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  1. I seem to have around 60-90% range on both my 4 core's [email protected] Not sure where this myth of UE4 only utilizing 2 core's came from, but its funny nevertheless.
  2. G35 surround sound issue

    Think i fixed it here.. with dolby 7.1 on , whether i'ts virtual or not.. still sounds 100% better than stereo.. Here is what i did : http://imgur.com/mwxIC6h Check> turn on 7.1 virtual sound, this completely fixed the issue with 7.1 on.
  3. G35 surround sound issue

    That's odd.. when i switched it, it turned to stereo..
  4. Getting 50-70 FPS with a 1070 1440p

    EDIT : I followed @Skul guide here : And I have to admit, it did help regarding frames!! ( speed of pc also improved a bit,) I also overclocked the ram to around 2900Mhz from 2133Mhz. Could get it working on 2666mhz with looser timings.. and 1 Nanosecond faster than 2900mhz, stil.. 2900Mhz is too low to my taste's. In some game's 3600Mhz ram can be up to 20% performance. It seems its stable at 2900Mhz, with cheap cheap Crucial Micron sticks, ( without heatsinks ) This is done on a pretty cheap motherboard. Got pretty much the same with a TI. seems like everyone is hitting those frames in full server, intense teamfights. does not matter the setting i use.. i use 1.75x or 2.00x super sampling to get my gpu at 99% usage. dropping some settings yield maybe 6-7fps tops... but when your in the firefight/bottleneckfest it does not that much matter.
  5. G35 surround sound issue

    Had the same headset, now have a GP350 with the same issue. Stereo is the only way to fix it for now.
  6. GTX 980M only 22 FPS?

    Why would you use cpuboss. rofl
  7. Losing interest pretty quickly

    Suprised you are talking about ArmA 3, where the modders do all the work for them. ( not a bad thing at all ) ArmA 3 didn't have content for years, unless you are talking about the 3 joke DLC's inluding ( Karts ) lol.
  8. Also in chaotic fights?
  9. FPS: 40-101 on 72 full. CPU: i7-5820k 4.5Ghz GPU: Fury x Stock RAM: 16Gb GeiL DDR4 Potenza 2133Mhz Res: 150% Settings: EPIC, Post Processing off, Lense flare off, Eye adaption off. OS: Windows 10 Changing res scale to 100 doesnt help that much when you are in a teamfight anyways.
  10. Whats up with these Squares? (Screenshot)

    Fools road comes to mind. But i think this is very random. Since on the firing range, it occured a few times, but not always. Its very noticeable on the weapons/neck. So i guess as the dev said, ( Ark has this too with AO ). I also forgot to scale down AO to 0.0. from 1.0. Gonna see if i i still notice it in any servers/games tonight. Cheers. For the people who dont see it clearly.
  11. Whats up with these Squares? (Screenshot)

    Does not seem to occur in the firing range for some reason.
  12. Whats up with these Squares? (Screenshot)

    not for me
  13. Whats up with these Squares? (Screenshot)

    Doesnt work with AO off or on.