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  1. IF

    You made the most pointless thread I've seen in awhile. Congrats.
  2. After awhile, I get bored of having vehicular warfare and just want to battle it out on the streets with the enemy. I think there needs to be more infantry only maps. Perhaps adding an invasion version for infantry only? This type of gamemode would give a D-day sort of feeling as far as strategy and outcome goes.
  3. Awesome Squad VOIP recordings!

    That's why I'm waiting on before starting making my fan trailer.
  4. This is why I have always had the recommendation of a max of two locked squads per team
  5. Music!

    My favorite artist NF released this last night. Please take a listen
  6. Minimap/Map Layout maker?

    Apologies. When I tried opening it yesterday it said the website hasn't been up for a few years.Weird error. Anyways, thanks for this!
  7. Minimap/Map Layout maker?

    except for the fact you gave me a link that doesn't go to anything
  8. Minimap/Map Layout maker?

    Is there a tool we can use to play around with the minimaps to show the community our ideas of spawn points, flags, etc?
  9. The first image kind of looks like something Bosnian people would wear. Something from like the movie "Behind Enemy Lines"
  10. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    No thank you. If people can't use their two eyes, that's their problem
  11. New Rig Incoming

    Laptops can actually be more expensive and give off less performance than a desktop. Especially one that you build yourself. I know you aren't a tech guru, and neither am I. However, a little bit of research can go a long way. Reddit has a few good subs for This, and www.pcpartpicker.com helps too. Here's basically what I bought back in December I built my own rig for around $750 on because of some sales. (Only thing I didn't buy was a headset and mouse) GTX (Got this about 20% cheaper since I got from a friend and ram as well). Check other sites like www.camelcamelcamel.com for comparing Amazon prices. Don't forget to check ebay for steal deals too Simple YouTube videos will help you with building your own rig should you choose to do so. Can run nearly everything on at least max, if not ultra. I turn down squad settings with things like AA and other small things until they work on optimization a bit more
  12. Noted. But still, hoping to gather some nice clips for ideas nonetheless. Will look into this when I get home, thanks
  13. Alright everyone, I need your help. I have decided to make a squad cinematic trailer that I hope turns out to be truly emotional, beautiful, and EPIC! I am going to need to make a few of these types of threads down the road to share progress and everything, but I'm at the beginning, so I need to start with the basics: First: I need a title suggestion for the trailer (between 1 and 4 words). I already have the soundtrack that I plan to use as I have already imagined most of what it's going to look like in my brain. Second: I need tips. If you have made videos before (or none at all), I am open to advice and tips. \ Thirdly: I need clips. Any clips that you have that are no more than 10 seconds long. (If you have a long video that you would like me to look at to dissect certain parts from the video, go ahead and post it. Just don't post a 1 hour video, because I'm not going to get around to watching it.) Even if you have low pc specs, I can still use the clips for brainstorming and for possible re-creation of the same thing on a higher end pc (Mine isn't amazing, but it's pretty decent) I think that is about all I wanted to say for now. Hopefully this gets some attention because I could really use some advice and lots of clips. Oh, and a title. I need that too. FeatherSton3 Out.
  14. Disable team switch or hide map

    People just need to be good sports about this. I rarely switch, unless I'm not getting much communication from fellow squad leaders or if a friend is on the other team. In either case, if I switch teams, I never squad lead until the round is over and I do not communicate enemy positions to my team. Its not that hard to play fair.
  15. What Server Do You Regularly Play On? (One Vote)

    Remember, Alt+TAB, Youtube, Reddit are your friend.