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  1. Okay, glad to know it's not just me suffering this. Ever since v9 I've been getting random lag spikes either during an intense firefight or when an explosion goes off nearby. It'll be a quick freeze and then everything recovers. I don't remember this occurring in v8.
  2. I've only seen one time where the U.S lost and it was probably due more to the team being ultra stupid than anything else. Every other time....U.S at minimum is all the way up to Market with no problem if not having pushed us back to the first flag.
  3. Can't stand the walled up Chora and Kokan is so boring in how it looks and plays out. Love Yeho for the large engagement and love Sumari for the infantry engagement. The others are good as well but Yeho and Sumari are the faves for me!
  4. Vehicles are just fine, players that have no clue what they're doing with them is the issue and unfortunately that is not easily fixed. The actual problem is folks trying to use vehicles like they're playing Battlefield, not using them strategically, etc. Folks trying to run right into the thick of the action with the BTRs and Hummers not realizing that those vehicles are not designated for such action (especially the BTR with a nice scoped main gun that can sit back at a distance for a reason). Plenty of vehicles sit back at main because folks don't know how to use them effectively so when they are destroyed quickly players either get too frustrated to bother instead of learning how to actually use the vehicles the way they're suppose to be used or just forget all about them right along with proper FOB placements, playing the objectives, etc. etc.
  5. I currently use a PS3 Navigation Wand for movement, reloading, running, going crouch or prone, and switching gadgets as I absolutely cannot stand using a keyboard for movement. In my other hand is my mouse, the combination is beautiful and I would not have it any other way! Eventually I'll be buying another Aimon Elite XB set (I had broken my wand in that set). Anytime I do fly (rare) I prefer a controller any day over a K/M set up.
  6. Yeah, can't say the processing hit and time to implement is hardly worth going into this much details.
  7. THIS At the end of the day the actual problem is folks bring the "Battlefield" mentality over to Squad (not even speaking on just the free weekend noobs, some continue to try to force Squad to play like BF and get wiped, upset, etc) in pretty much every aspect of their game play....that unfortunately includes the very important vehicles. Just last night I SMDH as a squad had TWO BTRs chasing down enemy infantry nowhere near an objective and BOTH got destroyed because they thought they could actually go right into the midst of those infantry squads and just wreck. They didn't bother with using distance for an advantage, no cover, no concealment, nothing....just blazing out there as the spearhead of an attack that actually was worthless. Then they actually couldn't process what happened. Now this is a pretty bad example BUT I see misuse every game by folks thinking they'll be able to just mow down infantry squads without any care on how they do it.
  8. Thank You...somebody gets it. Still would love to see this data showing that "majority" of Squad Players are having a "crap" experience. Then this nonsense about 50fps not being good for an.....Alpha, GTFOH!
  9. Don't even understand the point of comparing a 10 year old game to an Alpha....has to be the strangest comparison around regardless of both being tactical games. It's obvious one is going to be more complete and polished than the other. PR was great; I'm glad Squad's around since I'm ready for something newer than the old BF2 engine!
  10. Can't even touch PR anymore now that Squad is up with vehicles and lawd knows I've tried multiple times to do so and had to turn it off. Too many annoyances for me as the game shows its age, the only thing for me that PR has over Squad at the moment are helos which I can wait on. I'm more than satisfied with Squad now and been waiting for this for a long time!!! Loved PR and it's definitely a great game but I needed something similar but with updated graphics, UI, and not tied to the BF2 engine!!!
  11. I have an i5 and I'm doing great with 50-70 FPS so don't know what you're talking about. How old are i3 processors? Bringing up AMD processors don't really help given the poor single thread performance with those things universally and especially with this particular game engine. Then there's of course folks owning FX 6300s and expecting good frames. Unless you have the data on all users it would be hard (other than to try to bolster one's own argument) what's going on with the "majority" Exactly the same here, not even OCed yet and with a mere 7970 GPU and doing fairly well! Just hate when folks try to speak for all when they can only speak for themselves and those they know. This guy can't speak on Squad being "crap" for the "majority" because he couldn't possibly possess such data/knowledge but folks love to do that when they want to push their argument/perspective as absolute fact.
  12. I'm curious to know if this was a popular tactic in's amazing how many teams commit to it to their own detriment leading to a steamroll. Then there's the times where both teams have the idea so we get this silly battle where there's the advanced squads fighting the capping squads vs the other half that's doing the same thing in reverse. Really don't care for the tactic; I can see having an advanced squad to prepare a quick taking of the next cap in line if things are going well but this whole flag denial thing and flying across the map to attack uncappable flags is a strange one for me.
  13. Had this happen to me just last night on V7, at least now I know how to get out of it but then I just did a "Suicide".
  14. My best kills come when I get to mow down squads at my team's Defense Point with the AR without them being able to figure out where the hell I am all by myself giving enough time for my team to regroup to defend the point. Or there's the situations where I'm the last man on the Attack Point annoying the hell out of the enemy. Just too bad some SLs don't know just how lethal I am with the AR no matter the faction!
  15. I know V8 is coming with optimization...just don't know if it's going to be able to get a 6300 to run the game at 60fps. I had a AMD FX 9370 CPU that got 10-30fps on full servers (servers that were no higher than 55 players I'd get 20-40 fps). It'll be interesting to see just how much the optimization helps but at the end of the day AMD is not the greatest for CPU intensive games. I had to finally cross over and just get me an Intel CPU. Pretty crazy to think that the 9370 I had purchased was not even that much less than the i5-6600k I ended up getting but for gaming....a world of difference in FPS across the board of all games I play (wish I would have known what I was doing when I had purchased that 9370). I now get depending on the map 45-65fps on full servers and that's having the same GPU I had when I had my 9370. I can see Intel owners getting the consistent 60fps they want with V8 release but not sure about AMD, devs can only do so much to help.