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  1. Fire-team Radios.

    When fire-teams are assigned, wouldn't it be beneficial to have fire-team based communication instead of squad based communications? I believe that a feature like this would improve overall squad performance by allowing for a more organised communication structure. thoughts?
  2. Squadleader Roles

    Can you elaborate? because your makeing it sound like you want "squads" consisting of one or two people not contributing to the match while they roam around in a "sniper support group" doing jacks***. While bringing the team one step close to loseing.
  3. Squadleader Roles

    Exactly, I think it would be more praticle for server admins to set a specific amount of squads, but regarding Nauticas post it would be a bit harder for friends or clans to be in the same squad. Hopefully the devs have something in mind to fix this issue.
  4. Squadleader Roles

    Regarding the Squadleader Kit/Role, it has come to my attention that there are more squads than there are players in squads. An idea that would be suitable to counter this issue would be to have the option for servers to toggle on an option that would allow a squad to get full before makeing a new squad or makeing this a permanent feature for the game to enforce more of a coordinated game and not have a small group roaming around being a nuisance to the team.