than likely the only US ground force present to take them on unless it's on the Korean peninsula. If this is true, then MARPAT is in order as well as possible other USMC unique assets. US Army would be involved, but as many here keep saying, only ACU/UCP and OCP/Multicam will be available for them in the lush jungles of the Pacific. NK would be honestly interesting as they may require WWII type Soviet uniforms. 2. ISIS Too obvious, may not need anything new except black flags/uniforms. 3. NATO/Russia Again, if hostilities occur uniforms will have to be updated as well as equipment. Is there a possibility of a NATO Reaction Force official uniform/weaponry or will there still be independent uniforms/weaponry for member nations? Russians may use the same as they have used in the Crimea. 4. Africa/Middle Eastern factions This is more than likely low tech vs low tech. It must be pointed out that almost everyone has skin on the both continents now (including the Chinese PLA). Some factions actually have uniforms in these two areas, however both have equal terms in firepower usually in infantry combat. The only true difference seems to be tactics. Militia vs random African/Middle Eastern country battles would be interesting as the field is level if it stays infantry vs infantry. 5. Mexico Very complicated, very brutal. Currently violence somewhat exceeds OIF. Trump wins = increasing complication.
  13. "Sights" on Aks?

  14. US Army Uniform Camouflage