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  1. The game Squad is supposed to be semi realistic however, that does not mean a mini map should be included BECAUSE that would ultimately defeat the purpose of being careful who you shoot at. A minimap would show all your teammates around you or however far away your minimap may show, that is adding in a HUGE realism downgrade. Maps: Maps are a need in this game and i like how i can look at a map anytime. For the future it would be nice to have some sort of animation for pulling out a map, like an IN GAME actual map that everyone else can look at if you have it out, however to look at the map you must be crouching and the freelook feature, if added, could allow a very immersive way of looking at the map because then you could move your head around to look at the map. The map would be exactly like what it currently is however it would be in the actual game and not UI. (all the UI on the maps like units and FOB's and objectives etc, would all be on there) So basically a animation for looking at a map would be awesome and the ability for your friends or squadmates to look at it will you over your shoulder would be awesome. Back to the minimap idea for a second, a minimap would literally ruin the game because, like i said, it would show you where everyone is on the fly and that would be devastating to the realism factor of the game. Thanks for reading.