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  1. Scope periphial zoom

    fairly sure there is already a PiP function, insurgency sandstorm uses PiP and is UE4
  2. Scope periphial zoom

    it would require SLI'd 1080 ti's lol it's not going to be in the game, they have already tried it at best it would be a graphical option, which no one would use because it puts you at a disadvantage
  3. Asymmetrical Grudge Match

    100% this insurgents have no place in AAS, should be Invasion and INS only trying to balance them otherwise can only result in either underpowered conventional factions or overpowered insurgents
  4. Small urban map/make hole in wall

    it's a technical issue as nice as it would be to have R6:S level destruction in a 100 player game it just isn't possible
  5. Logistics Mechanics

    yeah we definitely need helis landing all over the place to fake people out a crate system is far better and is proven
  6. 1 Hour

    what if some sort of side objective could spawn? something that would reward quick thinking and give people a reason to leave their defences maybe a cache that's worth some tickets, maybe it could be exclusive to the losing team or only the losing team knows its location
  7. Weapon Recoil

    good thing there aren't any unlimited sightlines in the game
  8. just do what BF4 did and make them a rogue battalion also bring back MEC
  9. Weapon Recoil

    the view distance was 500 metres, which is pretty far beyond the effective range of a 4x optic it's not really a balance issue if everyone has them, insurgents shouldn't be in AAS anyway
  10. Helicopters and Jets

    there's no reason it needs to be infinite
  11. [WIP] Karbala

    I don't think you can own the shape of the buildings, the actual asset sure but recreating the asset should be perfectly fine don't think PR has any sort of claim to anything, though not sure if that's the case
  12. Helicopters and Jets

    I get that, but the actual firepower of the jets is not that much outside of targeted strikes against vehicles I can see why that may be a balancing problem, but I definitely don't think it's an unsolvable one
  13. Weapon Recoil

    it worked fine in PR, just give all conventional factions 4x on pretty much every class would help if we didn't have so many pixel hunt centric maps yeah that could be why gunplay definitely needs a rework, it's pretty far below other shooters in the genre
  14. Helicopters and Jets

    jets really aren't that powerful I'm not sure what you guys are on about, they were balanced fine in PR
  15. Weapon Recoil

    go ahead and find me a picture of british soldiers in an active war zone without long range optics