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  1. Hallo allerseits, kurze Frage an die deutschsprachigen Spieler hier: Sind euch ingame falsche oder fehlerhafte Übersetzungen aufgefallen? Bitte kurz hier melden "Wo & Was"
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    FC in Chora AAS v1
  3. very good if you have any feedback for next surveys please PM me
  4. Bump for the US timezone
  5. bump this ... we will have results at weekend
  6. After my last survey happend quiet a while ago (alpha 8) - it is time for a new version! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeKDX-nY-fkRSO0tV41FyCbFs9WYzw03I6XAORTX2SVB-RZng/viewform Disclaimer: This is not an official OWI survey - It is unofficla, based on my interest, even the Devs might have a look on the responses
  7. Community Clan Fight Night

    if there is stilla Slot FC is in
  8. Es ist Sommerpause aber es geht bald weiter
  9. After 2 great weeks i think everyone is super happy
  10. We proudly announce TOG on board
  11. The shared ban list is garbage.

    Hello Gents, If you are talking about SquadBan.TK there is a 2 Strike and 3 Strike System, which is made to prevents such things Downside is: you can't force Server ownsers to use that Filters - i know a few Server that don't, but that are definately not all Servers.. btw. there is no Forum .. which one you are referring too?? In your case, there is a discord where you can ask https://discord.me/squadban You can let your friends SteamID check there and the participating Admins can have a look on it
  12. Ausstehende Server-Lizenz

    Hallo Greetz, hast du deine Lizenz erhalten?
  13. Gamestar Umfrage

    Naja es geht ja um den "Release" und Squad ist noch ne Alpha