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  1. Should we be able to throw grenades farther?

    Not true. In basic training a guy threw one at Least a hundred feet if not further.
  2. Why do people continue to give money to these company's like Ubi soft and EA? They never ever learn. You deserve a shit game for a shit decision.
  3. 33 year old Iraq vet MP with swat team experience and 5 year prison Guard, I read the infantry FM for fun, chess player, avid gamer, great teammate, looking for a legit clan to join. Steam name is SilentMP.
  4. Very difficult playing milita vs Russia. Is it just me or others also think so? i killed 3 of my teammates. I did stabilize them but still, I felt horrible and helpless. I am not sure of a solution other than changing milita uniforms to black, coyote, mixed, unit patches, something has to be done, it was very difficult IMO.
  5. About smart enough to give their lives for your freedoms.
  6. I all about hard core mode. Perma death!
  7. Commander and some SF

    The only people who mention silencers never have been to war period. Damn kids watching to many movies.
  8. Rpg class when shot and bleeding fix.

    I really hate that it packs the At4 and rpg back up every time you put it on your back. Very frustrating. Also the M203, in real life there are two different triggers. One for 203 and one for bullets. To switch from 203 to bullets takes 1 second. It is simple. Not what they show on squad. Example. I am walking and spot a sniper lying 2 meters from me. In real life I take my hand off of 203 trigger and place it on trigger simple as that bye bye sniper. In squad, I have to unpack it which takes about 5-8 seconds. Really? Very frustrating.
  9. When I am shot while holding rpg or AT4 and I go heal myself it takes forever for it to transition to bandage. Now in real life I would just throw down my rpg at4 to heal myself and I certainly wouldn't take my time. Could this be fixed?
  10. Will SQUAD be released ?

    The economy will crash before this game is finished. The writing is already on the wall. The last thing you will care about is video games. Food. Water Self defense Shelter Medical It's coming people, full steam ahead. Wake up before its to late.
  11. Destroyable buildings

    It's possible to be inside humvee and take a IED and have the vehicle disabled but no one gets hurt. That's where Secondary devices come into play. The windshield should be broken and covered in oil or dirt. All I know is this game is awesome and I know the Devs will do it justice. I am so excited. I really enjoy those fire fights.