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    I have to disagree here. I very much like having a FOB and a HAB emplacement. You mentioned suggesting if the HAB is taken down, you lose all structures, but where is the realism in that? I know this game isn't mil-sim per se, but that's just way too arcady for my liking. Your HAB is your spawn zone, your FOB is your build zone. It makes no sense to combine them into one. Picture this. Your HAB gets surrounded. You only have one HAB up. The only way the enemy can eliminate your spawning is to take out the HAB. This will cause even more spawn camping, instead of sneaking to find the FOB which in turn disables the HAB
  2. It all depends on everyone's preference. The more hours i logged in the game, the more I appreciated all the aspects and mechanics (including teamplay). The more hours I logged, the more I felt like doing logi runs accomplished a necessary task. I enjoy doing them. Even as an SL.
  3. Reddit AMA Transcript

    No. You did fine, sir. I literally meant that none of my questions got answered on reddit, lol.
  4. Reddit AMA Transcript

    Guarantee you this won't happen
  5. Reddit AMA Transcript

    I find it funny the only question of mine that got answered was not even an original question I had, but rather a follow-up question to another person's post. When you say 1.0, is that referring to non-alpha, first patch, kinda thing?? Information was very helpful though. Maybe next Q and A.
  6. February Recap

    Man, those HESCOS
  7. How many will be moving from SQUAD to Post Scriptum?

    Not buying Post Scriptum unless someone gifts me it. Think about it this way. Post Scriptum isn't really do almost anything "new" or "from scratch". They are taking most of the work from squad's gamemodes, and just improving them in their own ways, not really making too many new modes. Also, they are directly copying squad's v10 animation system instead of doing their own. It's basically a copy/paste WWII shooter adding in tanks. I think it will be a no thanks from me.
  8. Squad's gameplay just feels basic still compared to PR

    I personally don't like to compare PR to this game. They are two different titles. Let them do their own thing in this game. Everyone needs to stop demanding a PR re-skin in the unreal engine.
  9. Alpha 10

    I miss V9 already.
  10. Marker restriction is absurd

    The whole point of having the SL role is to take on certain responsibilities that other roles do not have. this is one of them. Let them do their job of marking the map
  11. Varying Vehicle Speeds?

    Is there a way to config different vehicle speeds or will this be a future feature?
  12. Progress updates.....

    You must not read the thorough articles they post...
  13. Welp, I have no modding/SDK experience, but if that could be a thing, that would be cool! Maybe Squad Ops will do it.