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  1. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    Hi Talon, Are you able to provide me with your ticket ID so I can investigate?
  2. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    We now support up to 80 slots! https://www.bluefangsolutions.com/shop/squad
  3. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    Hey Squaddies! We've launched our Cyber Weekend Sale! Get in on this https://www.bluefangsolutions.com/cyber-weekend-sale-2016/
  4. Perma'd from all bluefang servers?

    We can confirm we do not ban players across our network. Not our job
  5. Serverfiles ?

    Sounds like you are with the wrong official provider then. We are available 24/7/365 around the clock every minute of every hour every single day no matter what day it is. We host a lot of the large communities here in Squad and we're proud to be able to serve this community. Working with the Squad development team has also been very enjoyable and they are all a good team of guys. Very honorable and respectable group of people who want the best for their first title. We are excited to be a part of this journey and whatever they decide is what we will go with and support.
  6. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    Chicago, IL or Dallas, TX would work perfectly for Denver, CO residents.
  7. Squad Server Hosting - Reviews

    Thanks for the mention :)
  8. Our justified reasoning is that the developers have stated to us that the GameUserSettings.ini file is the only ini file that needs to be edited for squad server settings and admin levels.
  9. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    I'm just going to go out on a limb here and simply state you have no idea whatsoever any clue what you are talking about and that is okay. You are correct though that running your own dedicated machine compared to paying for multiple individual game servers is much more cost effective, i'll give you that. But everyone knew that already. It costs a lot more than $20 to buy and maintain a bare-metal dedicated machine. We don't use virtualized hosting like a lot of other irresponsible hosts do. If you want top-notch performance for game server hosting you need bare-metal. Period. We use only the latest Intel Xeon processors with DDR4 RAM and SSD drives to boot. This is coupled with our lightning speed network and reliably fast technical support. Please sustain from flaming us about things you clearly know nothing about.
  10. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    We've dropped our pricing to $1.10/slot to coincide with other offerings from other Squad hosts.
  11. So you got yourself a server? (New server help)

    As per the developers the only ini file that should be modified is the GameUserSettings.ini file found in the Squad/Saved/Config/WindowsServer directory.
  12. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    We do offer DDoS protection in the following locations: Dallas, New York, London UK and Dusseldorf Germany. I've responded to your other post here.
  13. Multiplay/clanforge servers - Hold off from buying them.

    We can't control what comparegamehosting.com puts on their website regarding our services. Do we have DDoS protection? Yes. We do. In the following locations and only these locations: Dallas, New York, London UK, Dusseldorf Germany. Up to 10gbps per location and 2mpps. This stops most DDoS attacks. As for price, we already explained in our main thread about why we have priced our Squad servers as such. Read the explanation here. Our pricing is set based on the resource usage we see on our machines. We may be using better and more powerful configurations than other providers (thus our high reliability and good performance as we have seen) and you must take this into account when comparing prices. The server crashes are, as stated above, due to the server software itself and is not the fault of any of the current game server providers for the game. By the way, to those wondering about our services we do offer 100% ftp access to every single server file. We also have the fastest response time compared to any other host in this industry. Period. We are here 24/7/365 every single minute of every hour. If you have specific questions about our service please submit a contact form.
  14. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    Hey Ratzo, We can understand your position but please keep in mind that the pricing for the game servers themselves, without the silver or high cpu, is based purely on resource usage. This means that you would have to pay that rate before even considering the high cpu or silver support packages. Also to clarify, silver support is not always required for us to help you. We recommend silver support if you are computer illiterate and you would rather not attempt making any changes to the server settings yourself for fear of making mistakes. Also, all of our game servers are set to Above Normal priority on default. This already gives game servers an edge over all OS tasks on the machine. Hoy Boydy, We do have plans for Australia but not in the immediate future.