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  1. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    After some time away i decided to dive back into Squad again, only to notice my fps have taken a dive for the worst. Where i was getting around 70 fps on most maps some time ago, it seems that now i struggle to get over 50 fps with dips into the 40`s. Afterburner shows that my GPU usage is all over the place, usually not getting above 80%, operating around 60/70 with dips into the 50%. I`ve tried updating my driver, reinstalling squad, wiping my config files but it seems nothing is working. Anyone with suggestions?
  2. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Even after the hotfix, i`m getting terrible fps compared to the previous version. I deleted the Squad folder in the Appdata folder to reset the gx options, but i`m still averaging out on 40 to 45 fps in most maps while it was 60+ previously. My gpu usage is all over the place, spiking between 50% an 80 % but never hitting 100%. If it would hit 100%, i`m convinced my fps would be back at normal levels again. I doubt this can be a driver issue on my side as i already tried to switch between some drivers and i was getting the same results....
  3. Bluedrake's legitimately terrible Squad gameplay

    How can you resist that sexy feminine voice?
  4. Bluedrake's legitimately terrible Squad gameplay

    I find these video`s easy to masturbate to...
  5. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Memories of blasting that from my F4 Phantom while dropping napalm on the beach in the original BF vietnam :')
  6. Don`t know what to say about this game, other than i could saw it coming from miles away.... Besides not caring for one bit about the characters, the dialogs and story, the world is just so empty and bland, not just the environments, but the gameplay itself too, there just isn't really anything to do. The exploring isn't rewarding because there just isn't anything to find. Sure, you may find a neat gun in a box in a building but it doesn't feel satisfying at all. The menus are terribly messy and convoluted, and game also feels dragged in different directions. It feels like a survival game with no survival mechanics, a shooter with no challenges, or an rpg with no goals.
  7. Alpha 4 Released

    Is it too early to start the March update hype already? :P
  8. Loading Times Issue

    No idea, he spend about an hour trough teamviewer debugging EAC on my computer, then applied some fixes from his side and pushed out an EAC update which resolved the issue for quite a number of people. I believe the slow loading issues you guys are having over here is something that`s not related to the fix Knubbe did, but maybe its still in EAC....
  9. Loading Times Issue

    Maybe one of you guys here that is having the slow loading problem could go the same route that we did with the game not booting at all. Add Knubbe on steam and let him do a teamviewer session to debug EAC. He did it for me and the problem he found let to a fix that helped quite some people having the issue. It might or might not have something to do with EAC, but at least there is someone looking at it and digging further into this problem.
  10. Game won't start/launch

    I already added a picture of him in my wallet...
  11. Game won't start/launch

    I just finished a teamviewer session with Knubbe, and he managed to fix the problem on my part. Hope him debugging the problem will help you guys out aswell. Many thanks to Knubbe for his amazing service :D
  12. Game won't start/launch

    hey devs, you guys are onto anything regarding this issue?
  13. Game won't start/launch

    Done the above suggestion from Melbo, but still the game won`t run when i start it from steam. Running the squad_launcher.exe just boots up the game normally for me and allows me to play normally. Even Steam says i`m playing Squad after starting the squad_launcher. It`s weird that noone knows what has changed, i`d figure that the devs would know if they released some patch/fix for EAC or Squad i guess?
  14. Game won't start/launch

    I can confirm that running the squad_launcher.exe as administrator will launch the game normally and will allow me to play. It seems that running it trough steam is something that won`t allow the squad.exe to launch.
  15. Game won't start/launch

    The only thing that pops up in my taskmanager is the EAC launcher, after the bar loads, it dissapears and nothing happens. Memory load stays the same for me aswell. No Squad.exe appears in the taskmanager during this proces. I`m having people over in a bit, so i`m not in the position to sit down and go on a bughunt. I hope someone can hook up with you and see if this can resolve this issue. Thanks for getting back to us man... *Someone on the steam forums suggested running the squadlauncher.exe in the folder as administrator, this launches the game normally! Hope this is one step in the right direction....