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  1. OP summed up my thoughts exactly. The MSP totally removes any semblance of squad cohesion and is one of the biggest turn offs to the game for me. I hope for the love of god that squad sees no implementation of something like this.
  2. Medic progression in Squad

    Don’t forget taking the full auto m4 away from US MEDICS. Really handy when u need to clear an area to start healing ur squad up , strange idea to handicap the medic that way .. just feels like ur bringing a knife to a gun fight.
  3. Did TrackIR work with the V10 testing?

    Just use a key stroke emulator till its officially supported. Slightly tit head forward assigned to free look activate then assign look movement accordingly. A member on here uses racing pedals for lean left / lean right using an emulator !
  4. null_value

    What might be a welcome change is tweaking the fob and build parameters. Keep the fob and hab requirements along with supply quotas but do away with build radius as long as squad lead has access to supplies (truck or heli bound) he can build. Would mean using assets or having them visible wouldn’t highlight where ur fob/spawn was. Would mean you could road block supply routes , fortify strong points etc without it being abused due to the need for logi support. Just an idea please don’t flame !!!!!
  5. Squad Leader has too much responsibility

    Giving every1 ability to mark map is a clusterf*ck waiting to happen false call outs mistaken ID all would lead to confusion and map saturation just use comms.Allowing others to use build points .. Waiting for ammo crate points - dammit joeshmoe built sandbags instead we need to wait ! Spawning on squad is so generic and goes against ethos of squad,gameplay wise the RP while not uber realistic gives gameplay a tactical element. Binocs for non scope is the same as giving every1 scope .. Ruins any tactical movement when nearly whole squad can spot they are limited kits and roles for a reason SL n guys with scopes + comms is all u need.
  6. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    really bad shake on acog now when ads ..not sway or anything just jittery even holding steady aim.. Known issue ? Didn't notice it before...
  7. Sound bug, cant locate enemy

    Dum question but u hooked it up right ..using splitter cable that came with headset ?
  8. Still crashing?

    Nope not crashed since last update Kypton .. plenty of friends still crashing tho . So ur not alone !
  9. Sky rainbow-flickering - what's the cause?

    I only ever experience it in squad..every other game runs fine. Barbarossa I wouldn't worry about it , once the 10 series card becomes more popular we will get an answer or fix so maybe just wait n c FYI is ur card reference or overclocked mines is the G1 with o/c mode I only notice flickering when using the standard overclock profile on card try running it standard or tweaking the voltage up a fraction in the gigabyte desktop widget app
  10. Sky rainbow-flickering - what's the cause?

    same problem on a new 1070 .. it goes away after respawn or menu select like you mentioned so its not a constant problem .After a google of the problem gpu artefacts I switched off triple buffering in NVidia cp and that helped with frequency of them. I do think the gpu runs way too hard maybe try disabling gsync if u have it and rely on vsync .. imho I think the gpu is pushing for highest fps possible even if they are bottlenecked somewhere , running riot with no constraint even tho u r only peaking at 40-50fps its working way too hard even for those numbers.
  11. The only gripe I have at the moment is the dolphin diving .. it drives me insane lol I hope some kind of stance change delay is implemented in the animation code
  12. V.6 community feedback

    what have they done to the game , I go on holiday and u break it !! stuttering , low fps , shooting mechanic seems clunky , gun sounds are very slight and underwhelming, hit reg is all over the place , using focus feels like it lags hoping next patch fixes stuff lol
  13. Weapon mechanics

    Cant really put my finger on it with 150hours+ of game time I have really enjoyed playing I'm just not feeling it at the moment feels like a chore .. the shooting mechanics in v5 just feel wrong really not enjoyable , recently Ive struggled to finish a round. Just feels like a gamble if u will hit ur target up close and at distance makes you realise its a game and games should be fun . I wouldn't even call them realistic just downright frustrating , really hope these mechanics are a placeholder and are still wip.
  14. Bullet damage

    yeah definitely noticed a change in weapon damage last night where before v5 a middle level double tap put contact down needs a couple more now so I'm guessing they tweaked damage model a bit .
  15. Alpha V5 Initial Feedback

    Basically in agreement with what blitza and clinch have said above sums up my impressions on v5 perfectly just as an added note , the text size and player connection info seems very intrusive now maybe need sum opacity or size reduction to help with screen clutter. Trial and error I spose :)