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  1. Rush Meta flag cap?

    I hope that changes after the update. Then it would give middle ground between no rush and meta and rush meta. Getting the best of both worlds, in my opinion
  2. Rush Meta flag cap?

    I know this statement to be false from. just reading the recap. You might have missed that part
  3. Rush Meta flag cap?

    Just read the recap and have a question. If there are 5 friendlies rushing enemies first cap point and one enemy, does the cap point take longer to cap than if there were no enemies, or does the amount of players trying to stop an uncapable point not matter?
  4. November 2017 Recap

    Yes! So happy about this stuff
  5. @LaughingJack I'm just going to respond to the question in the first paragraph (assuming I understood it right). Only servers follow certain OWI guidelines are listed under "server browser" so no server that does a custom map can be under that browser, it would be under custom servers. Please correct me if I'm wrong
  6. Was gonna come here to post this. Sorry for plagiarizing. Agreed.
  7. Squad lead

    I got to this weird point where a little while after I first started squad leading, no one would squad lead, so I did. I got tired of doing it but pretty soon my mentally changed from, "I don't really want to do this, but no one else will" to, "I actually like squad leading" now I basically squad lead 90 percent of the time and I love it (for the most part). I still get the frustration of playing with other squad leads that, per my opinion, are terrible and don't know what they're doing, but that's the love hate of the game
  8. I think it's only for solo play?! otherwise if you have rented/have a server box, I don't think you would have to be in shooting range first.
  9. Faction teamup..

    Good idea, if it doesn't hinder performance
  10. I have an i5 6600, gtx 1060 3gb. Whenever I use my binoculars on this map, my frames drop down to about 20 fps. it's crazy.
  11. Sometimes I have this problem, sometimes I don't. I don't think it's a problem with militia/insurgents. However, I believe Russian vehicles auto rest turret position to 12 o'clock. This isn't helpful if you have the gun aimed a certain direction only, have to hop out for a rally and then hop back in to the gunner seat set back to 12 o'clock and you end up getting killed from the position you were looking at. edit: can an admin change the title to re-entering and not rendering? mobile autocorrect...
  12. "FUBAR" Using only FOB's

  13. http://gametactic.org/squad2?room=xWqpWuuMZeJG06 I have two spawns for RU to make it as even as possible, as the complex the US spawns in as a tad shorter of a walk/run for infantry. Back RU spawn is meant for taking the logi. One point is on the Hill above in the fort One point is in the tunnels Not AAS since there's only two points (and they are basically on top of each other) and no one would probably ever cap both.