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  1. RED ONE - Squad Action-Cinematic

    Thanks! @XRobinson Yes very good idea! @desen Will make it less visible next time
  2. RED ONE - Squad Action-Cinematic

    I discoverd there was an admin spectate tool, so I just had to make a video. Hope you like the result
  3. Commander role

    I would love to see the commander role. Because all squads are just doing there thing. And commanding the squads is a full time work So you can talk to squad leaders to win the round as your team. Commander could launch artillery aswell
  4. There should be a heavier aim penalty when exhausted

    Jup, I agree. Have heavier aim penalty
  5. Performance should be the top priority.

    Its atleast not as bad is Dayz or arma
  6. Love this! It would be nice if we can hear the other SL's aswell trough the radio of the SL
  7. Yeah this would be nice
  8. Draw lines to objective on map

    @ChanceBrahh I'm not talking about the orange and Purple objectives at flags. When a SL set a squad marker (for example, "move"), then its ez to see. I really think this is a must
  9. Just like in PR, the map should have a line from your current position to the objective. Thinks makes the map alot easier to read, since sometimes you are unaware of the objective position
  10. Yesterday I played a match where we where very close to the cache. We where pushing and finally inside the cache room. I'm pulling out my incendiary grenade but then suddenly an enemy spawns right on top of the cache, 10cm in my face. Just like in PR, insurgents should be unable to spawn when there are US Marines inside the building
  11. Major FPS drop at coal entrance on Fool's Road. (45FPS to 17FPS) This probably has to do with the high polygon count instead of using a normal map
  12. 1. Draw a line on the map where your SL placed an objective point. So you know where to walk to, this will make the map alot easier to navigate. (Just like in PR) 2. Make the spawnpoints more clear, (Sometimes the orange dot is covered under other icons) 3. Add a small legend to the map, to make it more clear what the icons mean