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  1. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    Why you just don't play on free weekends? It's only a two days pause and you can play the game after the free weekend like before. And there's plenty of time to show those who grabbed the game how to play it properly afterwards. Let those who want to go through hell on those weekends go and just play another game for two days.

    Do people think before they write? As someone who worked on an intensive care for 8 years, i'm pretty sure this is the last thing you want to happen. And no, i can't take this comment funny when i think of all the victims of accidents and their relatives.
  3. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Gotcha boi. Call the internet police
  4. Concerned

    I'm also playing since the 80s and i never made an experience like that with any other game. First thing i did after playing 20 hours was joining a clan. Coz i think it can better be played with people you know. So, as a "side effect", i met a lot of nice people during this 2 and a half year and made new friends, had some booze and laughter, banter and tons of fun. And i'm millions of miles away from getting bored. Where's the difference between alpha and beta besides the name? I don't think there is any coz in my eyes as soon as i'm able to buy a game it's released. If you don't like the fact that it's in an experimental stage......don't buy it.
  5. Concerned

    These are no bad points , but as mentioned before: all discussed and in dev process (weather for example). Take your time and use the search function please. And i personally think it's a bit overbearing to clasify your wishes as community demands. Did you do a poll or something? Coz i must have missed it.
  6. Night map?

    Night maps are already in game. But most servers don't have them in rotation. Most players put gamma to the max so that the night gets enlightened. And it doesn't make sense to play those maps, when 75% of the players don't have a dark but a normal environment. It's a pity, coz it's really interesting to play those maps. Good training for situational awareness and the ears.
  7. 2nd solution will help for sure ( to be followed in this order): 1. Join a clan 2. pay for a server 3. skip queue
  8. Solution: don't try to join servers with a queue
  9. Reshade ban

    I'm playing thia game for two years and never saw a reason to use reshade. I tried it once in v5 i think and thought: oh. This is not the way how the devs want this. Coz if they want it that way, they would create it that way. So i still play it like it is given by the devs. And it's fine
  10. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    If you want to get unbanned, please follow the steps described in this thread: https://www.rustyinplaces.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=65
  11. Report Abusive Players?

    If you don't have screenshot you don't have proof. So no server admin can do anything about it. If it happens again, take proof and report it to the server admin. But don't do name and shame here on the forums without proof. Edit: never do name and shame here on the forums
  12. Alpha 10

    U did a fantastic job with v10. The slowdown in movement, the overall handling etc feels so good. And i love the new logisystem. Really great job guys.
  13. What Type of Squad Player Are You?

    Haha. We gonna have a competition there...
  14. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    Friday again!!!! Come and join the party Absolutely everybody is welcome (apart from those, who are banned)
  15. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Why don't u turn it off. Afaik it doesn't work correct anyway.