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  1. Arcapse's Intro

    Nice pictures man! Looking forward to your videos
  2. Another one you can try is ShareX, you can download it from here or directly from Steam. You can also set where you want them uploaded such as Imgur, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Give it a try.
  3. Vex's Squad Gameplay Videos

    Thanks man! True fog of war!
  4. Vex's Squad Gameplay Videos

    Thanks man, glad you liked it
  5. M4 Sounds in V6

    I never fired an M4 in my life, however the new M4 sounds sound very similar to the sound you would hear in any real combat footage. But then again audio in that footage isn't recorded with high quality microphones so I could be wrong.
  6. Vex's Squad Gameplay Videos

    New video is up