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    Squad, obvsly.
  1. Thank god it's not only about the frags...
  2. Kickstarter Goals

    So just as I thought. Thanks for clearing it up.
  3. Every game has it's cheaters. VAC isn't that powerful either. Keep track of time and the server, if you have a specific player then maybe note his name, too. If it's a community server, report them to the admins. Wait until Easy Anti-Cheat will be implemented, things should be better then.
  4. Kickstarter Goals

    Hi all, I hope this is no extremely stupid question, but because I wasn't part of the kickstarter campaign to fund Squad I got to ask. Also sorry for my english, it's not my native language. There were some stretchgoals wich were not completed, like the british faction or helicopters. My question is were those stretchgoals aimed for the Early Access release or aimed for version 1.0? I know this might not be the smartest question but I just wanted to ask.
  5. Well, I did, within 24 hours of buying it. Gotta make your voice get heard i guess!
  6. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    I heard about Squad on twitch. One of my favourite streamers and some of his friends were backers, so they got to play the closed alpha, wich he was streaming exactly one time. Luckily i tuned in. Bought it soon after.