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  1. Says who? The modder or the consumer? They put alot of time and work in it and want to be paid for their efforts. Simple as. U can pay and play, or u can say: no and play not and wait for someone, who wants no money. Or u can start to mod on your own. Maybe this will change your POV[emoji6]
  2. Still the same.
  3. [emoji45] a step in the wrong direction
  4. [email protected] Your link doesn't work on tapatalk[emoji32]. [email protected]: he's absolutely right with everything he's saying. Oh and welcome to squad and it's community.
  5. ^^
  6. [email protected] was faster
  7. The problem is, that people just turn their gamma on 3.0 and play it like a daylight map
  8. [emoji17] i can't even express my deep sadness after reading this.
  9. RIP #2 in
  10. RIP #1 in Al Basrah AAS v1
  11. Welcome to squad and its community. If you're looking for a clan, take a look here: Or feel free to post here:
  12. @everyone Squad Alpha 9.3 hotfix has been released Patchnotes: - Readded missing ingame localization - Improved stair climbing ability of soldiers from puppy level to human level From squad discord[emoji6]
  13. Why do you want to make it easier? Why shouldn't people invest some time and try to learn the game mechanics? Did you know how it works when you bought the game? I guess not, nor did i. We had to learn it. Why do you want to take this away from people. The satisfaction when you realised you learned something new! I'm not all seeing or mighty, but willing to learn.
  14. ? When u unload a logi on a fob, u see on the upper left the bar for building points filled = icon for unload Reloading supplies icon = 1 run through main base = back of car is full Reloading vehicle weapons icon = lower right corner All in all: No need for extra icons