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  1. Game freezes on loading screen

    Found the solution. Close any programs such as GeForce Experience, Plays.tv, OBS, etc.
  2. Game freezes on loading screen

    Lol hope you're being sarcastic. Dunno what you would want me to upgrade to while running on an i7 4790K GTX 1080 Ti 16 GB ram. That's not the issue and btw I am getting this shitty problem again.
  3. 2 sergeants per squad

    That's my point. With a smaller squad we only need 1 squad leader.
  4. 2 sergeants per squad

    Better yet why not lower the amount of people per squad?
  5. Game freezes on loading screen

    I know this is an old topic but I had this same problem out of nowhere. I couldn't find my Documents folder (it literally isn't there) for Squad but I did find the EAC anti cheat. I deleted that folder in AppData and then set my game to "-windowed" in launch options. Not sure which fixed it, but my game worked afterwards. Verifying the cache did nothing for me so to anyone else with this issue please try doing the 2 things I did.
  6. Low FPS

    I get 40 fps with an i7 4790K, GTX 1080 Ti, 16 GB RAM.
  7. Backer Tag Redeem!

    It was working before, why is it gone now?
  8. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    The conclusion was no, NVIDIA Does not ruin your performance purposely with drivers.
  9. Official Squad Forum Alert Level

    We are definetely on LOL.
  10. Backer Tag Redeem!

    When will the credits be added?
  11. Alpha 3.8 Hotfix

    When can we get our Founder tags
  12. Picking up kits

    I am really hoping they add the ability to pick up kits real soon otherwise I'll be dissapointed. I don't see the point in keeping it how it is now.
  13. What am i suppose to do!? Refund Pls!!

    That sucks lol
  14. Closed Alpha Follow Up

    Very excited for what's next.
  15. As the title reads, I bought the Squad Leader tier package from the site for $70 and I paid through Paypal but it didn't ask me anything else and I have no way of receiving a pre-alpha key or anything like that. Is there something else I need to do? Never mind, found my answer here and I'm quite bummed out that I have to wait. Missing out on the gameplay.
  16. Bought Squad Squad Leader Edition ($70 USD) - Now what?

    I seen some people with the Founder tags. I bought the Squad Leader Tier but don't have mine yet. Do I have to enable it somewhere?
  17. That's disappointing to hear but it isn't a surprise that there are some assholes. As a Squad Leader I would always help out anyone with questions so that the squad can work better.
  18. Closed Alpha Announcement

    After waiting for quite some time I can finally fulfill my urges to play this awesome game very soon. See you all on the Battlefield!

    I just bought the Squad Leader tier and I'm very dissapointed to find out I have to wait weeks to play.
  20. ]CIA[ Gaming

    Indeed it's good to see everyone here. Greetings from a former ]TAR[ member.
  21. Access to the closed beta. - Yes I think this is a very good idea because you're allowing people that show the most interest in your game to actually take part in development testing. A lifetime reserved slot on all of Squad's official game servers. - As previously stated in a post, I think this will be a waste of server slots as there will be a tremendous number of slots being easily wasted as there is no guarantee these players will actually hop on the server everyday and it doesn't seem realistic with the amount of people you would have to be giving this perk to. Attendance at a certain number of periodic round tables and play sessions with the developers. - This sounds fine to me. Physical goods (T-shirts, posters, etc). - This sounds fine to me too. Get an AI named after you. - I like it as long as the AI faction fits the name of the person. Example: You're not going to have a taliban AI named Frank Smith lol. Get your name in the credits. - I see no harm in this either, I support it.