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  1. Left Click Bug

    I keep having this bug in which I do not always fire when I left click the mouse. It has gotten me killed so many times. Really annoying feature and was wondering if anyone else has the same issue/is there a way to fix it? If not, when will it be fixed? Cheers.
  2. Left Click Bug

    Yeah recently been having around 25 or lower fps. Used to be getting 40 ish, i run amd cpu. They need to sort it really:/
  3. Can I run comfortably

    Hi guys, really hyped for this game but seen some things about AMD issues. My rig is as follows. CPU: AMD FX 8350 GPU: GTX 970 4GB RES: 1920x1080p Anyone know/have the same and can tell me? Thanks in advance guys/gals. :)
  4. Can I run comfortably

    Ah, so running Kraken Pros 7.1 probably isnt the best idea atm?
  5. Can I run comfortably

    As in will I get the framedrops/severe low framerates??