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  1. PC (total) freezes after some time!

    I just checked the last log Files and from what I can understand is that my graphiccard hasn't got enough VRAM and so causing these freezes. I'll try putting back some settings ;)
  2. My PC sometimes freezes while playing Squad. Latest one: I played for around ~40 Min and than the PC froze entirely. So, Squad is still open but it just gives me a freeze frame. No Audio. I tried to just wait for the freeze to go by, but nothing happened also after a half an hour. The only way to work on the PC again is by pressing its power button until it forces a shutdown. (A half of myself is always dying when I'm forced to do something like that :( After that I can start the PC the normal way and nothing seems to has happened. This occurs nearly every time I play.
  3. DirectX 12 Performance?

    Hey guys, I just saw that Squad could also be run with DirectX12 and from that what I heard of it should improve the overall performance, but for DirectX12 you need Win10. Do you guys have experience playing with DirectX 12? Is it worth to upgrade to Win 10, I'm not upgrading to Win 10 'cause of some Privacy issues, but if DirectX 12 brings better performance for Squad I would upgrade... Thx