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  1. Console generation no more

    Thank you :) It was nice to have a discussion that was civilized and constructed instead of this turning into a shitfest... you were right to an extent tho... talking about VR and AR, Microchips doesn't really have anything to do with Cross-Platforming... maybe look at it like, connecting two different VR to play together? that could be cool as well.. anyway.. It was a nice discussion, I've said my points, you've said yours and I think it's come to an end :)
  2. Console generation no more

    It's a cool prediction (idea) of what the future might bring. but a Sci-Fi show doesn't prove anything really... But now you are definitely going off topic.. we are not talking about the future of VR, AR or Chips in our brains or PC's.. we are talking about Consoles Cross Platforming.. so let's return to the Console / PC Cross Platform topic.. it might not even happen... neither Sony or Nintendo has agreed or even talked about Cross Platforming with Microsoft..
  3. Console generation no more

    you actually did imply mobile phones with VR... AR is a different technology from VR... AR can be useful yes, VR.. Not.. VR is a luxury it's an accessory, you won't be seeing people with VR walking down the Street, I can see VR being a thing with PC Sticks, but you still need to carry your headset with you around... All in all.. VR is a cool technology, but it doesn't have much value except being a commodity and a cool toy... you are making a lot of assumptions for technology, but don't say any of this is going to happen before we can actually prove any of this, if Wireless VR out on the streets and stuff become a thing I'll give you an apology and let you be right, but don't begin to claim a lot of things you don't know whether will even happen or not.
  4. Console generation no more

    Why not just get the VR for an actual PC? why has it to be a phone? You'll still be walking blind.. so how are you going to go anywhere when you have it on + You have to carry the thing around with you... Think about it.. what benefits does VR for a Mobile Phone have? At all? It only makes the damn thing even more useless..
  5. Console generation no more

    But none of that has been confirmed or even talked about, the reason it isn't happening is because there is no economical value to it... why bother making a mobile phone a Desktop PC, when such already exists? why would you want a Mobile phone that is just a Desktop PC? What advantages does that have? You still need to carry a keyboard, mouse and other devices in order to play it like a Desktop PC.. and Still it's unessecary, a phone isn't a Gaming device like a Console or a PC, it's a entertainment device.. it's more targeted towards casual players rather than Gamers... so I don't think you'll ever see a Mobile Phone turn into a Desktop PC, just because it's unessecary and has no value on the gaming market at all... Phones will get more powerful, so will Desktop PC's, Laptops, Tablets and Consoles.. but if you really want a Mobile Desktop PC, get a Laptop...
  6. Console generation no more

    http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/remix-mini-claims-to-be-the-world-s-first-true-android-pc This is the closest we are to any Phone OS on a PC... and it's still a reworked version of the Android Phone OS, Called Remix it has all the Apps you can get for your phone... so your stick PC's are not Mobile Phone PC's... there is PC then there is Smartphones & Tablets.. way different...
  7. Console generation no more

    It will most likely run whatever you install on it, but keep in mind that UWP is a Windows exclusive, no-one talked about Cross-platforming to Mobile OS from a Desktop PC, that wouldn't make sense, I said you can already play with people who play on a PC from a mobile and vice versa to some extent, full cross-platform between all these devices wouldn't make sense. Another thing is the UWP requires you to develop a game in a very specific way in order for it to work on all platforms, you can't take Squad and port it to Mobile, simple reason is that Phones are not capable of running such a big game. Features of a Stick PC is still a "Stick PC" it is not a phone... So I don't know why you even bring Stick PC's into this, it's still a PC.. and it will be running Windows or Linux and MacOS if Apple makes a stick PC. It won't be running Android or IOS, because those are Smartphone Operating Systems... I get your point, but you don't understand what is being said, they will Cross-platform CONSOLES & PC's not Mobiles/Tablets/Watches with PC's or Consoles.. just because it's not convenient or practical...
  8. Console generation no more

