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  1. Mouse offset

    Hi, my mouse is offset, I can't play it like this. I found a fix in a thread on steam: "To solve it you go to the game's .exe file, select properties, go to the Compatibility tab and enable 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings'. " Unfortunately, this won't work when I want to play the game on steam and when i try to play it without steam, it says that I have to run the anti-cheat so it won't let me join any servers. Steam is somehow required because of the anti-cheat software... So my question is, if there is a way how I can launch the anti-cheat without steam or fix this f****** bug. Thank you for your help!
  2. Bundeswehr - German military

    "op"? you mean my post? sorry i don't know about "op"
  3. Bundeswehr - German military

    I don't understand what's wrong with that. Every weapon I have written about, is/was used by the Bundeswehr. I think you haven't noticed the date when the other weapons in squad were produced... Most of them were built in approx. 1950-1980, so the weapons I have chosen are "relatively" accruate for that time.
  4. Hello, we already have some nato nations in this game, but I think the germans would fit very well too. They are using great armorment! In the following part of this thread I have thought about some weapons they could use on the battlefield, but remind, this is just a suggestion so I would be glad if you could help the dev's to offer them a great loadout. For the beginning I have G3 different equipments, you can mix them as you want. 1. Loadout: Squadleader: G36K + opticMedic: G36CRifleman, Recruit: G36KAutomatic rifleman: MG36Light Anti-Tank: G36C, Panzerfaust 3Marksman: G36V + opticGrenadier: G36K + AG362. Loadout: Squadleader: HK416 + opticMedic: HK 416cRifleman, Recruit: HK 416Automatic rifleman: MG36 + opticLight Anti-Tank: HK 416c, Panzerfaust 3Marksman: HK 417 + opticGrenadier: HK416 + AG363. Loadout: Squadleader: G3A3 + opticMedic: G3 KRifleman, Recruit: G3A3Automatic rifleman: MG 3Light Anti-Tank: G3 K, Carl GustavMarksman: G3 DMRGrenadier: G3A3 + G3 TGS I have seen the changelog of the feburary udpate (http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=82), there is a section about the G3A3, this could be a perfect base for the Bundeswehr! Dispite the fact that the HK416,417 and the G36 are relatively new weapons, they are using similar ammonition like the M4/M16/AK, so it wouldn't be unfair to use them. But that's why I have added the third Loadout :) I'm glad if you would write a comment and add/change some things. Thank you for reading this! Jaddow
  5. city maps?

    Unfortunately there is no "real" city map in the game... Will we get a (big) city map? :)