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  1. When Medic Goes Down

    Yeah, it's the same for every squad member, not only the medics. Maybe the icons for teammates that are down should be different, like of another color (i.e. dark green) or better, crossed!
  2. The map size dosen't match the real size. Meaning that the player markers on the map are not placed where the players really are. Like there is a scale issue. Looks like it's only on the Y axis.
  3. Hi, Sorry if the topic has already been talked about, I didn't find anything with the search engine. I don't know if it's a bug or a feature but I can't go backward (by pressing S) while my ironsights are up and I'm pressing my "hold breath" key. I can move in any other directions but not backward.
  4. No backward when ironsights' up

    Yeah, I bind my walk key differently...
  5. No backward when ironsights' up

    Okay, yeah it works. I don't know if it's wanted by the devs though...