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  1. Logi truck lacks horse power

    I don't know the answer, but part of me feels like they will never make them to regular speed in real life because climbing difficult hills is a great time for enemies to engage logis as they present an easy target.
  2. June 2018 Recap

    Obligatory my copy/paste from Reddit: My thoughts on this that nobody will probably read: While I like the idea of overhauling things, I'm just not quite sure I'm a huge fan of no one being able to spawn just because an enemy is near the HAB. Hopefully there is more to it than this. Rally point wave: I like this. Revive: Pretty interesting. Not entirely sure how I feel about this. Hoping players won't be fully healed from a bandage and the medic still is useful and can heal the other 50% of the player's health and regenerate the player's stamina. UI. My God one of my favorite things about this game isn't even something you can press "F" on. I love the main menu UI and how you can switch camera angles by clicking buttons, and this new UI deployment is just icing on the cake. Well done. Fireteams. One thing I've suggested for forever ago. Glad this is soft-rolling. Thinking maybe there will be an option for SL to "promote" someone to Fireteam leader. M1A2. O.M.G. Such a beauty. Nothing else to say. Ammo Bag. Nice feature. Hoping this ammo bag is limited in squads to two, maybe three players so that FOB's and logi-runners still feel useful for ammo. Tallil Outskirts. Love the screenshots and the setting. Looking forward to playing it. Yehorivka. RIP Storage Site. I loved that place. Kind of wish that part wasn't removed. Interested to see how this new foliage will do frame-wise. LOVE LOVE LOVE these updates. Keep them coming. I love reading these things. V12 hype can commence.
  3. May 2018 Recap

    Honestly, I was hoping to see more in this update. Still nice work though
  4. Has Anyone Else Attempted Work With AI/Bots?

    Ah. Didn't know that. Hope he gets around to it. Would love to even start messing with ai myself
  5. So since THIS THREAD and the guy who made it hasn't logged on in forever, I was wondering if anyone else was working on or planning to work on AI?
  6. The Wrench -- March 2018

    Impressive. Keep up the great work everyone!
  7. Any chance of adding new merchandise/shirt design to the store?

    Saw that, thanks
  8. March 2018 Recap

    Soo.. squad emotes confirmed?
  9. Asked this on Reddit and haven't gotten a response from anyone yet so I thought i would try here. Any chance of new merchandise or t-shirt designs coming to the store?
  10. A Little Update from Merlin

    This. This is awesome. Thanks for the post/response. The one thing I appreciate than basally anything else from developers is transparency.

    I have to disagree here. I very much like having a FOB and a HAB emplacement. You mentioned suggesting if the HAB is taken down, you lose all structures, but where is the realism in that? I know this game isn't mil-sim per se, but that's just way too arcady for my liking. Your HAB is your spawn zone, your FOB is your build zone. It makes no sense to combine them into one. Picture this. Your HAB gets surrounded. You only have one HAB up. The only way the enemy can eliminate your spawning is to take out the HAB. This will cause even more spawn camping, instead of sneaking to find the FOB which in turn disables the HAB
  12. It all depends on everyone's preference. The more hours i logged in the game, the more I appreciated all the aspects and mechanics (including teamplay). The more hours I logged, the more I felt like doing logi runs accomplished a necessary task. I enjoy doing them. Even as an SL.
  13. Reddit AMA Transcript

    No. You did fine, sir. I literally meant that none of my questions got answered on reddit, lol.
  14. Reddit AMA Transcript

    Guarantee you this won't happen