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  1. Hi, These devcasts gave me an idea to promote team-play, reduce Rambo behaviour and also deals with kit selection. I did a quick search of the forums and I think this is new. Variation 1: When a player joins a game+squad he gets 100 points. These points are used to acquire a specialty kits. Values may vary but let’s say marksman 100, LAT 45, Grenader 25, etc. When you die you need to spend again points to get the kit back. Therefore, you could die 4 times as a grenadier before begging forced into a basic rifleman/medic/“insert kit here”. However, you can replenish your points by performing squad actions likes caps, revives, building stuff, destroying stuff and sticking with you buddies (50 meters bubble let’s say). Variation 2: Same basic idea, but instead of a pool of points each player will have a “cool down” period each time they lose a specific kit (if they die). If I die as a LAT I can go Grenadier, then HAT, but in the end you will be stuck with a basic kit. The player can reduce the cool down period by performing squad actions. DEVs could add longer cool downs for highly disered kits (marksman, GPM, Weapons with optics). Comments, ideas?
  2. New mechanic for kits and team play

    This is easy: in the UI have a “accept all”/“accept none”. This could be done per memeber, so the people you trust can get their kit until points run out.
  3. New mechanic for kits and team play

    I did, but what if he was rewarded to stick with us, pair up with a spotter and perform the actual duties of a marksman? Example: Guy joins squad uses is 100pts for marksman goes lone wolf then gets shoot in the back with no medic in sight. Request 100pts from SL pool but I say tough luck buddy you should have stayed with us and a medic would have help you. Guy rage quit or maybe next time he will follow orders. Case 2... guy goes off but actually contributes by spotting FOBs, vehicles, infantry. He suppress the ennemy when we go in for the cap, but he dies and is not in reach of my medic. He says “hey SL, I need 50pts for the marksman kit” (he got 50pts for his support). Then I will be very glad to give him the missing 50pts for his kit.
  4. New mechanic for kits and team play

    Why do you say that? If the squads keeps defending the flag, are doing revives and are getting a few kills in the process they will generate enough points to carry on. As i said before looking at the data will tell us how many points each kit should cost and how many points each action shall be given to the pool. As for balancing weapons this not an easy task, but will help the game in the long run.
  5. In game Map improvement(?)

    I work in GIS (geographic information systems) and creating maps is my bread and butter. One way to get around the cluttering issue is to have several layers. In our systems we can turn on and off the contour lines, water bodies, roads, assets, etc. Maybe on each zoom level the devs can have some of this info turning on and off automatically or somehow have the map layer selection in the UI. I remember that someone had a mod for PR to replace the default maps with one with contours. Maybe he can have the same in the Squad workshop.
  6. New mechanic for kits and team play

    Not to be defeatist, but how did that go last time you ask? That’s why I only play one server where the admin is alway on and most player are mature. How many time I asked to get a medic instead I got a marksman running off in the wood never to be seen for the rest of the match? The community is what makes or breaks a game like Squad. Putting in game mechanics that promote good behaviour is a win-win in my book.
  7. New mechanic for kits and team play

    I am surprised that users are so defensive regarding kits. Being a SL I can understand the need for specific kits to deal with treats. If my squad can’t handle a HAT, then I will team up with one that has a good player. The LAT, like the medic is essential and should not be included in the points, I get it. But anything else why not? When was the last time a marksman or a SAW gunner won the game for your squad? The idea of squad action points can be applied also to other stuff like off map support or access to special abilities (more sprint, less suppression, etc.) The core idea here is to promote cooperation and to penalize unwanted behaviour.
  8. New mechanic for kits and team play

    With the comments above here is Variation 3: Points are attributed to individual and to the squad (let's say 40% to the individual and 60% to the squad). Each squad action will replenish the both pool of points. If the individual play well enough and if he dies a few times he will still have enough points to request the kit again. If he runs out he will need to request a "loan" from the squad pool that the SL controls. Each time a member does not have enough points for a specialty kit the SL will be prompted like we do for a vehicle with the type of kit, the member's name and the amount of available points available vs. the "loan" to the member. That way the SL can partially control the kit attribution and reward members that follow orders. If both pools run out, well tough luck, there is a very good chance that this squad should not be using specialty kits. However, to avoid total lockout, the squad pool of points could have a slow regeneration. I know this is a complex suggestion. But with data mining and statistics we can identify squads and individuals that don't play the game "correctly". The ideas that I am putting forward is not to block anyone... but to make them realize that there is a reaction to every action and to put more value in the life of their character.
  9. New mechanic for kits and team play

    That’s why the cool down timer, similar to the vehicles currently, is a good method also. I guess for programming is also easier to do. I was also thinking of a RPG like mechanic were this can be combined on a special SL/Comnander ticket pool to purchase kits and vehicles. But that idea is already out there... maybe on a special map layer for events. That could be nice!