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  1. Global shader cache file missing

    thx .. solved
  2. updated Discord Link
  3. Squad Europe

    btw... Our Server Rules from http://www.joinsquad.eu And from OWI Admin guidelines Driving 3 Logis to enemy position, without backup, nor discussing this prior with other SLs ...
  4. Squad Europe

    You promised to boycott our Server.... Please do so. Thank you Also i do see a previous kick from another Admin on you Sir.. To put things into perspective So you should be aware,t hat we act according to our Server Rules
  5. Squad Europe

    1 Time can happen, but three times?? what is definition of insanity? repeating same thing, expecting a different outcome
  6. Squad Europe

    This happened: I was informed as Admin about a SL driving 3!! Logos to the exact same position, loosing their engines to enemy (every time) , could not reach to fix them („I can not repair them „) and blocked therefore any further possibility to support any other Position or FOB I have kicked the SL as a warning, because our server Rule is clear about abandoning/wasting Logis in particular (especially driving them into an enemy position) we will do so in future as well! by the way... I never used Idiot or such language. but I asked why the „****“ you drove Logis there? then you call me a f*cking whatever, for what you have been banned for 24h from discord. But we are more than happy that you boycott us, such players and behaviour we do not want here
  7. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Good job
  8. @Sense denkt auch dran eure Community hier einzutragen: forums.joinsquad.com/topic/26993-aktive-deutschsprachige-clans-communities
  9. Name: Full Contact Squad Tag: [FC.] Link: fc-squad.de TS/Discord: ts.fc-squad.de & https://discord.me/fc-squad Sprache: Deutsch (Grundlagen Englisch sind hilfreich für Europe Server) Beschreibung: Der erwachsene deutsche Clan (21+) für Taktik & Realismus Shooter Mitglieder: ~ 50-60 Wir spielen auch: Escape from Tarkov | Scum | Arma3 | HOI4 uvm
  10. People who played v12 !?

    i find the game running better AMD ryzon 1700 on 3.8 GTX 1080 32GB RAM
  11. you are actually right .. i dont know how this came into the rules .. and its deleted Thank you for pointing out!
  12. Ich mach mal den Anfang meiner aktuellen "Dauerbrenner" Escape from Tarkov - wenn doch endlich der Netcode besser wäre Banished -oft zwischendurch und auf Reisen am Laptop Cities Skylines - Old School SimCity Liebhaber Steel Division44 - Weil Geil HOI4/EU/Stellaris - Das Excel unter den Strategiespielen Pillars of Eternity 1+2 - Baldurs Gate Fanboy
  13. Server Name: ★★★ SQUADeinander Germany ★★★ by FC-Squad.de Steam-Connect: steam://connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/hhwcFhD Teamspeak: ts.fc-squad.de Webpage: fc-squad.de Features Advanced (Anti-) Teamkill System Vote Map System Three Strike Ban System Request Help in Discord (Ticket System) Please read Rules, same as https//www.joinsquad.eu