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  1. This game sorely needs a commander role or at the very least a vote kick option for bad squad leaders. There has got to be some way to remove squads that aren't playing with their team because one bad squad can who is half way across the map sitting on an objective that isn't in play can and will lose you the game.
  2. Instant Kills

    I think that the game needs more things to cause instant death. Headshots should kill immediately with no chance for revival, as should heavy machine guns. Incapacitated players should continue taking damage until dead. You should be able to finish off incapacitated enemies.
  3. This is what i hate about free weekends

    Well he isn't wrong about no swimming being bullshit.
  4. Are we going to get directional damage anytime soon on the vehicles? AT feels really underpowered when shooting a vehicle from behind does the same damage as from the front.
  5. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    I don't think Tripwire ever really understood why the first Red Orchestra was popular to begin with. Or they did and decided it wasn't a profitable enough niche to pursue and instead decided to try and pull in some of the CoD crowd for the sequel. Rising Storm was much better than vanilla RO2 because the smaller maps and run and gun style gameplay felt out of place on the eastern front but was well suited to the jungles and atolls of the pacific theater. I think that style of gameplay will feel right at home in Vietnam as well. That being said, Tripwire doesn't make games in the style of the original Red Orchestra and I highly doubt they ever will again. Squad really does feel like a more modern incarnation of the original RO style gameplay and that's why I love it. I would love it even more if it was set on the eastern front, but I'm just glad to have a spiritual successor to RO. I can't wait for them to add bolt action rifles to Squad so I can remember those long gone days of watching an enemy 400 yards away drop with well aimed round using only iron sights.
  6. Update dates ?

    At this point the game is functional, fun and runs reasonably well so there's no reason for them to rush out an update. They learned their lesson about making promises, missing deadlines and pushing things out too fast when they launched vehicles many months late after people rightly complained and it made the game legitimately unplayable for a couple months because they cut the performance in half. We do not want a repeat of that fiasco. They'll launch it when it's good and ready.
  7. I assumed that because you gave a reason in support of not being able to use them you agree with the restriction, but I was mistaken apparently.
  8. I'm not willing to open the can of distilled autism that this argument requires so I'm just going to argue that this from the angle that we're talking about a video game and for funs sake you should be able to use enemy heavy guns including the ones on the back of technicals. Nobody wants this game to be ARMA and this is the sort of hyper technical argument that detracts from fun gameplay.
  9. I'm not suggesting you should be allowed to take the vehicle and drive it, merely that you should be allowed to use the gun on the back until the vehicle is destroyed or the ammo runs out. There isn't any rationale for you to not be able to work the gun. Saying that you "aren't trained" to use the gun isn't really a good rationale, if you can use your own teams .50 you would certainly be able to feel your way through using a similar HMG. Not that it matters because this isn't a simulator and for the sake of fun you should be able to use gun. You can use stationary enemy emplacements already if I'm not mistaken.
  10. I get the rationale behind not letting players drive enemy vehicles, but when you've taken a point and there is an undamaged technical left behind with a perfectly functional heavy machine gun on the back why can't you use it even if it isn't your vehicle? It doesn't make sense.
  11. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Thanks for fixing the performance. I can finally play again! Has anyone else noticed that the vehicle sounds seem to play at 100% volume no matter what levels you have selected in the options menu? I have to turn my speakers off when I'm driving because the noise isn't scaling at all as far as I can tell. Sorry to hear that AMD players aren't getting the big performance boost that Intel folks are but you can only expect so much from Bulldozer based chips. They were slow when they launched and that was five years ago.
  12. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Draw distance has nothing to do with the awful performance, it's poor coding plain and simple. Lots of games offer huge draw distances and run just fine. He's not wrong to point out that Squad isn't anything special from a technical standpoint yet it performs terribly.
  13. Will my PC Run this?

    I would strongly recommend you don't buy any of the CPU offerings that AMD has on the market right now. They simply can't compete with Intel chips and the few bucks you might save aren't worth it when you consider that a good Intel i5/i7 chip will last you 5+ years while AMD chips are already lagging far behind and won't offer anywhere near the longevity. If you're willing to wait until spring AMD might make a comeback with its new Zen chips, but if you're really hurting for a new rig now Intel is worth every penny. This isn't a fanboy thing either, the benchmarks don't lie. AMD has had terrible performance and power consumption for a half a decade now. Intel chips cost more because they outperform AMD by a wide margin on every level.
  14. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I want you to think about what you're saying here, because 40-60 fps on a rig like that isn't "fine" it's downright piss poor. If I spent $750 on a processor and video card I'd expect maxed out settings with a steady 60 fps as a bare MINIMUM, because those chips are MORE than capable of delivering it! Seriously, that is some of the fastest kit on the market right now and if that's the best it can do in Squad just think of how bad it is for vast majority of gamers who don't have anywhere close to the amount of disposable income it takes to purchase stuff like that.