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  1. Exorcism, Fail Nades, Teamwork and Fun

    My friend and I were playing on one of the =7Cav= servers the other night and it turned out to be a fairly entertaining round.
  2. To be honest I don't see the point when people try to buy hardware to run an Alpha. I mean sure buying newer/better hardware is beneficial in the long run, but specifically buying it to play an Alpha is odd to me. Why not just wait?
  3. Currently when the action starts everything goes in slow motion. When people die their bodies literally go into slow-mo, I try and shoot and it is delayed. Eventually things will start going in reverse lol, have negative FPS.
  4. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB AMD A8-3850 2.9GHz APU 8GB RAM 1TB WD Black Edition HDD Resolution: 1920x1080 Back in January I used to get 15 - 25 FPS (20 average) with mostly low settings. Now I get 10 - 18 FPS (15 average) with all low settings. Curious to see what I get by Winter 2016.

    Issues will most likely come to light down the road as the technology evolves too, whether AMD or Intel. I understand the bulk of threads regarding an issue with Squad come from users with AMD hardware right now. Also even though ARMA 3 and DayZ have similar issues (I am trusting your info I don't actually know) I still wouldn't say avoid this specific hardware because of these few examples. Like nachovsky said, every user will have a different experience, even if they have AMD hardware.

    My friend has a fairly new PC with an Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU. He is having the same issue as me and I have an AMD APU and AMD GPU. We both play on the lowest settings. Yes there is an issue that is more relevant with AMD hardware, with regards to Squad, but Intel and Nvidia setups are not necessarily clear of having issues. This is an Alpha after all and it seems very unreasonable to tell people to switch hardware when one game is having issues with it. You will have pros and cons no matter what direction you take.
  7. Alpha 4 Released

    "It's simply the way it is" is not an answer. There is always an answer, sometimes it just takes longer to find the solution. Now somewhere, whether it is the game software, AMD hardware or the UE4 engine there is a problem. It could be a combo of things, something here and something there, and it is going to take some cooperation between all parties to find the answer. I agree with your point about a percentage of people having issues with indie games. I understand that indie developers don't have the resources like larger companies who have dedicated teams looking into issues such as the one present in Squad. The statement above though just sounds so wrong lol, you are selling the developers short here. Sure the developers have their target audience (PR etc.) and want to expand upon it. But it should be one of the top priorities to, eventually, ensure their game can be run across multiple setups. Within the minimum/recommended specs of course, in theory if you meet the requirements you should be able to run the software, when you're lurking around minimum than you should understand you may have issues. A good amount of people having issues have pretty decent PCs, whether AMD CPU or Intel CPU. Thankfully most people understand Squad is still in the Alpha stage. It can only get better with time.
  8. Alpha 4 Released

    Excellent update, can't wait to see more. I definitely got the massive boost a few have been reporting in the Firing Range. Went from 25 FPS, all low and new settings off, to 100+ FPS. Playing multiplayer is another story though. In previous versions I received 18 - 25 FPS average. Now it seems to be 13 - 18 FPS average, depending on the amount of players (50+). I had one good round with 40 players in it, got 30 - 40 FPS. I understand this is only Alpha v4 so definitely looking forward to future updates, keep up the good work. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB AMD A8-3850 2.9GHz APU 8GB RAM 1TB WD Black Edition HDD
  9. Alpha 3.11 Released

    Lol oh my damn. Yup I totally thought Electronic Arts. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. Alpha 3.11 Released

    That is the second time I heard about some delay because of EA. What exactly happened or is it just some sort of joke?
  11. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB AMD A8-3850 2.9GHz APU 8GB RAM 1TB WD Black Edition HDD Settings are at the lowest they can go except Shadow Quality (Low) and Post Processing (Medium). My resolution is set to 1920x1080. I get 15-25 fps depending on the situation, evening on the Firing Range. One round I had 45 fps at the very beginning, pretty sure before most people spawned in-game. I assume I will get better performance once the whole AMD issue is resolved but until then Squad is still playable and enjoyable.