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  1. Russian IFV's?

    Just because one is an IFV and the other is an APC doesn't mean that the Bradley is better by default. Besides, the Bradley is mostly composed of aluminium so saying that it has better armor isn't saying much.
  2. Russian IFV's?

    The problem that squad has with vehicles is that currently it feels like heaver vehicles like the Bradley and for some reason the stryker take a huge amount of damage to take out. As of recent me and my friend would constantly get out traded by strykers in a BTR-82 and we also got wrecked by a Bradley in our BMP2 despite us getting multiple side shots into the enemy only for him to face forward hit us with a TOW and fire a couple of rounds. Its feels as if the game is slowly becoming more and more casual. Its a shame that the devs refuse to add more module damage to vehicles because honestly vehicles shouldn't be about balance and should be more about its pros and cons. But I have some hope that someone will eventually make a mod on the workshop that would greatly improve vehicle combat.
  3. Irregulars ATGM

    Now that that irregular factions have gotten the BMP-1 with its 9M14 Malyutka ATGM wouldn't it be a good idea give the irregulars a deployable ATGM of an old soviet design. The reason i'm proposing this is because these factions don't have a long distance area denial of vehicles and relying on friendly vehicles to take out much heaver vehicles, which could jeopardize a strong defense.
  4. RPG 29 Arming distance seems too long

    Was playing a game on al-basrah today and I got on top of the hi-rise roof and there was a warrior below me and I put a rocket into it but it had not armed. I think the arming distance should stay but give HAT the ability to choose what type of launcher he gets
  5. GunPlay and Damage Rework?

    You make a valid point about the latency and hit registration issue but I stand firm on my point on the gunplay issue. I understand that full auto has a role in CQB engagements but semi-autoing in a CQB enviornment always gets undermined even if you get eyes on first and also land the first shot but only for you to get mowed down with full auto by the same guy you just shot.
  6. GunPlay and Damage Rework?

    I disagree, calling it realistic would be inaccurate to describe the current gunplay of squad. Why? because having someone turn around and fullautoing into you after putting two shots into him is far from "realistic".
  7. GunPlay and Damage Rework?

    As a long time squad supporter and frequent squad player, one thing that has been getting on my nerves is the way battles are dictated on a CQB level and the damage that is being outputted in general. Overall my experience with the game is quite enjoyable but as of recent I've been quite ticked off by the way a certain meta has taken over.The issues i'm facing range from run and gun up to overall carelessness from other players. The reason this bothers me so much is because Squad is a game of tactics and coordination and with the topic at hand I hope that my explanations are a valid reasons to rework these mechanics. GunPlay: Currently Gunplay on a CQB level revolves around the person who manages to put more bullets in their opponent as fast as possible. Because of this game-play aspect it rewards twitch shooting and spray and pray, something that should be reserved for sudden CQB moments(1-5 meters) and not overall close to medium engagements(10-50 meters). One instance I recently had in-game was me and my squad flanking an enemy squad, in which I managed to get my sights on an enemy SAW gunner and managed to but a bullet into him but for him to only turn and spray into me managing to down me. Now I know the devs have stated that they don't plan on expanding into gunplay. But I highly recommend that they take a second look at this gameplay mechanic, because i don't thing punishing players for proper shot placement should be a thing. Damage: Much like the gunplay mechanics, damage is something that should also be given an overview. The reason as to why i believe damage should be given a rework is because damage has very similar aspects to the gunplay mechanics in the sense that whoever puts the most bullets into the enemy as fast as possible wins. To emphasize my point is that its not how many bullets you put into someone but how fast you do it. Furthermore this brings up a further point i made about shot placement, there is no reward for properly placing your shots and taking aim. It only benefits twitch shooting and having your fire selector on full auto.In addition , I've had many instances where I have shot people at least two times and to no avail they just turn around and full auto into me. With that being said, I hope my points were concise and clear. And i hope that this topic manages to get to the devs.
  8. Fire-team Radios.

    When fire-teams are assigned, wouldn't it be beneficial to have fire-team based communication instead of squad based communications? I believe that a feature like this would improve overall squad performance by allowing for a more organised communication structure. thoughts?
  9. Squadleader Roles

    Can you elaborate? because your makeing it sound like you want "squads" consisting of one or two people not contributing to the match while they roam around in a "sniper support group" doing jacks***. While bringing the team one step close to loseing.
  10. Squadleader Roles

    Exactly, I think it would be more praticle for server admins to set a specific amount of squads, but regarding Nauticas post it would be a bit harder for friends or clans to be in the same squad. Hopefully the devs have something in mind to fix this issue.
  11. Squadleader Roles

    Regarding the Squadleader Kit/Role, it has come to my attention that there are more squads than there are players in squads. An idea that would be suitable to counter this issue would be to have the option for servers to toggle on an option that would allow a squad to get full before makeing a new squad or makeing this a permanent feature for the game to enforce more of a coordinated game and not have a small group roaming around being a nuisance to the team.