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  1. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU & #2

    Sadly even the RIP are abusing their rights without any warning or questioning. Thats really sad! Squad community is getting worse Loved it in the early days. I am never rude, i just love the game but this is going to ruin it... btw, that "server license thing" is failed due to the fact noone is observing the admins...
  2. Whats wrong with my Admins.cfg?

    thanks! but, this is where i copy&pasted my code from -.- my steamid is correct. i dont get it whats wrong with it?
  3. Hey guys, i am trying to make ma an admin on my server this is what i have in my admins.cfg: Group=SuperAdmin:changemap,cheat,private,balance,chat,kick,ban,config,cameraman,debug,pause,private,immunity,reserve,teamchange Admin=76561197960670031:SuperAdmin //8mmMauser i restarted the server several times but its still not working!? I had a server last year and i remember having same issues but i dont remember how i solved this problem. Can you help me? whats wrong here? Thanks in advance! 8mm
  4. Added steam server browser support

    is it working now? @Spectral
  5. Added steam server browser support

    do i have to download the soundtrack to get the steambrowser working???
  6. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    100.000 copies? maybe... but... http://steamcharts.com/app/393380 .... 24-hour peak: 778 ..... just ask yourself - why!?
  7. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    yaaay, another pre release test for an alpha update - what the fuck is wrong with this world?
  8. 55th Infantry Regiment is recruiting

    lol... next time go and look for a unique name brah!
  9. Added steam server browser support

    is this wortking for anyone? when will this be fixed?
  10. Added steam server browser support

    more than three months later - still nothing new here - any fixes on that? it never worked for me and my buddies! maybe u should fix theese basics before even thinking about a two class server-browser solution called "licensed server". i also saw many threads where clans were waiting for their license for more than three weeks?!
  11. Release: Alpha Version 5

    there is one - two pages before or so..........
  12. Squad Tracker and Web Server List

    thanks a lot for this!
  13. Release: Alpha Version 5

    i am really confused why there is a server license system going live as it is not possible to even join via the steam browser or join a friend on a server! why do we need such system? its breaking the community! i do have rent a server - as i am a lone-wolf-admin i see no chance to get the license for communities (or is there any?). do i have to cancel my server now - as i see it beeing empty a lot from now on!? i am really unhappy with the way we are going at the moment! -.-
  14. What do you think about the new gray scaled map?

    so is it wasted time to post here in the feedback forum? please be honest!