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  1. How many will be moving from SQUAD to Post Scriptum?

    Not buying Post Scriptum unless someone gifts me it. Think about it this way. Post Scriptum isn't really do almost anything "new" or "from scratch". They are taking most of the work from squad's gamemodes, and just improving them in their own ways, not really making too many new modes. Also, they are directly copying squad's v10 animation system instead of doing their own. It's basically a copy/paste WWII shooter adding in tanks. I think it will be a no thanks from me.
  2. Squad's gameplay just feels basic still compared to PR

    I personally don't like to compare PR to this game. They are two different titles. Let them do their own thing in this game. Everyone needs to stop demanding a PR re-skin in the unreal engine.
  3. Alpha 10

    I miss V9 already.
  4. Tips, pointers? What are some things you do differently/similarly? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1196238313
  5. Marker restriction is absurd

    The whole point of having the SL role is to take on certain responsibilities that other roles do not have. this is one of them. Let them do their job of marking the map
  6. Varying Vehicle Speeds?

    Is there a way to config different vehicle speeds or will this be a future feature?
  7. Progress updates.....

    You must not read the thorough articles they post...
  8. Welp, I have no modding/SDK experience, but if that could be a thing, that would be cool! Maybe Squad Ops will do it.
  9. Got a little too excited. Can't help it 700 hours in, still love it

    Knowing me. Yeah, I was sure that was going to happen as well.
  10. Rally points like in proyect reality

    I'm going to be "that guy". I don't like how a lot of people that come on the forums to post stuff compare everything from SQUAD to PR. They aren't the same thing. Let the dev's go their own way. If you don't like it, fine. But don't keep posting stuff like, "can it be more like PR".
  11. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    FOR THE EMPIRE. Every. Single. Time.
  12. Just what the title asks.Do I have to join someone else's server/buy my own, or is there some command I can use for offline testing?
  13. What Role Do Females have in Squad?

    What is this guy saying. Can't understand a word he's saying
  14. Why does the 30 mil fire super quickly now (at least on firing range?!) It was already OP. Now it shoots what seems like 3 times the speed it shot before pre alpha v10
  15. V10 (for the most part) was love at first site. Literally. And speaking of first site, the MAIN MENU IS SUPER AMAZING! I love the music, the background/backdrop (whatever you want to call the "main menu screen") and the different camera angles you get from switching from "Firing Range" to "Settings". Will there be multiple main menu backgrounds/scenes that we can switch to? I know this isn't a priority, and many people may not even care, but I like the little things in games.
  16. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    This is what I needed to see to believe it. Thanks. Man, that just seems crazy fast for such a big round. That's amazing.
  17. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    This is what I found....
  18. POLL - v10

