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  1. too blurry

    Part of the blurriness I encounter is from the game, but I would say also at least 50 percent is from my monitor. Don't have the greatest monitor, but I've tried to adjust the settings the best I could to make the game more enjoyable for my eyes.
  2. Animation System Update

    Keep up the work guys! Loving these posts!

    Favorite server
  4. More Map commands for SLs

    I like the idea of having a team map but also a separate SL map (I.E. Press "M" once to open up map, press "M" a second time to open up SL map if squad lead).
  5. Was thinking it would be cool just to add to the immersive effect of the game by having things such as: - Radio chatter in humvees - Radio chatter coming from SL's radio pack - Gun noises in the distance (outside the map) - Sound of wind/Rain - bridges creaking - fences making noise when you hit them (Have 500 hours in this game, can't remember if this is a thing already, sorry) I could go on and on. You get the point. Probably not a huge priority, but one I would assume wouldn't be hard to implement. Just some little things to make it more immersive. What do you think?
  6. Night map?

    It's because not a lot of servers have it in their rotations, unfortunately. I have played it only twice since and have over 500 hours in this game. Still super fun! It adds a whole new layer of strategy, in my opinion. It's super hard to see people (especially if you don't "cheat" and turn up the gamma). But seeing tracers fly is so satisfying. I agree, they need to add more night versions to maps, or better yet, a map that solely has a night version so it's harder to memorize the layout of the map.
  7. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    Hey @Gatzby, have you dev's/employees been in contact at all with the guys making Hell Let Loose?
  8. Music!

    Released last night. My freaking boy!
  9. Just Alt-tab and watch YouTube or something
  10. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    Back it earlier last week. Three games I'm interested in: Squad, Hell Let loose and post scriptum. Side note: One of the best trailers I have seen for a game
  11. Cooldown for Giving Up

    This has been discussed numerous times in this section already. If you wanted to bring it up, you should have made it less of a generic statement and question.
  12. Will we have a desert flat map one day ?

    Guys, OP probably mean's something like THIS
  13. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    [All] I-Saw-You: Dammit. [All] OmgILoveCats: What? [All] I-Saw-You: I'm stuck in a humvee. [All] OmgILoveCats: Lol. Loser. Where are you? [All] I-Saw-You: C6-4-4 [All] OmgILoveCats: Brb. *2 minutes later, I-Saw-You is no longer stuck in the humvee* So productive.
  14. Feedback on recoil, weapon sway, and damage

    Were you hoping it would affect aim or do something different like have your player reload slower or worsen their vision?!
  15. Potential new INF layers for each map?! *Need feedback*

    Alright, thanks. Kind of put it in General Discussion so I can get a broader range of feedback on whether people liked the potential versions I "created" but I guess this works. Like I said, sorry if I don't know what I'm doing. First time doing this. Infantry only versions. Yes. Going to work next on some AAS/PAAS.