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  1. I understand they don't have to tell people they are admins, but I was under the impression that Squad servers with the license (The ones not in the custom list) were held to a set of rules found here: One of which reads: " ~ Use the vanilla Squad gamemode rules so regular players know what to expect (will be important once modding is possible). " This is upsetting because the server is kicking players who are abiding by the game's vanilla rules, which as I understand is currently against the Server Licensing System listed above. When kicked the only reason give was as I quote (I do have screenshots): "Abandonment of agreed SL tactics and rushing first point after asked not to do so". If I am mistaken then this post is simply a warning to other's and my feedback of the server. I have over 500 hours in this game and I love it, and want to see it prosper, and that can't happen if new players are introduced to the game by abusive admins taking away a good SL for a rule that is against the Squad Core Rules.
  2. Just wanted to report an incident that seems to be a running trend as of late from this server. In a game on the new map one of the admins decided to kick our squad leader without warning only because they pushed the first enemy objective, an incredibly common tactic in the current game meta. The admins had no tags, never gave a warning, and only said one time not to attack the first objective to keep it fair (again not informing us they were admins), until about 1/3 of the way through the game when they just kicked our squad leader, decapitating our team and basically destroying the mood for everyone, including sending our squad into complete disorder for the remainder of the game. Both teams objected to the kick since it was unwarranted and even the reasoning behind it was total bs, and anyone who disagreed was then threatened with a kick. With the bugs, crashes, new players or just ignore order or troll, and difficulty of finding a decent Squad leader it's already getting harder and harder to really enjoy this game. We don't need unmarked admins abusing their power to ruin the game as well. I really love this game and it's a shame to see people ruining it because they have a little bit of power. This is NOT my first run in with the admins on this server at all. They are very often rude and over assertive of their "authority", kicking and banning people without warning or good reason. My advice would be to steer clear of this server. They do nothing but ruin the game for everyone trying to enjoy it. [When asked about it later, they claimed they can regulate the tactics however they want and actually pointed us to their "Approved Tactics" guide. This was not on a custom server, but one of the main list ones.]
  3. I'm waiting for a solution too. Before the last major patch the game was fine. I followed everyone's advice and deleted the two class files and it didn't seem to solve the issue, but it appeared to work itself out over time. Tried playing today and for no reason what so ever it would drop from 35 fps (well below the 50-60 I'm used to) to 7 and even utterly freezing at times. I haven't been able to pin down any one activity that causes this, as it will do it whether in combat or not. Honestly game breaking at this point to where I can't even play because every 20 seconds or so the game will just freeze for long enough for me to get shot in the head. Really frustrating. Any idea what might be causing this or how to fix it? AMD FX 8320 3.5ghz Octocore 8gb GDDR3 RAM AMD ASUS R7 280 w/4gb GDDR5 GRAM Any help is greatly appreciated. Also get the error code on exit, not sure if that is related or not.
  4. The game does not connect to the server

    I have tried logging into the servers from two different locations, and two different router set ups through different ISP's, exact same problem. I have no anti-virus at all installed currently, and all of the windows defender and windows firewalls are disabled. It doesn't seem like anyone has a fix for this, though I've heard of it just going away for a lot of people. I'm starting to think this is a game issue that needs to be patched.
  5. Connection to host lost - Can´t Join

    I have no anti-virus running, and have tried this on two different connections and I get the same problem every time no matter what server I try to join. Does anyone have a fix for this yet or can I just not play the game?