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  1. Hmm. How about listening to music in the background on YOUR pc, so that others aren't disturbed when listening for footsteps of enemys, enemy logies, btr, humvee. I don't get it why people are bored when playing this game. Open your map, think about tactics. What will the enemy do? Are they trying to flank us and where? Is this a good position for an ambush? And if not, where could be a good position for 1? There are so many things you can do while walking around. Not to mention the possibility of talking via local chat with others around you! Who needs music to play in this game? And don't tell me: " i said optional. You don't have to listen to it" SL: Hey, why are you not watching south, as i told you. Our whole squad got slaughtered from there! YOU: Oh sorry, was listening to music. Couldn't hear you[emoji16] --> Instant kick from your squad
  2. Take a look here:
  3. Hi and welcome to squad and its community. 1. Yes, u have to buy the game via steam 2. Dunno how many, but it's not longer possible[emoji2] Have fun
  4. As long it is possible to tweak the inifiles it's hard to say if some1 is cheating or not ( u can say changing inis is cheating[emoji6]). In my 400 hours i played the game, i just saw 1 cheater and that was before eac was implemented. As a grenadier standing next to an ammocrate and resupplying every 10 seconds is not cheating, it's using a gamemechanic
  5. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  6. RIP #1 in Gorodok
  7. +1 , everything said
  8. And way better
  9. RIP #1 in Kohat
  10. Tbh, after the fog was implemented in that map, i started to like it[emoji3]