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  1. would like to know this also! I also noticed if you place it the a second floor you can see the wall on the first floor......
  2. Hi There, Since you can only choose certain roles depening on the size of the squad it can be confusing when you try to select a different role on a ammobox. I think players would be helped a lot if the roles are highlighted that can be selected and that there would be a text suggestion if you hover over kits you can't take (see image below). This idea can also be implemented for the rallypoint/vob/building materials. Like this post if you think this would be verry helpfull :)
  3. Yes this should be fixed soon :) Some idea's for a solution could be that you can choose sides when you enter the game and that you can not change side 30 min before the match end or with 150 tickets left. Good topic!
  4. 144 hz monitor support?

    I dont know if that works! In every other game i have to set it ingame.
  5. 144 hz monitor support?

    Hi There, Since i play on a 144 hz monitor i would like to know if there is 144 hz support for the game and how i can activate it? If not will you guys work on this for the future? Tnx Gotcha