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  1. I would rather have a slowly finished, but working game then this:
  2. Get on another server, have fun, don't look back. Problem solved
  3. Coz there is no update to moan about?[emoji6]
  4. No offense taken at all. Tbh, i really like the fact you're fighting together as a clan, also in the forums[emoji6] I wrote the post 1. to show a possible reason for your ban 2. to discuss this rule, as i think your problem is a good example, why this rule doesn't work
  5. Guys. I'm not with QFF, nor did i make the admin guidelines. I just wanted the show, why they possibly got banned from the server.
  6. ~ Admins are free to kick/ban anyone that they feel necessary to protect the integrity of their server and community as long as this does not interfere with other administration guidelines. From here:
  7. Is there a possibility to donate money for this amazing project?
  8. Rip in
  9. Your return is the product: the game. Nothing more, nothing less. Feel free to rent a server and start seeding it. That's how it works. And like psyrus said: there are so many people in your area, i'm pretty sure u find some to play with u. Someone needs to start kick off the asian community. Why not you[emoji111]
  10. [emoji23]
  11. The hype is here: "monthly-recap-hype-thread"
  12. 385 members across 42 nations. We are RIP [emoji111]