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  1. Got a little too excited. Can't help it 700 hours in, still love it

    Knowing me. Yeah, I was sure that was going to happen as well.
  2. Rally points like in proyect reality

    I'm going to be "that guy". I don't like how a lot of people that come on the forums to post stuff compare everything from SQUAD to PR. They aren't the same thing. Let the dev's go their own way. If you don't like it, fine. But don't keep posting stuff like, "can it be more like PR".
  3. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    FOR THE EMPIRE. Every. Single. Time.
  4. What Role Do Females have in Squad?

    What is this guy saying. Can't understand a word he's saying
  5. V10 (for the most part) was love at first site. Literally. And speaking of first site, the MAIN MENU IS SUPER AMAZING! I love the music, the background/backdrop (whatever you want to call the "main menu screen") and the different camera angles you get from switching from "Firing Range" to "Settings". Will there be multiple main menu backgrounds/scenes that we can switch to? I know this isn't a priority, and many people may not even care, but I like the little things in games.
  6. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    This is what I needed to see to believe it. Thanks. Man, that just seems crazy fast for such a big round. That's amazing.
  7. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    This is what I found....
  8. POLL - v10

    To be fair, if you don't give your voice/feedback, you got nothing to complain about. Since you contributed nothing to the discussion.
  9. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    so the kind of BOOM. BOOM. BOOM that it made before wasn't realistic then?!? I don't know any history behind the vehicle, but I guess I would have thought a caliber of that size would have had the fire-rate it had before the v10 update
  10. Why does the 30 mil fire super quickly now (at least on firing range?!) It was already OP. Now it shoots what seems like 3 times the speed it shot before pre alpha v10
  11. Rush Meta flag cap?

    I hope that changes after the update. Then it would give middle ground between no rush and meta and rush meta. Getting the best of both worlds, in my opinion
  12. Rush Meta flag cap?

    I know this statement to be false from. just reading the recap. You might have missed that part
  13. Rush Meta flag cap?

    Just read the recap and have a question. If there are 5 friendlies rushing enemies first cap point and one enemy, does the cap point take longer to cap than if there were no enemies, or does the amount of players trying to stop an uncapable point not matter?
  14. November 2017 Recap

    Yes! So happy about this stuff