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  1. Little to no FPS-gain with low settings?

    Well, then it means that i could be able to play on servers with more players soon. Nice! :) My pc is powerful enough to have over 100+ fps on low on a training map, so the main problem then it looks like it's that bug.
  2. Little to no FPS-gain with low settings?

    After testing a bit, it looks like most of my fps problems comes from specific servers and the lag, and it also has something to say the number of players on the server. I can play on a 36 man server and have about 40-50 fps with everything on medium-high. :D
  3. Little to no FPS-gain with low settings?

    It kinda sucks when i can play MGS 5 with most settings on high, and have around 30-40 fps :P But I guess i'l just have to wait for more performance patches then :/
  4. Little to no FPS-gain with low settings?

    Shadows does nothing to my pc. The ony thing that kills my pc is post-processing.
  5. Little to no FPS-gain with low settings?

    Yeah, it's on a server. On local I can have all from 40-120 fps, after which settings i use.
  6. With my laptop, is seems like both the CPU and the RAM have some problems, but mostly the CPU. It's quite annoying since there seems to be almost NO difference with what type of settings i use. Going from Epic to Low, gives me only a small boost of 10-15 fps. Specs: GTX 960M Intel Core i5-4210H (2.90GHz) 8 GB RAM Windows 10 Average fps: Epic - 10-15 fps Low - 25-30 I know it's an alpha and there is a lot more to be done with performance. But my laptop "should" be quite capable to run this game on higher settings. Is there anyone else who have problems with graphic-settings have almost nothing to say for performance? :P