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  1. Just to make things clear: you get on the official game forum to complain about a thing that happened 2 months ago. And without any proof of it too. Sorry, but this is ridiculous. 1st thing: if you want to complain about the behaviour of a clanmember: go on the discord of the clan, which is linked in the op. 2nd thing: have some proof for your complains. 3rd thing: don't wait 2 months to clear things. But this is just my opinion and you don't need to care about it
  2. Please go on and fill out the application form. Rest is explained there too[emoji6]
  3. RIP in Gorodok
  4. RIP in Yehorivka invasion v1
  5. Thought it's more like this
  6. RIP in Al Basrah
  7. RIP in Fools
  8. RIP in Fools Road
  9. RIP in Yehorivka
  10. I get what you're saying, but technically it's still your mine killing them. Maybe you should discuss mine placement with your/other sl to prevent such things.
  11. RIP in Op first light
  12. RIP in Gorodok invasion
  13. Says who? The modder or the consumer? They put alot of time and work in it and want to be paid for their efforts. Simple as. U can pay and play, or u can say: no and play not and wait for someone, who wants no money. Or u can start to mod on your own. Maybe this will change your POV[emoji6]
  14. Still the same.