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  1. Rate My New PC

    Thanks man! Yea I plan on putting the installer on a flash drive then getting a key when I build it from a site for the low like you said.
  2. Rate My New PC

    This was one of the first games I got all pumped about playing with it. I am sure it will look like a beautiful new game! Thanks man.
  3. Rate My New PC

    Hows it going everyone. So I finally am upgrading from my Fx9350 an GTX660 to this monster build. I cant wait to play Squad with it! Case- NZXT S340 Elite Black/Red CPU- i7-7700k Cooler- NZXT Kraken X62 MoBo- Asus MAXIMUS IX HERO ATX Ram- G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32gb (4x8gb) Storage- Samsung 850 EVO 500gb SSD x3 GPU- Gigabyte GTX1080Ti Aorus PSU- Cprsaor RMx 650w 80+gold Wifi- Asus PCE-AC56 Hopefully tomorrow night Ill be throwing down on some maps with nothing but a smile on my face! Happy Hunting and dont forget to rate the build.
  4. New & In need of tips/advice

    Honestly there is a decent thread for newer type of players. Also always do a nice little mic check when joining a squad. You will do fine and have fun if you stay with your squad and kick some ass. Best of luck and WELCOME to SQUAD.
  5. Squad Leads complaining about not spreading out.

    Distance is your friend though!
  6. Graphics: Fullscreen vs Borderless

    All in all every game you should always toy around with your PC. That is the beauty of the PC, tweak settings, config files, launch parameters and things of that nature. You can always make the game run a lot if not just a little better than you think you can. Give it a shot, watch your FPS and see what is affecting what.
  7. lag spikes

    Glad you got it sorted out! This community is growing in an awesome way. This game forces people to adapt or get out! Nothing better than that. Learning curve and squad tactics! Pure love.
  8. Transport role and artillery/mortars

    Dude mortar class would be awesome. The hand held 60 would be great. Trigger fire so you could line up with your bubble. The explosions in this game are so much fun, I could only imagine bringing the rain on a Hilltop Fob while defending a flag! I want Mortars and I want them NOWWWWW hahaha
  9. Game wont run

    What do you mean by freezing? Is the game freezing *hanging up*? Is the whole computer freezing forcing you to turn it off? Can you get to task manager with CTL+ALT+DLT. If you can get in the game, what are your settings at? This could be a lot of things and all info no matter how small could be used to help.
  10. Sound ??? Direction

    Yes i agree with this, but last night myself and my buddies did the usual hunt for a guy that was def danger close, and 10 minutes of searching and couldnt find him in an open hill top. People would die, we would see them drop and hear the shot and go back hunting...never did find him. There might be a bug that people are not finding because not everyone thinks like us and enjoys a good hunt. Personally anytime I hear the SVD and its close, its on!
  11. Iron Sights - They Don't Work As Intended

    All right man, if the gun is ranged for 300m and you make your sight picture center mass and pull the trigger on a 50m target guess what...Your doing it wrong. In real life you would have to aim at the base of that target to get a center mass hit. Your not zeroed lol I dont think we know what the weapons are "Zeroed" at. Its a game, so you will be using your "Kentucky Windage" all the time.
  12. Spot targets easier by moving your field of vision all the way to the left....and change resolution scale to 120%. Honestly in real life a 245m shot a lot of people can not make w/ Iron sights. 300m and an Iron sight shot is so crazy, I mean it can be done, but it is so tiny and you have to have all of your fundamentals down point. Not to mention its only made while laying down mostly in a prone supported position. An unsupported and or kneeling and standing at 300m Iron sights for the average person is crazy. In my personal opinion, I truly love the way distance is scaled in this game. Party type of system and what not I can understand, it is a pain to get a group of players in without owning your own server. Agree on the scope distance scaling in full reason. The switching between weapons.grenades. and so on does need a bit of an overhaul, even more so for the transition OP talked about. m203 should be a much faster transition. The dragging bodies to cover to revive and things of that nature are awesome. All in all the devs still have their vision, all of that ArmA movement and abilities you talk about would be pretty cool but I am not sure thats what the Devs want. Its more Squad Tactics vs Mil Sim IMHO. Some of these issues are already being evaluated and looked at so my faith is still very high for a game that already pretty much stole my "gaming time".
  13. timed out and high ping

    Do you run the game through steam. I think someone said that it has to do with the steam query or something. They said right the complaint to steam. I dont know the exact response but I remember seeing it this morning. People are getting dropped after like 20 mins of play, and they posted the logs. This could possibly be your issue. Im pretty sure the pings do reflect the real ping now so my question is, Are you playing on far away servers? Local locations? Full servers? Do you have good internet? You can have the best rig ever and no net and have a rough time gaming. In truth I am hoping you tell me you got it through steam access. Hope this helps a little bit and hope someone can confirm the steam timeout issue.
  14. Sound ??? Direction

    **Tried to edit and it created a new post -_-**
  15. Sound ??? Direction

    Honestly, the Right/Left is normal for myself, but I use surround. I think the sounds are fine.... Now to your next point about not knowing where and not being able to see. In real life contact situations, even more so in Afghanistan and the mountain ranges the have there...Usually more than not, Soldiers and Troops can not see where the shots are coming from. You do have a bit of a 6th sense that comes into play and sometimes you can feel the air move around you while bullets are flying....Most of the time in contact you just yell out a distance and direction and shoot that way. Basically most firefights are shooting at mountains and people you cant even see. "Shoot over there, Now shoot over at that rock formation" Its pure chaos in real life, and this game does a good job of making that crazy feeling.