    I never stated I worked for Microsoft, but I did my research before making statements and I seriously doubt you work for Microsoft either. also you are wrong Quoting from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Windows_Platform UWP is a part of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. UWP apps do not run on earlier Windows versions. Universal Windows Platform is a Windows 10 Architecture application platform, it has nothing to do with Android or IOS... Microsoft made UWP to target multiple Windows Devices, not specific OS'. If you add external Graphics components to a Mobile and keyboards, you make it just as useless as a PC.. there is a reason they are called Mobile Phones.. you'll end up making them into another generation Laptops.. So... they would be repetitive to the industry... why buy a graphics card, mouse and keyboard for you phone, when you can get a Desktop that is probably going to be cheaper and does the job Just as good, while keeping your Mobiles.. Mobiles..
  9. Console generation no more

    A mobile phone is not a desktop PC, PC stands for Personal Computer, a Mobile Device will always be that, you say they'll catch up, a PC will ALWAYS, be ahead when it comes to hardware, because mobile hardware needs to developed specifically for each type of phone. And you'd be wrong with OS market share as well, Windows 7 and Windows 10 is owning the PC market share, where IOS and Android is dominating the Smartphone market, but you can't stand here and say PC and Mobiles are the same, it's like saying a Fiat Picanto is just as good as a Lamborghini, just because they are both "Cars" like both Mobiles and PC's are "Computers" you are making a comparison that doesn't make sense. Phones can do many things a PC won't ever be able to like the ease of carry and the availability, but the PC will always be ahead when it comes to power, the phone is not even close to what PC's can do today... But this entire thread is leaving it's original topic which is Console - PC Cross-platforming.
  10. Console generation no more

    You are right, the mobile market is selling way more than PC's do, but the main reason for that is because people go out and buy a new phone every half a year or so... where as PC OS, they don't... I think you are reading your own post of the article wrong, because it never states the cross platforming to Mobile Devices and that market is very seperate, most Mobile OS, is casual plays, so you can't really intergrate PC or Consoles into the market.. I might read it wrong as you stated it, but keep in mind that Cross Platforming on OS is already a thing, many casual Mobile games can be played on a PC too, with mobile players, but I don't think we will ever see a full cross-platforming like Consoles and PC on Mobile OS. Microsoft has taken a lot of steps in the Mobile market, but they are not very popular amongst consumers, Microsoft knows this, they focus on the remaining source of revenue, which is PC and Xbox, so cross-platforming the two, even over to PS4 and even Nintendo, I will agree we might see some Mobile OS Cross-platforming with other portable devices, like the Nintendo DS and so forth... But looking at the Cross-Platform between PC and Consoles It's a vital move in the gaming industry as a whole, because it opens new possibilities for players. You can't really compare the Mobile and the PC market to eachother, they are so different on so many levels.
  11. Console generation no more

    This whole idea with cross-platforming being useless, it's really not... It will do more for the overall experience of players, some people prefer a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse.. Furthermore nothing is certain because it involves the other companies to agree and settle down about cross-platforming.. but this is not a really a marketing strategy or a matter of competing with PC... It's about letting different people connect and play as they wish.. PC isn't the overall master, because even PC has it's limitations that consoles don't... PC's in gaming needs to be upgraded down the line, where a console never needs an upgrade it keeps going until it goes out of the market.. so It's more a perspective of convenience rather than muscles, a console is more convenient than a PC because you buy it, play it, nothing more.. no need to worry about OS, Drivers, Hardware and so forth... so this whole thing with Cross-platform being pointless, it's not, if anything it's great.. it encourages people to connect with different brands and play together, rather than sticking to your own group.
  12. Police1013...

    There are quite a lot of upcoming Emergency type games... There is this game that is a spin on Emergency 4 called EmergeNYC http://www.emergenyc.net/ and there is another game developed on Unreal Engine called Modern Law that is doing something like Police 10-13 too.. http://www.modernlawgame.com/ So definitely interesting to see where these new games are going...
  13. What do you guys think of this?? Hit markers

    Suuure and let's put killstreak rewards in as well... bet that makes Squad better... No thank you :)
  14. Battlefield 1

    I haven't been a fan of the newer battlefield series... BF3 and up... but after Battlefield Hardline? No... fuck them... fuck their Battlefield... I am not gonna let myself get robbed...
  15. Broken limbs + perks

    Does the search function even work?