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  1. What is Squad?

    I am referring to Join Operations these two head cases go on about it constantly as if anyone knows what it is suggesting Squad started as anything but a PR spiritual successor (a term I hate) is pure delusion
  2. What is Squad?

    no one played your shit game and I have no idea why you two boomers keep going on about it
  3. Randomized Vehicle Respawns

    how would randomising the spawns stop people from waiting at main?
  4. he's not getting carried at all, most of the time I'm his SL he just has great FPS skills
  5. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    it doesn't matter whether it's a promised feature or not, it's a realistic feature that other games have been able to implement, there's no longer an excuse this is also part of the problem, when we ask for the features that were promised we're told they weren't actually promised, when we ask for any other features we're told to only expect the "promised" features
  6. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    It's not so much the direction but the total lack of direction, we have no idea what the devs want this game to be and what will be included in 1.0, it's clear we're moving further and further away from PR and I hope at this stage someone will make a PR mod for Squad Progress has been slow, v14 coming so quickly is a step in the right direction but we still don't have weapon resting (Post Scriptum has this) or 100 players (Hell Let Loose has this), not to mention all the roles we're still missing There is also a total lack of a core experience in this game, we have so many maps and layers that half of them never get played
  7. SIGINT should be in the game.

    it makes more sense for proximity chat because you're not really going to be in discord with your whole team
  8. Alpha 14 Released

    vehicle torque has been broken for ages now, no idea why they haven't fixed it also no idea why they still haven't updated the Russian marksman
  9. SIGINT should be in the game.

    everyone would just use discord then
  10. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    at this point the game lacks a core experience and doesn't know what it wants to be
  11. it's really mostly just FPS skills I have a friend that get top kills most games and he only started recently, he barely knows any of the mechanics, rarely communicates and doesn't really play with the Squad either
  12. Nerf on MRAP Toughness

    the longer view distance makes the MRAP even better, I don't understand your argument they should be faster and better off road, vehicles in general are a total pain to drive, the MRAPs are these weird IFVs at this point
  13. Nerf on MRAP Toughness

    they don't need to be more lethal, they're transport vehicles HUMVs went down in one HEAT rocket in PR yet everyone still used them
  14. Nerf on MRAP Toughness

    make vehicles more lethal
  15. Nerf on MRAP Toughness

    I agree, they feel like APCs and a waste of ammo if you're LAT or HAT the game needs more lethality in general