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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone has a solution please: Before the latest update (4.0), the trees and bushes in the game had individual leaves, but since the update the leaves are replaced with green "blobs" like a game from the 1990's. Which graphic setting would affect this? I've tried them all to no avail. Thanks.
  2. Video driver reset?

    Hi, I get the same error, at least once per hour of game play time! Please advise? Everything's up to date, all other games work 100% on my very stable system. Nvidia 770GTX 2Gb. I'm totally not willing or happy to mess with clocking my graphics card as all other games are fine. Squad dev's please fix?
  3. Ridiculous FPS

    The more players that join a server the lower the fps gets. I can run at 60fps solid with up to approx 15 players on a server, then when more join the fps goes down to unplayable levels. Please let me know when this will be fixed as it's a game breaker for me and my friends who bought the game at the same time and are having the same problem on their high end rigs?

    When will this game be optimized? It's unplayable on busy servers.
  5. Frames per second are solid 60 when on a server with low population, but drop to 20-30 when the server has more than approx 15 players on it. Unplayable. This needs to be addressed pretty soon as I know me and a lot of friends are having this problem which means we cannot play. Our specs are high and you will notice other complaints from people with i7's and 980gtx's, so it's a very real and very urgent problem.