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  1. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    What about BRDM for Militia?
  2. Test on jensen range Sumari May specs Unplayable
  3. New PC, can I run Squad?

    wait for rx480
  4. TaihuLight - PC for squad?

    The Chinese tried to run the squad on its latest super computing system But even at the minimum settings, they could not get more than 30 FPS in the game We have already received an official response from the OFFWORLD INDUSTRIES
  5. TaihuLight - PC for squad?

    This game has a lot of potential, I would not want that would be all collapsed due to technical problems
  6. TaihuLight - PC for squad?

    I want to raise the issue of the technical component of modern games in pursuit of the beautiful graphics developers have forgotten about optimization.
  7. FPS on SLI GTX 1080

    Pfffff i play with 20 FPS on EPIC settings because on low settings I also have 20 FPS and bad pictures and developers continue to call this "game" but I think this is not a game is a program for viewing maps screenshots
  8. Gorodok Map FPS Improvement?

    If you have a bad FPS on some maps try to do it......
  9. Maybe If developers can not fix the problem with the optimization on the AMD CPU they should release a special version of the game without sound, visual effects and graphics like Doom 3d (1993). I would love to play this version of the game! Downgrading game HYPE!
  10. Can see only empty servers

    No comments
  11. Can see only empty servers

    "Squad - good idea poor implementation"
  12. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    "You never get more than 100 fps in the squad"- OffworldIndustries
  13. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    Server CPU for this game rly?
  14. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    i7 or i5?
  15. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    "We dont need better performance! We need optimization game" or less errors in the game engine code
  16. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    Pray for amd users
  17. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    Change cpu for squad?
  18. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    As far as i know you have AMD CPU? I'm right?
  19. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    One of the best BF3 jet pilot will you play on horse in bf1? Kappa
  20. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    hi man from pwnz /
  21. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    "Hey intel gods (° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮"- Lisa Su AMD CEO
  22. Squad AMD (special version of the game)

    No, only in this game
  23. No sense

    No sense to add new content, if the game does not work even on the lowest setting. 20 FPS in the first-person shooter do not make me laugh pls CPU Load 60- 70 % GPU loading 44-50 % -AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3.9 boost) -AMD Radeon HD 7800 2Gb -MSI 760G-P43(FX) -RAM 8 Gb
  24. No sense

    It makes no sense to continue the conversation pls go to steam and and look at game system requirements. No need to deceive people, add a description that this game does not work on AMD CPU.