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  1. It's not Squad; it's the engine. The devs can't do much about it.
  2. Omg, another WW2 game? Isn't Battalion 1944 good enough.
  3. FUCK YES! I just wish we didn't have to get these contents piece by piece but everything one time, but that's how alpha is.
  4. And in closing, up your processor.
  5. An intel 6600? really?
  6. How realistic is cooking a nade? It's possible, but in real life no one does it.
  7. Message me when you're ready.
  8. The colors have no specific meaning, they are what you want them to mean. For instance, you may indicate by throwing a colored smoke grenade, signifying enemy location, wounded friendly soldier or to call in an air strike. The military normally briefs the squad so they can know what each color means, so when they see it, they can act quick.
  9. It's been a long road to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4
  10. Yeah, like a prefix.
  11. Well, I don't use Unreal, Unity all the way.
  12. I just wish this game had multiplayer. :(
  13. It would make a lot of sense because we would have Battlefield with a Triple A WW1 game and Battalion 1944 as a Triple A WW2 game. ^^