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  1. Items, Props and Furniture

    In Unreal you can set meshes to be destructible and make the engine generate the separate meshes, sounds fun to make a bunch of props and would add alot to the maps and make them feel like its a world.
  2. AMD VoIP Fix?

    Sorry I didn't see my typo amd did not perform horrible it was working fine with a 50-70ms compared to Intel 20-40ms and the pooling of Xaudio2 did work but its a very unliked way of doing it
  3. AMD VoIP Fix?

    I did read a post from Tim also he said that in testing he didn't find that amd cpu's did horrible and that a small fix by pooling Xaudio2 for some did resolve the main thread lockup. Although this was more of a hack patch as Tim said he was unable to find this lockup that we have seen
  4. So maybe Something like a if statement when leaving a squad to reset the players class or gun to a default ak or m4, or a check after the player spawned to see what class if different then change else stay the same
  5. So poking around the files I noticed that the gun materials were a little off to me but that might just be me. I went in copied some of the content to a new project and then mess around with the materials. changed the specular map to multiply off the main texture give less over shine and more dull metal look, No offence to Devs I was just wondering if it looks better in your eyes or if im just crazy. Keep up the good work guys and gals :D
  6. Material (slight change?)

    MVPiet13 thanks and yah dont think the devs are doing anything wrong just was looking at the guns in-game and thought they looked a little off and seen if i could suggest a helpful little fix, Idartd thanks ill keep this in mind i tried looking for reference photos of worn ak's and tried to copy the metal look
  7. Material (slight change?)

    Assifuah thanks for your feedback, my shader is 1:1 the only difference is the specular map is taken differently, Yes im familiar with PBR(physics based rendering) the only reason it feels over-saturated is the specular map is not defusing light so it looks more matte and less shinny, 3 point lighting doesn't work well with Global Illumination but i tried my best to get a good clear shot
  8. Material (slight change?)

    Bottom is the old material and top is the tweaked material but the editor does not do both justice from the low light viewer.
  9. Material (slight change?)

    Bottom one is with my tweaked material and top is the original, UE4 crashed so Im trying to get more sorry :D