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  1. Some of these are probably terrible ideas, but either way, thought the dev's could pull some similarities from my ideas and put them in different game modes. Please feel free to help me out and elaborate/give your ideas on different game modes. Convoy- 1 Team escorts logi trucks to marks on the map to drop off supplies. The idea is to create a supply chain in this gamemode. FOB's in this gamemode can only be placed if a logi is within the radius. Making it in order to the last supply chain point causes enemy team to bleed tickets. Convoy team starts with more tickets than other team. Factions with fast-moving logis would not be allowed on this gamemode Onslaught- Team A starts with one flag in middle of map. Other team starts with multiple flags surrounding the center map flag (a good distance away, of course). Team that spawns in middle has more tickets, but starts off the round bleeding tickets. Middle flag cannot be capped until Team A caps at least one other flag. Hold The Line- Like Onslaught except team A must defend a FOB/Cap point. Hold The Line version 2- Like insurgency. Both teams spawn and wait for server to display a defend spot on the map. Both teams try to take control of that point. Whoever holds the point for 10 minutes wins. Infiltrate- Like Invasion. Team A attacks. The cap points become increasing difficult to capture (i.e. cap timer increases, more people required to cap). If Team B recaps a point, Team A loses tickets. Siege- Both teams have a main spawn. 1 or two flags on the map to cap. (Close proximity maps) Forward- Start at main base with no vehicles. More points you cap (in order), the better vehicles that spawn at each point. I may put down more suggestions later.
  2. @SgtRoss Can you just tell me if you guys are currently working on a tropical/snow map at all?
  3. What if locked squads were limited? Let's say, the developers came up with a way off the start of the map where there was already "pre-made" squads. What I mean by this is, when the match starts, you have the option to either "Create Squad" with your own name, etc. OR, there is a drop down menu of pre-made squads which are the only squads that may be locked, I.E. Mortar Team, Logi Team. And once someone selects those pre-made squads, no other squad may be that role.
  4. Maybe it isn't a tactical simulator, but it is a tactical game. And I just don't see anything tactical about conquest game mode. But as I stated above, that is my and other people's opinions.
  5. Odd man out here. Was addicted for a week. Then it got overplayed. Now I'm not too big a fan of it.
  6. Speaking of enemy marks. Having an IED marker would be helpful.
  7. video

    This is kind of my usual Super FOB layout on Storage. So if you see this, it was probably me who built it (just kidding, I don't have a shovel). What's your usual layout if you FOB up Storage Site?
  8. I know I am not the only one. A lot of people do not like this game mode and I am quite surprised the developers put it in the game in the first place. Personally, I bought Squad to get away from the battlefield/call of duty type games. Having conquest would be suitable if this was not a tactical simulator, but having it in this game really just takes away the tactical and teamwork aspect out entirely. You are basically playing cat and mouse the whole round chasing each other around capture points. If I wanted conquest, I would play Battlefield.
  9. So, I finally got around to uploading the recording of the round when Update 9.4 was first released. Here it is. not sure why the quality is so bad. I apologize
  10. What type of FOB/HAB is your favorite?
  11. Its a good idea if you are new to the game. Otherwise, you most likely know the flag placements by heart. Or just ALT+TAB as soon as the round starts, go to the SQUAD wiki page and see where the flags are.
  12. Figured out (this might be the main reason) is because the defenders start with 200-250 tickets, while attackers get 800+. @DesmoLocke
  13. Sorry, but terrible response. I would personally like to know so I can get them banned. I am not a rage player. Being notified when someone teamkills you is the quickest way to get toxic players/trolls banned. This annoys me. I know it wasn't an enemy when he's two feet away
  14. Bigger question. Why doesn't it notify WHO teamkills me if I get teamkilled. As far as I'm aware, only the teamkiller is notified of whom they kill.
  15. On Invasion, this map is IMPOSSIBLE to win on defender side. It's very buggy (at least on the server's I've played on). No matter what, we lose. We let them take the first 2 flags so that we don't bleed tickets, we still lose.