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  1. Female soldier models

    I'll remind you you look like this I stand by all my comments
  2. Female soldier models

    you haven't provided any evidence either? my claim is that women don't fight in infantry frontline units in significant enough numbers for it to be realistic or worth the hours to implement them in Squad, feel free to post something that contradicts this you're either being disingenuous or you're legitimately stupid, I have a fairly good idea of which one it is
  3. Female soldier models

    a war between major powers doesn't mean it's a total war, even in WW2 women didn't fight outside of extremely limited numbers in the Soviet forces Zylfrax doesn't have a point, race and gender aren't related at all in a contemporary military context Squad should aim to be as authentic to the forces they're representing, if you don't understand that I don't think this is the game for you
  4. Female soldier models

    100 KIA is about 1.5% of the total US KIA in the Middle East post 2000 if we're talking actual in the trenches, shooting and getting shot at on a regular basis, going out on patrol and offensive operations (i.e. the roles that are present in Squad) it would be extremely uncommon to see any females, you yourself admit women mostly work in support roles maybe (big maybe) you'd see a female combat medic on patrol in a relatively safe area that being said it would be cool if we could find a way to have these support roles represented in the game somehow, either through NPCs in main base or VAs for commander abilities race and gender are completely separate, another overwritten redundant post
  5. Female soldier models

    I don't even know what your first sentence means how in the world would the game be more realistic if you could choose to play as someone who isn't actually in combat?
  6. Female soldier models

    so more factions and roles that aren't in the game? of the over 1 million US army personnel, less than 100 (think it's closer to 30 iirc) are women who are qualified to fight in infantry combat roles, that's 0.0001% if you wanna put a female VA in to call in drones/artillery/whatever then cool but if this game wants to have any shred of authenticity player should not be allowed to pick their gender
  7. Female soldier models

    if by past 1-2 decades you mean past 5 years and in extremely limited numbers (note I used the term "generally speaking") then sure if you want to have 0.5% of the soldiers on the US and UK sides be female then that would be fine, but giving every player the ability to customise so we have female Insurgents running around is just silly
  8. Female soldier models

    so include them where it makes sense?
  9. Female soldier models

    generally speaking females don't fight on the front lines, I'd prefer the game stay authentic to this
  10. Buddy rally poll

    but that isn't more interesting, it just means the logi driver has to take a longer route in the end he's still just driving a truck, it's hard enough to get one squad member to do a 5 minute logi run, it will be impossible to get 3 for a logi + escort on a longer route
  11. Buddy rally poll

    this is an awful idea and the suggestion that the increased threat of getting killed while doing logi runs would somehow make them more interesting is beyond parody
  12. The Wrench, May 2019

    yes, pretty sure that extends to factions too
  13. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    there is already a low stamina aim penalty
  14. a new scoreboard stat for taking enemy tickets

    iirc the devs already have plans for more stats at the end of the round I think it's time they prioritise this, vehicle kills especially are needed I'd prefer they go back to PR's system of having stats available during the round but with a 5-10 minute delay, but I doubt this will happen