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  1. June 2018 Recap

    Lots and lots and lots of saliva! Nice stuff there! Questions: How do we acheve that quality of colors and lighting to the game like the screenshots of the new map parts? Thx
  2. Warning: Sticky Grenade

    this what happens when you put glue on a grenade.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D2myCD9TrY
  3. Testing the Missile Teky

    This baby sure is a devastating beast!
  4. SUGGESTION: V8 new compass idea

    In the last two days i had the chance to play more but there a huge player base that, when told to look at 176 they answer "what a f..k if 176" you tell then look at the compass and they say "where?" It's for that i thought about it. It's because it sticks with you prospective or turning your head to look, and that turn with you. You get a higher feeling of 360°
  5. SUGGESTION: V8 new compass idea

    first time using illustrator it's just the idea. It's just that i think a flat compass never gives you the 360 degrees feeling.
  6. I've seen the changelog on joinsquad.com and i had an idea for the compass. Played a little bit with illustrator and photoshop trying to give a "surrounding" effect to the compass. I think that it would help the immersion and situation awareness and also helping those who would like to have a sort of minimap of your mates without using an actual minimap.
  7. Hi, The new server browser will come but in the mean time, would a small feature be possible to mplement? Idea: When In the server browser you refresh all the server when clicking on the refresh button, if i could highlight one server that i'm interested in whit one single click, and when i hit the refresh button it will filter all the other out and refresh more quickly the single server that i've just highlighted? Daniel out.
  8. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    Net code question: When you meet a foe on the battlefield, both start shoot eachother, bullets hit both, you hit better and i clearly see 3/4 bullets, after those he can still shoot you and then drop critically wounded... will this possibly disappear with the net move solution? I probably won't make it to enter the testing
  9. Video Card compatibility

    Yes, the problem is that the game won't stat at all. he will need to change the Mobo and CPU finish!
  10. Video Card compatibility

    I managed to visit my friend and he has 4 gb ram, 64bit OS but then i see the processor.... it's a AMD Phenom II X4 955 That could be the issue. Confirm?
  11. Video Card compatibility

    I need to chck it better now that you gave me those inputs. A try that i wanted to make is to put my gpu in his computer and remove any doubt quickly and easily. The cache thing i did it allready, drivers too...he has got win 7, and should be 64bit
  12. Is there any list of compatible cards for Squad? I bought the game to a friend, but he can't play it yet because he got a crash on start. He has a GTX 465, is there any known issue with this card as far as you know?
  13. My 780 left me without reason month ago, i decided to buy the best 970 in commerce instead of a 980, because it's better qualitity/price...970 it's more then enough.