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  1. I don't know how many times I have to say this it's completely fine for big maps to not have mortars on them, we don't need them constantly saturating the map more explosives are going to be added with MBTs/IFVs, attack helicopters, commander artillery and CAS, HAT kits, combat engineers, TOWs etc., the last thing this game needs is mortars constantly going on every single point
  2. they both fire ~800 rpm iirc
  3. I just said not every single map needs mortars constantly going
  4. while I agree there needs to be map specific balance (for more than just mortars), you don't actually need to have mortars on every single map
  5. global limit of 2 it's that easy
  6. The logi leaves the FOB to go back to main and come back to the FOB
  7. no one would ever opt for the tracking device because it would be useless 99% of the time this whole issue doesn't matter, if you put an IED on a logi chances are it was at a FOB anyway
  8. have you considered that maybe you were just going slow?
  9. Are you suggesting they don't? Allocate resources where they're going to be used most efficiently, i.e. weapon modelers model weapons and map designers design maps
  10. none of the sights or optics are final
  11. don't think Squad invented medics
  12. people who bitch and moan about the Marksman class SLs who think their shitty leadership is beyond question Americans
  13. they should add in a special German INS version where instead of searching for weapon caches you kick down doors looking for people posting their naughty opinions on twitter
  14. or just make claiming a vehicle tied to rank
  15. it's a dumb idea