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  1. =MM=Magister mortalis admin abuse

    Sorry, but thats when i have to state that, that is false. You insulted me after me explaining the situation. By saying "your squad is shit", ""you are a squad of retards", etc... Lines that i dont want to mention because its lame. You finished your statement with, "-Bla, bla bla i end with you" and me getting instantly banned. Im not a moralist thats something that the admins should decide about your actions and what you said. I didnt want to say this but if you are stating something false, i say the truth.
  2. =MM=Magister mortalis admin abuse

    I am not meaning any "hard punishments", we have to solve this like adults that we should be and behave. I've been in your server several times with spanish speakers and admins from MM told me that i didnt have a problem, but at least the SL had to talk english. So why upscale something simple, im trying to be nice with the community and i dont want to lose that good vibes.
  3. =MM=Magister mortalis admin abuse

    I'm trying to downscale the situation, i'm not trying to make a joke of this Zekillex either. As i said i was talking politely to the admin, in this case anubisvalor, and he bumped me into mockery. I think this is something simple to solve, and i think you are not seeing the point.
  4. Me and my squad have encountered today an abusive admin. We were playing and one SL was kicked, i inmediately took the SL and one admin came, i started talking with him, i was surprised and i talked to him in a nice way explaining the situation that some of us talk english and obviously the SL talks always english. He was talking in a very rude way and insulting us, with racist lines and blaming us the lack of "skill". I tried to calm down the situation by saying that im sorry that some of my squad members didnt have the ability to talk english, and that we had to try to help us in the community by being open minded and not kick and ban an entire squad because, inside the squad my team mates were talking my native idiom. This resulted into me getting banned, for 1 month (that's what some of my teammates told me) and more of us got banned. I find it very disturbing that i had to find myself and my teammates in this situation and im sorry that i have to report this. I hope we get to a pacific solution and try to resolve this situation. Thank you for the support.
  5. Server admin scammer

    it was through PayPal, we are checking all the options to see if we can stop him to scam more people. Nad yes SuicidalChair that is his account. PayPal told us that they are aware that this guy is "tricky" it is no the first time that someone reports him. And still if you see him in squad is always on his server trying to see if people connects to it. He was catching some of our players without our permission to see also if he could make profit with them and the server. The guy who payed the 80€ was refunded by the man himself, but he did it because we are tracing him in this and he knows that if he does not refund the money he is gonna get in trouble.
  6. Server admin scammer

    Also you can see that if you click on his "new community" there is a paypal donation link attached.
  7. Server admin scammer

    Hello developers, I'm ThePsychologist, admin from the spanish community Squad Spain, recently we had contact with a person (THIS GUY IS CALLED <AHPOS> iSi7 ® ) who carried a server for us, "not charging money" only wanted some donations for the posibility to continue with the server. This turned to be a scammer because he was hiding information and donations that went directly into his account without our knowledge. One of our players told us that donated him 80€, thing that this guy didnt said to us. All the servers that he "hired" only lasted for weeks and the Ip changed a lot (which probably means that he is changing provider all the time or are trial servers). Said this, the guy who payed 80€ wanted to help our community (he was tricked by this guy disguising himself as an admin or an important person in our community), but seeing that he couldn't"make money" with us he created another community ( Squad Hispano ) to recruit new people to see if they fall into his tricks. Long story short his server is [ES] <AHPOS> SPAIN SQUAD. I would like to contact any admin to see if we can do something with this guy that is trying to sacm more people. Thank you for the help.
  8. [ES] Comunidad SPAIN - Viva la fabada asturiana!

    Me alegro de que haya un server español de squad, poco a poco vamos haciendo una gran comunidad jaja. Yo me animo a entrar espero que todos los demás jugadores españoles también
  9. I am having troubles with the performance in this map i can have a stable amount i certain parts of the map (about 36-50) and then suddenly having problems with FPS and mostly in certain parts of the map like the capture points that are on the north. I am gonna show you some screenshots to see if you can help me.
  10. Performance should be the top priority.

    I think the same, for me the primordial thing is to optimize the game and polish it. Indeed i am satisfied with the infantry, i'm having so much fun with it and the epic battles :D .
  11. Muzzle flash

    That's what i refer to :D
  12. Muzzle flash

    i have some real weapons too and depends on the weapon and the ammo loaded, but still im not saying that it should be implemented like a hollywood movie but something in between for not breaking the head if the developers. I always enjoy night firefight with tracers and muzzle flash.
  13. Muzzle flash

    Hi, overall is a great game but to get more inmersion for me it's essential for the weapons to have the muzzle flash specially when you are playing on night maps for me it loses realism. Thanks for your support guys.
  14. Map FPS issue

    i have nvidia settings (GTX 770) with an i7 2600k and 16GB of ram my problem is not with the ram or too much players or the smokes it is with some maps.
  15. Map FPS issue

    Hello, i am writting here because im having issues with various maps. Some of them work fine and i have an average of 40-50FPS, but some others like Khorat Antenna and other with forest like in russia (i dont know right now the name). It's rare because its like it wants to load the map but it stutters all the time leaving me with an average of 15-25FPS. Even i changed the game from HDD to SDD if my problem was related with my hard-drive. Hope you guys help me.