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  1. 40 kills to 14 deaths isn't even 3:1. I'm sure nobody considers that ratio to be a "ridicules kill score" Sorry. Sgt.Taylor has a better K/D ratio than you in that match and so does xtactic339.
  2. [gameplay] squad with oculus rift

    I sat through most the video because I was genuinely curious if someone could play squad at all with a game controller because it was called " Intense firefighting." Sorry for being honest but it just doesn't work and not a single shot landed anywhere near someone. Gamepads in PC FPS's don't cut it for aiming, even if there's a screen attached to your head. Not going to applaud someone for owning a rift and wanting attention for it if they can't play the game in a practical way.
  3. Medic is the most important role (other than SL) so as a new player I wouldn't take this too personally. People will scrutinize medics unless they are playing perfectly. Gotta stick tight with your group and avoid taking risks. Keep at it I'm sure you did fine.
  4. [gameplay] squad with oculus rift

    Playing squad without a mouse isn't relevant or constructive in any way either. But it is pretty funny when it's labelled "Intense firefighting" and the player can't land a single shot on anyone.
  5. [gameplay] squad with oculus rift

    Lol the video should be titled why not to play squad with a gamepad. Terrible player that can't aim at all and does nothing but waste tickets. Without head movement it's just pointless and clearly a handicap.
  6. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    If I misunderstood and came across as patronising I apologize. The problem I have is there are only 1-2 West Coast NA servers that fill up at any given time. Usually just 1. Canadian internet sucks, gives high pings to even central US/Canada servers. On the weekends the rounds on the servers I get good ping on are all based off 3-5 people on each team giving up right away and end up using more tickets themselves than entire squads do. Those are the people I mean to suggest other games to like COD and battlefield since they are making the efforts of 30+ people on a team trivial.
  7. Were you using squad radio or local? He could have been talking to other squad leaders with squad leader radio and since you can't hear it you wouldn't know. And I can understand it being annoying to the SL if you were using squad radio and potentially blocking other people from talking but I don't think that was your case. Local chat button is generally for the jokes and chit chat. Squad radio should be calling targets/SL orders.
  8. bino zoom is OP

    Operator error.
  9. Please have and use a headset!

    I'm not sure how someone breaks a mic but the point was not being able to afford one is a bad excuse.
  10. Please have and use a headset!

    http://www.amazon.ca/SODIAL-Microphone-Flexible-Canceling-Computer/dp/B00WG8O7DA/ref=pd_sim_sbs_504_4?ie=UTF8&dpID=41z1gX6l7vL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=1BVQHN5ZD2CA3GG27GH0 Price: CDN$ 4.88 FREE SHIPPING. If you can't afford that how did you buy a 40$ usd game? I've used this same mic as a backup and it sounds great.
  11. Please have and use a headset!

    1. Don't have kids, the world is overpopulated enough :) jk. 2. Don't play squad at 4am. Plenty of other games to play at weird hours. 3. Don't play until your headset comes. Soundboard is a good investment and would block out most the mid/high frequencies you/your baby would make. Low tones would cut through but those probably won't wake up your angry wife or bleed much baby crying through into the game. I use soundboard all the time when recording musicians. Foam insultation can be bough for almost nothing at hardware stores if you want an even cheaper solution. 4. Yes I'm an unreasonable man. I know this.
  12. Please have and use a headset!

    Unless you have a disability I don't understand why anyone wouldn't have/use one. They are used in almost all online games now. You can order a desktop mic from amazon for 2$/free shipping and put earbuds in if you have to and it works just fine. If you can't buy a 2$ mic how could you afford a 40$ game? If you are afraid of people hearing your voice on the internet that's a mental health issue and shouldn't be defended like it's normal.
  13. Teamwork-Fallacies

    Hard to argue with me when you aren't capable of making any valid points so maybe... stop posting like you have any?
  14. Teamwork-Fallacies

    I'm not typing an essay or writing a guide on how to play. Sorry if my english isn't plain enough for you to understand. I'm just voicing my opinion on a forum in a casual way without thinking too much into it. I'm sorry if that bothers you.
  15. If you think you had bad day Squad play.

    Should have taken screen shots of the last few games I played this sunday. Every game 5+ people on a team with 10+ deaths and almost no kills. Drives me nuts.