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  1. V9 Performance issues anyone? Or just me?

    I think people need to start posting their system specs, when you say you're having FPS , stutter issues. Im starting to think this is an end user issue with settings to high for what your system can handle. I dont have the most top of the line rig, and run this game on max settings at 1080p and on the low end have a steady 40 FPS and at the highest 50 ish, with no stutter, or lag issues what so ever. Game play is quite enjoyable. even on maxed 80 man servers. if i lowered some setting i would easily get 60-70 FPS, but no need as i have no stutter issues or game play issues regarding FPS. Im running a digital storm Vanquish with Intel I-5 4570, and an nVidia GTX 970 on Windows 10.
  2. MRAPS?

    and your basing your bullshit off of 4 year old info. im talking about the current MTOE today. Units are NOT using Humvees as forward combat support vehicles. its unsafe in the IED environment we have now. JTVS and MRAP variants are the new vehicles and the Humvee will eventually be phased out completely. or most of our stores will be given to Afghan army units which is what they are doing now. MARSOC and ODA's are using these
  3. MRAPS?

    ok guy just look up the MTOE for units in afghanistan. if any unit commanders are using Humvee for Route recons and patrol in Afghanistan they are ****ing retarded and should be fired. Im sure Humvees are being use in support roles on FOBs, or rear echelons roles, but none currently are being used as tip of spear vehicles MRAPS and JTVs are in the role now.
  4. MRAPS?

    My last 2 tours in iraq no Humvee's were ever used. by 1st Cav div and 1st armored div. this was 2009 and 2011. currently in Afghanistan no HUMVEES are currently being used off the wire by US army personel.
  5. Russian optics (Kashtan 1p78, PO 3,5x21p)

    Russian AK74M with ribbed dust cover, and 4.5mm pined folding Stock. Same specs as my civilian AK74M minus the Take off polymer stock which i replaced with a russian triangle folder. youre an idiot. and the obzor and Rakurs sight which is Russian military issue is far better quick acquisition then the Aim point and Eotech sites ive used in combat with the army.
  6. MRAPS?

    are we going to see MRAPS? seeing as the HUMVEE is obsolete in the U.S Military and no longer used in combat operations. Why not just make the MRAP instead of the HUMVEE and Crows system?
  7. Russian optics (Kashtan 1p78, PO 3,5x21p)

    the military issued 1p78 is similar to the 3.5x21p. as the 3.5x21 is specific to the AK74 only. also the P0 has been used by Russian Bulgarian, and Venezuelan army in combat. its not a standard issued scope, but has been used. also AK74M "modernized" this rifle came from the Bulgarian Circle 10 factory. manufactured in 2016. so im pretty sure its a modern version of the Ak. anything else wikipedia?
  8. Why is the FOV terrible for the Russian optics? The 1p78 which is in game now has terrible FOV. And does not incorporate the soft plastic eye relief. Also are we going to see the PO 3,5 x21p for AK74M? With built in range funder? Which would be pretty usefull for long range shot. Here is a picture of my AKS74M with PO3,5x21p and the reticle and wide FOV. And range finder for standing 1.5 man targeto to the right and prone targets on left.
  9. Game got too fast

    How is that an issue? In real life the army taught us 5 second rush tactics. Sprint for 5 seconds drop prone cover and continue. Shoot move tactics are part of real life. I can sprint for 5 seconds with a 249 drop prone and produ,e very well accurate automatic fire suporession. It's not rocket science. Unless your a over weight fat body. This is very well achievable in real life army's. And happens in combat all the time.
  10. Sniper rifle damage.

    Top of your picture is a Chinese milled type 56. Original AK-47 were not milled until 49/50 . The later AKM variants adapted tin 58/59 the milling process. To tell the difference the indent on the receiver is the mill mark. All Milled AKM have a different buttock compared to stamped receivers. For reference. My AK 103 AKS-74M and, My Chinese type 56 at bottom
  11. Sniper rifle damage.

    the only difference is the easy of stamped manufacture. to 1.0 mm steel gas block and barrel improvments. AKM was introduced in 59 to modernize the old AK-47 so all AK manufactured from 59 to 1970 are AKM's which then was replaced by the AK74 for Modern Military use. so yeah i do know the difference.
  12. Sniper rifle damage.

    The current Russian DMR rifles are no different then the standard Ak74 or Ak47 (AKM). Bullet damage should be the same. The AK74 is a smaller round it uses 5.45x39 mm @ 60 Gr. the SVD uses 7.62x39 FMJ. The SVD has a longer barrel then a traditional AK74 or AK47 so typically longer range accuracy will be improved. but Damge to target/ knock down power should remain the same. as will standard battle rifle. 5.45x39 Velocity @60 Gr. most Ak74 ammo type. Cartridge designation Hornady V-MAX WOLF Performance FMJ HP Bullet weight 3.89 g (60.0 gr) 3.89 g (60.0 gr) Muzzle velocity 856.5 m/s (2,810 ft/s) 895 m/s (2,936 ft/s) Muzzle energy 1,427 J (1,053 ft·lbf) 1,558 J (1,149 ft·lbf) 7.62x39mm @ 122-154 Gr. Wolf Ammunition Ballistics Round Type Weight Muzzle Energy ft·lb Muzzle Velocity ft/sec. 7.62x39 FMJ & HP 122 1555 2396 7.62x39 FMJ, SP & HP 124 1495 2330 7.62x39 Soft Point 154 1514 2104
  13. What's the red thing on top of the acog scope?

    thats why the sight is more expensive then the gun its attached to :)
  14. Vehicle Brainstorming (Post Pictures)

    says the guy who has never been around a M2/M3 Bradley but thinks hes an expert on its capabilities.
  15. Vehicle Brainstorming (Post Pictures)

    My bad not T-80, Iraqi had mainly T-72M and T55/ T62/ Type 59 Chinese tanks.