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  1. Can we get a Narva feedback and suggestions thread pinned?
  2. Gamemode Suggestions

    @CptDirty To answer your question, yes. I would show you specific images of the maps and what they look like in INF only versions, but the wiki has been updated since I last used it and you can no longer find visuals of each version of the maps (at least for now, I think). INF map versions spawn with one vehicle, logi.
  3. New change - map marker icon

    You wrote this on purpose to get positive feedback. I approve, Squad Lead.
  4. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Yesss! <3
  5. So, like this area on the forums is for, this is just a suggestion. To be completely honest, I'm not totally for it myself (in all aspects), but this is just to branch out ideas. Continuing.... Each squad will have one new class/kit called "fire-team leader (FTL)". This kit would only be available if the squad has more than 6 people in the squad. The fire-team leader would be picked by the squad lead by right clicking on the squad member and pressing "promote to fire-team leader". The fire-team leader would have a separate icon on the map, only visible to the current squad, and not to the entire team, as to avoid cluttering the map with more icons. Fire-team leader would be allowed to set new rallys if 4 people are in the proximity of the FTL. FTL's would be allowed to only mark up to two (2) enemy icons on the map, excluding FOBs/HABs. FTL's would also have binoculars. FTL's would not have access to squad lead chat, but (possibly?!) replace the squad lead chat button to fire-team chat button for FTL's. FTL's do not have to wait for approval in order to enter vehicles, but may not approve vehicles for other squad mates. What do you guys think?
  6. Night games

    Currently, in my opinion the only current thing that is cool about night maps is the fact that you can see all the tracers a lot easier. It makes the game a lot harder since of the brightness issue, so many don't like the night maps. Partly could be their quality of their monitor as well.
  7. Bring Back the Old Smaller Gorodok Map

    Is there an area on the fourms/wiki where we can see what the layout of the old map versions look like?
  8. What's the day-to-day number of how many people play SQUAD?

    Wow. Thank you for the helpful links. Didn't know these sites existed.
  9. Was wondering if you devs had any numbers. When you look at the server browser, you usually don't see more than about 15 servers (give or take) with people on them. On the Steam page you see that (just according to how many people have rated the game) there's about 10,000 people who have bought the game. I know not everyone plays at the same time, and some people may only pick up the game once or twice and play, but where are the 10,000 people?! At a given time, servers combined probably have about less than 1,000 people at peak times.
  10. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    Well.... I guess it's time for a 24/7 shovels only server to be created.
  11. Can't believe I have yet to post here, but better late than never. Hello everyone! Name is Featherston3 (taken from my middle name, except without the three). Been playing squad for about four months now and absolutely love it (already have 250+ hours). I consider myself a very strategic and tactical gamer. You can find me on THUNDERDOME as that's really the only server I play on since I see a lot of the same people there and most of the squad leaders are great. I like to squad lead as much as possible. If you ever come across a squad named For The Empire, chances are I'm leading it. See you guys in THUNDERDOME
  12. Get rid of the conquest game mode entirely

    Could I possibly get a dev response as to their thinking behind conquest? Just curious what their opinions are and what they were thinking
  13. Best Squad KD ever....

    Real question is did you add him on steam
  14. Stop Rag-dolling around

    By far the best rag doll i have personally seen
  15. Gamemode Suggestions

    Some of these are probably terrible ideas, but either way, thought the dev's could pull some similarities from my ideas and put them in different game modes. Please feel free to help me out and elaborate/give your ideas on different game modes. Convoy- 1 Team escorts logi trucks to marks on the map to drop off supplies. The idea is to create a supply chain in this gamemode. FOB's in this gamemode can only be placed if a logi is within the radius. Making it in order to the last supply chain point causes enemy team to bleed tickets. Convoy team starts with more tickets than other team. Factions with fast-moving logis would not be allowed on this gamemode Onslaught- Team A starts with one flag in middle of map. Other team starts with multiple flags surrounding the center map flag (a good distance away, of course). Team that spawns in middle has more tickets, but starts off the round bleeding tickets. Middle flag cannot be capped until Team A caps at least one other flag. Hold The Line- Like Onslaught except team A must defend a FOB/Cap point. Hold The Line version 2- Like insurgency. Both teams spawn and wait for server to display a defend spot on the map. Both teams try to take control of that point. Whoever holds the point for 10 minutes wins. Infiltrate- Like Invasion. Team A attacks. The cap points become increasing difficult to capture (i.e. cap timer increases, more people required to cap). If Team B recaps a point, Team A loses tickets. Siege- Both teams have a main spawn. 1 or two flags on the map to cap. (Close proximity maps) Forward- Start at main base with no vehicles. More points you cap (in order), the better vehicles that spawn at each point. I may put down more suggestions later.