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  1. What you guys think. Some smoldering fires and smoke after alot of stuff has gone down? Different shades of smoke, depending on whats ment to be burning. Black, white, grey, brown. Especially when mortars come in and big explosions.
  2. losing my buzz

    I would say the recommended hardware would be a 3ghz intel i5 or i7 cpu. GPU Nvidia 580,670,770,860,960 equivalent or above. 8gb ram at least SSD
  3. Old Farts At War [OFAW] Recruiting for Squad

    I'll consider it. 29yo male
  4. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    Squad Vietnam: Awesome UE4 Jungle on next gen hardware............... Foliage destruction, terrain deformation, burning jungle, napalm m16a1, ak47, assorted ww2 weaponry, m60 traps, tunnels Is WW2 but 10 times better !
  5. V5 Hype

    Be more creative my friend, draw something cool. Not that duke forever style stupa God told me, The update is coming out on the 23rd
  6. V5 Hype

    But Muuum! I want it !
  7. V5 Hype

    A new day Dawns.............. No update..... "Ohhhhhhh..... MUM!!!!"
  8. V5 Hype

    Worrying wont help anything either.
  9. Vehicles dont have to be in every map, ever think of that? Stop worrying !
  10. V5 Hype

    u got me pr1ck
  11. V5 Hype

    I don't mind waiting, i honestly thought it would be out by now. Based on how the updates have come through since steam release. Happy to wait though, cos it means it will be better!
  12. I wish i knew how to fix it. I tried renaming the file and steam cloud is already disabled. Anyone help?
  13. V5 Hype

    A new day dawns......... A new day dawns...... A new day dawns..............
  14. Why Oh WHy Does No One Want African Forces !!!!!!!!!!! ?????????? I am Aussie and you'd think i would want that, which i do, but i really think the African Forces would be cool. It means Different Maps to what we have now to. Cool Green and afican red dirt maps. With those really really cool DARK evil looking soldiers, you cant get any blacker skin. With their cool Green cammo aswell.
  15. RPG operators, CALL OUT YOUR BACK-BLAST!

    COUGH!! cough!! Don't cross the road without looking! Dont stand on the train tracks as train is coming.... How bout not standing behind somone aiming a rocket launcher? What are you doing standing behind a rocket launcher about to fire? Are you trying to see what he is shooting at? Better off to stand next to him then.... DEERR Once he does shoot you are gonna probably get some bullets whipping over your way. Spread out? Nahhh lets all hang round behind the rocket launcher guy waiting for him to be shot at after firing.... "ohh damn i died trying to hang back behind him........" Must be rocket guys fault then.