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  1. I think: post your thoughts here:!!!! No need for a second thread[emoji6]
  2. Top notch
  3. Noooooo. What we really don't need is another non talking sl, that takes the role to drive around and have some "fun" as a gunner. For OP: this just isn't your game and i think it will never be, as u said u don't want to communicate with others via mic. Others stated before: this (using a microphone) is THE KEY to this game. Maybe u should have read more about it before u bought it. But hey, that's your fault. I don't know how many hours you played, but u said u bought it at release. Steamrelease was on 15th december 2015. After 1 year and 4 months u still moan about that u get kicked from a squad, coz u don't wanna use a mic? And that u are not able to take any vehicle u want and waste the tickets for it. Sorry, but thats ridiculous.
  4. Take a look here @FReeDoM_FiGHTeR
  5. I'm pretty sure, i have read this too. I believe it was on discord, as in the changelog is nothing about it[emoji12]
  6. If you're looking for a team/clan, just post here:
  7. Oh [emoji23] [emoji111] cool. So maybe we gonna get it[emoji6]
  8. That would be great! Especially when every team has the possibility to choose 2 spawnpoints out of 10 at the beginning of the match, e.g. by voting. So u can't even expect a direction, where the enemy has to come from[emoji6]
  9. Ok. So when AAS us too linear, all these arguments lead towards the conquest mode, where you have to expect enemy contact at everytime at any point on the map. But nobody wanted to play this, as it is played like battlefield.
  10. I don't get it. Why trying to change vehicle spawn, delay of rallies, forbidding this tactic on servers etc, etc when the mistake is not in the game mechanics, but by the players themselves. [email protected] mentioned 3 days ago: just think about the fact you could be rushed by the enemy, when the game starts and prepare your team for it. Get a full squad for the first flag, so it won't be easy for the enemy to rush you.
  11. Rude? C'mon you're joking