    To be fair, if you don't give your voice/feedback, you got nothing to complain about. Since you contributed nothing to the discussion.
  19. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    so the kind of BOOM. BOOM. BOOM that it made before wasn't realistic then?!? I don't know any history behind the vehicle, but I guess I would have thought a caliber of that size would have had the fire-rate it had before the v10 update
  20. Alright you blueberries, FeatherSton3 here. Today I'm going to waste probably 30 minutes of my time writing this because I can. If you read it, cool. Here we go (take some of this with a grain of salt. All of us have different preferences. These are just some of mine): Squad Leading. It definitely isn't one of those, "First time playing Squad, I got this" roles. It takes knowledge and (some) experience of the game. Personally, I didn't squad lead until about 40 hours into the game as I really just wanted to get a feel for each class (getting a feel for each class also allows you to be more effective in commanding as a squad lead as you know where to position each fireteam role in your squad. I.E. You don't ever have medics on the front lines) Maybe some of you have tried squad leading and didn't really like it. That's fine. I would however encourage you to try it again after I'm done writing this super long essay that nobody will read all the way through. In no particular order, I'm going to put down some pointers, tricks, and guides on how to be a "FeatherSton3" squad lead (that's me!).BEFORE THE GAME STARTS - Create a squad as soon as the round starts. If you really want to be an SL, don't wait to see if others are creating squads, just do it. This gives you more time to plan for the round. Adding on to the point above; do mic checks before game starts. Personally, 90% of the time someone doesn't have a mic, I kick them. I need communication, and quick. I don't have time to keep checking the squad chat every two seconds. I have enough stuff going on. Somewhere in here you may want to see if people are new to the squad. That way they don't take important roles. Tell everyone what role you want them to be. You got more than 7 people? 2 Medics please. I don't want marksmen. To me, they aren't useful. If I have someone that instantly goes marksman, I will ask them to change. If they don't? Kick. I usually prefer 2 LAT's and AR. During this time, you have hopefully been squad lead chatting with other SL's. Now it's time to tell your team what the plan is. If you are only taking Logi, don't have more than 4 people spawn. Tell them to hold spawns and you will get a rally down as soon as possible. Mark the vehicles you are taking from main with enemy icon markers so other squad leaders do not take your vehicles. EARLY GAME - This part is when you get a feel for the newcomers in your squad; to see how responsive they are. Ask them to do simple things: Come to you for a rally, do a logi run, hold this position, dig a HAB, build sandbags, etc. This is also the part where (mostly) you will find out really quick how useful your other squad leads are. They aren't communicating anymore? They didn't go to the position they said they were going to? You are probably going to lose. COMMUNICATION/TEAM WORK - This is a big one for me. Even more important than winning. If my team is effectively communicating and we lose, GREAT! Adding on to this, if you aren't communicating with your squad, you aren't an effective squad lead. Listening goes both ways. Yes, you are the squad lead, but you also have people in your squad (either because they love you and join your squad every time you create one, or because yours was the first open) to listen to as well. They are trying to tel you enemy positions. A simple, "copy, marking" will do. Acknowledge them. Take suggestions from them. They are just as important as you. This is going to be a little challenging if you are new to squad leading since you will have local chat, squad chat, and squad leader comms going all at the same time along with gun fire. First and foremost, communicate with YOUR squad first. Keep communicating with other squad leads. Make sure to wear down your number pad keys to talk to SL's individually if something doesn't pertain to all other leaders. Keep your squad in the loop on enemy positions. Update your "Green Eye" marker constantly. Need them to build? Update your "Green shovel" marker constantly. Don't have rogue squadmates (partly why I don't like marksmen). Keep using your map to check your squadmates positions. If they are too far out in front, tell them to come back. Give your squad encouragement. "Good job guys, good job squad" They should be noticed. (Don't use 'squad chat' for things that don't pertain to the whole squad. It unnecessarily clutters comms). SQUAD LEAD RANDOM TIPS/POINTERS - If possible, build the FOB (radio) as far from the HAB as possible. Not only will it take longer for the enemy to find the radio, but it will also prevent the spawn timer increasing at the HAB. Timer only goes up if enemies are near the FOB If you are on defensive, KEEP PLACING FOBS! If your attacking squads need to fall back, they need someone to spawn that isn't at main. Keep medics behind the lines. Everyone once and awhile I see Rambo medic, and that's not who I want being my medic. (Who are they going to revive if they are shot first?!) If you are a defending squad, place your Rally near your FOB, because rallies disappear if enemies are nearby, this will allow you to detect enemies near your FOB without actually having to have "eyes on" Constantly update your rally. If you are about to place a new one, but you hear enemy gunfire close by, fall back. Chances are your rally timer will reset because enemies are too close. If playing as non-conventional forces (Russia, US) do as many logi runs in the early part of the game as possible. The longer the game goes on, the more IEDS and mines the enemy will have layed down. Place multiple "Green FOB" markers to give your vehicle drivers a better sense of direction on where you want them to go. Sometimes, it's best not to engage the enemy. If you need to sneak around, tell your squad to hold their fire. Playing infantry only maps? Have two squad leaders, with one squad member each spawn and take logi while everyone else holds spawn. This allows the placement of two quick rallies to get multiple bodies into the action quickly. Playing on the same server constantly can help you become acquainted with other players/squad leads who also play on the server, making the squad leads and squad mates more predictable. You can build on top of peoples heads. Use this to your advantage. Be confident. Be vocal. *NON SQUAD LEAD TIPS/POINTERS - Placing IEDS on vehicles without blowing them up will allow you to keep constant track of the vehicle on the minimap. Spotted an enemy HAB? Undig the HAB until only the metal stakes are sticking out of the ground. Not removing the stakes ensures the structure is still there, meaning the enemy cannot place a second HAB without rebuilding the HAB, or destroying their FOB. Driving a Stryker? Turn off the engine. This baby can coast, silently for a long time. At the end of the day, you may read this and still not want to squad lead. That's cool. Some people just don't like squad leading. I know some of this information is probably old to most, but I wanted to give some insight and some of the things I like to do as a squad lead. Have fun with all the new Steam friend invites. Happy Squad Leading! Add Me On Steam
  21. Rush Meta flag cap?

    Just read the recap and have a question. If there are 5 friendlies rushing enemies first cap point and one enemy, does the cap point take longer to cap than if there were no enemies, or does the amount of players trying to stop an uncapable point not matter?
  22. Rush Meta flag cap?

    I hope that changes after the update. Then it would give middle ground between no rush and meta and rush meta. Getting the best of both worlds, in my opinion
  23. Rush Meta flag cap?

    I know this statement to be false from. just reading the recap. You might have missed that part